How to Feed a Tennis Ball

Many recreational players have a hard
time getting a rally started and that is because they do not know how to properly
feed the ball. So in today’s video I’m going to show you the right technique on
the feed. First let me show you the most common mistakes at the recreational
level and that is either feeding the ball with the eastern forehand grip or a
semi-western forehand grip. So what happens when you feed a ball with these
grips is that it’s usually gonna be too high. Now the other person has to hit
a high ball to get the rally started and it will usually not work. Or more
commonly what happens at the recreational level is that players will
leave the feed too short and now the other person has to reach and step up to
the feed and it’s very difficult to get a rhythm in a rally that way. And some
players will feed the ball with a backhand grip and what happens when you
feed with a backhand grip is that the ball will usually have side spin and now
it’s gonna be very tricky for the other person to get the rally started. What you
must do is feed with a continental grip. This is gonna give you the best chance
to get a nice flat straight ball with medium pace that’s gonna make it very
easy for your partner to get the rally started. Position yourself in an open
stance position when your’re feeding. This is most comfortable way to feed the ball. It’s
unnecessary to be completely sideways and now what you’re going to do is when
you’re in an open stance position and ready to feed do not take a full
backswing because when you do that usually the ball will fly too long. What
you’re going to do instead is point the tip of the racket towards the side fence
and you’re going to lay the ball in front of strings and simply accelerate
the racket across the body and something very interesting happens when you do
that. When the tip of the racket is pointing towards the side fence and you
accelerate across the body the tip of the racket will point back and your wrist
will lag behind the same way it does on a regular forehand And this will take place without you
being conscious of it. So when the tip of the racket is pointing here and I
accelerate from this position. See the tip of the racket ends up going back and
I’m not even aware that this action is taking place. Now do not throw the ball
too high because then you’ll have to wait for the ball to come down. This is
overall gonna make the feed more difficult. Simply lay the ball in front
of your strings. You put your hand across the body and just let the ball
sit there and then feed it. This is the easiest way to feed the ball. Position
your arm across lay the ball up and feed it to the other side. Now when it comes
to your finish I want you to point the tip of the racket towards the other side
and I want you to keep the finish on the feet relatively short. So it’s not gonna be
a full finish like you do on a regular forehand. Simply go from here to
here. This is all you need for your feed. The fascinating thing about the feed is
that it’s one of those shots that we don’t practice. It’s an intuitive shot. We
simply pick up the ball and feed it to the other side and it’s logical to think
that we should feed the ball in a linear way in other words going through the
ball but what happens in reality if we do that the ball we have a very
difficult time staying inside the court. It’s very easy to spray the ball
long if you hit through the ball like this. See if I go through the ball it
ball goes very far and now if I go across the body
with my feed I’ll get a lot more control and I don’t even have to exert as much
energy. See my body is more comfortable and I have to reach forward towards the
target and high-level players do not think about this we just simply pick up
a ball and we hit across the body intuitively but you as a recreational player
must do this consciously because this is a slower type of ball you can control
the arm action I want you to simply have the hand go across the body after you
meet the ball and the tip of the racket that should be lined up with your
non-dominant shoulder and pointing straight towards the other side it looks
something like this you’re gonna go across the body and then you’re gonna
stop the racket right here. If you follow these tips your feed is
gonna have a lot more control. Your partner is gonna shoot you less dirty
looks if you send a bad feed their way and you’re gonna have a more enjoyable
hitting session.

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