How To Fix A Slice With A Driver (So Simple!)
How To Fix A Slice With A Driver (So Simple!)

Eric Cogorno here with Performance Golf Zone. Today’s video is on how to fix the slice with
your driver. Now, our goal in this video is to fix that
slice for you, basically, immediately. I need you guys to start to understand what
causes that slice and how to fix it right off the bat. Now, we have some 15-shot fixes for this slice. I want you guys fixing that slice by this
weekend. I’m talking, practice this for a full week,
slice is gone by this weekend. I need you to understand, first, what causes
the slice before we go on to how to fix it. Now, I see a lot of golfers in person who
struggle with the slice. Certainly, we work with a lot of slicers. And a lot of people come in and they come
in with all kinds of different reasons as to why they slice the ball, and no one emphasizes
the most important part, which is that the club face is open to the path. You need to understand that first. You don’t hit a slice because you’re too far
over the top. You don’t hit a slice because you hang back
on your right foot. You don’t hit a slice because your ball position’s
off or your setup’s off. You hit a slice because your club face is
open to the path. That is the most important part of this or
any video you’re going to watch on how to fix your slice. You have to understand and believe that part
first. In order for us to fix that slice and fix
it quick, we have to fix the face first. Now, how do we do that? When I take my normal setup, I need to ensure
that my grip is on the club at least neutral to slightly strong. We cannot be trying to fix a slice if I have
my grip on here in a weak position, if my left-hand grip is overly weak, if my right-hand
grip is overly weak. And we have other videos on the grip, and
there’s plenty out there that refer to those. But, we need to have that grip go from a weak
to a neutral or a strong position. You can play golf with a weak grip, but not
if we’re trying to fix the slice pattern. If you have a weaker grip, I need you to get
those hands turned clockwise on that club. From face-on, I want to see some of that logo
of the back hand. I want to see some of those knuckles. I want that V pointing at my right shoulder. I need my right hand getting in here at or
underneath here a little bit on the grip. I can’t have my right hand more on top in
this fashion. It’s not going to work for us. I need my right hand underneath. Again, I want that V on my right hand at or
towards my right shoulder. I need a stronger grip pattern. That can help ensure the beginning parts of
closing a club face. That’s non-negotiable. If you’re watching this video and you’ve struggled
with a slice for years on end, you can’t play golf with that weak grip. We have to get the grip part, number one. Now, part number two, again, fixing the club
face. I need to make sure that the club face stays
square to slightly closed at two key checkpoints. Number one is during the takeaway. I need you guys to get that club face tilted
slightly down towards the ground, or even all the way towards the ground. Is that too shut? Absolutely, it is. For you who hits a slice, you need too shut. We have to close the club face down, so we
can get rid of that shot. So, I want to get a normal setup. I want to take my takeaway. I want to start to feel my left hand point
down towards the ground. My logo is pointing down to the ground. Notice how that twists that club face shut
here. I want to see that at this checkpoint. I also, in the follow-through, want to see
the same checkpoints. I want to see that the club face is tilted
down towards the ground, the back of my left hand is down towards the ground. Is that an exaggeration and does that close
the club face? Absolutely, it does. That’s the entire point here. If I can get my grip strong enough, if I can
keep my face slightly closed to square on this side halfway back and slightly closed
to square halfway through, my club face is going to be shut for sure, and I can start
to curve balls to the left. And that brings me to my next key point. To get rid of the slice we just talked about,
we need to fix the face, but your brain also needs to see a different shot pattern. We’re not looking to go from slice to right
down the middle on ball number one. On ball number one, two, three, four, five,
ten, you need to start to see something different, which is the golf ball hooking to the left. We want to see it going hard to the left in
the beginning for two reasons. One, you need to do these pieces, and your
brain needs to be convinced that they’re going to work when you go play, when you’re on the
golf course. We need to see that what I just felt there
gave me something different. That’s part number one. Part number two is, once we get this club
face closed and the ball’s curving to the left, now I have a lot of motivation. I’m going to be able to start to fix that
downswing path, obviously. A lot of you guys, during the downswing with
that face open start to get this outside-in swing path, and that doesn’t do any good for
us. We hit it shorter that way, the ball curves
even more, and I can’t fix that, though. And this is important too. You are not going to fix your over-the-top
pattern until you fix the club face. If you’re someone who has a slice and you’ve
been trying to fix your over-the-top forever and it didn’t work, it’s because your face
was too open, and it’s never going to work that way. If I have an open club face, my face is pointing
to the right of the target, the only way I can get that club face pointing at the target
and hit a functional golf shot is by swinging outside-in. If I made a good path, swung inside with my
face open, the ball’s going to go 100 yards to the right. So, now that our face is going to get shut,
now you can work all those things you did before, that were probably good, but it wouldn’t
work because of your club face. Now I can start to work that path inside-out
and straighten out the golf ball. But, first, before we do that, we need to
fix the face. We need to hit some shots to the left on purpose. This is how you fix your driver, you get rid
of that slice with your driver. I’m going to go ahead and demonstrate an exaggerated
version. I take my normal setup first. I get my grip on here, and I want my grip
to be stronger than normal. So, from a face-on perspective, my left hand
is turned towards the camera. You can see more logo, stronger grip than
normal. I’m going to get the face shut down going
back and get it shut down going through, and I want to hit it left on purpose. So, let’s give that one a shot. Grip is strong, closed, closed, hook on purpose. Good, and that’s a low hook there to the left. It’s exactly what I want to see, and I want
to do that multiple times. I want my brain to see that a lot. And now, as I continue to practice, after
I do that for a little bit… You know, I’m going to hit as many shots as
needed. You should, literally, if you do it correct,
I’m talking about, you’re fixing your slice in one golf ball. If you fix your face, it takes one swing and
nothing else. Now, part number two is, now I take that same
feel, but I’m going to get my path going more neutral, and now I can hit a golf ball that’s
going to go straight out there. I don’t need to hit it left forever, just
enough to give me motivation to swing from the inside. So now, instead of me making a swing, grip
strong, closed down, closed down, trying to hit a hook on purpose, I want to make a swing
where I do the same piece and I hit a golf ball dead straight with that. So, that would be the next part of your training. Fix the club face first. You can literally fix your slice in one golf
swing. Hit some golf balls to the left, curve it,
and then work the path after. You can fix your slice within that practice
session, definitely within this weekend. Do that first. Do not start by fixing your path. Fix your face first. Do it that way, and we’ll get rid of your
slice for you. If you liked this video, please subscribe. Leave us a comment down below. We’ll have the link down below. Hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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