How to fill up Windshield Wiper Fluid on VW T5 Transporter
How to fill up Windshield Wiper Fluid on VW T5 Transporter

Hello Guys and Girls it’s ‘Lurgs’ here,
welcome to my channel and today the Volkswagen Transporter T5, the beast, the screen wash location and how to top up the screen wash.Okay so we’ve got the
bonnet open on the VW T5 and there’s a link above now about how to open the
bonnet or the hood and the screen wash location is here. So just lift that cap
off there, and inside you’ve got a small filter which just literally lifts out so
that catches any dirt from the water so you can just give that a clean in the
kitchen sink but this one is looking immaculate apart from one little speck
there. And what you’re gonna need is you’re going to need some all seasons
screen wash now use a lot of this if it’s winter because it’s got antifreeze in
it, you don’t need too much in the summer and also you need fresh tap water, do not
use water from a water butt because it will have bits of dirt in it. So I’m just
gonna put some all seasons screen wash in here and it is summer at the moment
so normally about one part screen wash to five parts water (20%) and now I’m going to top up with fresh tap water. If you’ve got a funnel use a funnel because that
will help it stop spilling, but I’ve just got this jug here so it’s nice and easy.
And just fill it right up to the top There we go. Then just put the cap back on, great stuff. Oh I forgot about that let’s have a nice
cup of tea if you’re gonna be working on the Van always make sure you’ve got a
lovely cup of tea. Right just close the bonnet or the hood, pull it down gently
then just give it a quick push with your hand, superb.
Alright let’s give them a quick test. Quick squirt, Oh looking good, looking
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