How To Easily Remove Decals Using a Hair Dryer
How To Easily Remove Decals Using a Hair Dryer

Alright, it’s Tony from
and sometimes people, they buy new cars and they don’t like these decals that the dealers
put on and they don’t want to take them off so I’m gonna go ahead do a quick demo
on how to take these decals…it’s just basically a sticker, right? All you need is
a heat gun or a hairdryer. I know a lot of you DIYers, you probably don’t have a professional
you know, high-grade heat gun like this but you could basically just use a hairdryer,
alright? You just don’t want to be in one position too long. And I have a little, little
plastic applicator squeegee thing here. We’re gonna go ahead heat it and just pull it right
off, alright? And also, some of the dealers, they’ll put on, you know mold emblems like
this where it’s like, you know, it’ll say Toyota whatever in this style.
We’re gonna show you how to do that on the other side. We’re gonna take this XLE off,
completely remove it and get the glue off the paint and make it look brand new. That’ll
be in another video. Alright but right now, we’re gonna go ahead and just take this
Toyota of Denton off, this decal here. Just wanna get the surface warm. We don’t
wanna burn the paint or anything. It’s the new car, Oh my God. And the reason why we’re
using a heat gun or a dryer to warm the sticker up is because it comes off easier in one piece.
Sometimes when it’s cold out or the stickers are old…this is not old obviously…but
they come off in little chips and pieces. It’ll be such a pain in the butt to take
them off. That’s why, if you heat them, even the old decals tend to come off easier
in one piece. That’s the only reason why you wanna heat it up.
So that’s it. I got it all here in my pants. Okay. And we got a couple of glue marks but
that will come right out. You know, just hit it with a cloth quick. And there you go. You
could use a hairdryer, like I said. Pretty easy to do. A little bit of glue, you could…let
me see, what can we use right now? I don’t know if you’ve heard of glue gun
before but if you have a little bit of glue gun…I’m just gonna use a little bit of
reducer because I have it, some paint reducer and this stuff will take it right off like
in an instant. Okay, so it’s off. Now you could wash your car whatever.
Looking great, we don’t have that ugly Toyota of Denton sticker on there. Next video, we’re
gonna go ahead and take off the XLE here cause the customer want it. We’re also gonna go
ahead and customize this thing later on. We’re gonna take off the XLE and replace it with
a limited badge and we’re also gonna customize the whole bottom. We’re gonna be painting
this lower plastic piece here of the Highlander. We’re gonna leave this section black in
here. Alright, we’re gonna go around the car, we’re gonna paint all these moldings
white, okay? All around the whole car, white. Okay, around the wheel well…we’re gonna
make these red okay, because we got the red pinstriping here. And also in the front, we’re
gonna go ahead and paint that lower part of the bumper cover there, white. It’s gonna
be all gloss white in the front of this thing. Thanks for watching this short quick video.
Go to right now. I’m giving away a free 85-Page Auto Body
and Paint Manual. It’ll teach you a lot of tips and tricks of the industry where you
could basically learn how to do anything with auto body and paint, if you wish.
Alright, it’s Tony. Have a great day. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

17 thoughts on “How To Easily Remove Decals Using a Hair Dryer”

  1. Matthew Steele says:

    Dear official How to paint man,
    I purchased a truck and have many questions on painting it and what not. Do you have an email I can reach you at? If so could you send it to me on here or reply to my comment. Much appreciated! Thanks

  2. 1grewvyrunner says:

    Thank you, very helpful video for what I'm doing this afternoon!

  3. Copperworks Plumbing says:

    Yea, good vid ! I'm taking off my company logo off my old van,

  4. elr2141979 says:

    thanks for the video I just did this to my van it worked out just fine

  5. Juanita Acosta says:

    Like and subbing for den10!!!

  6. Draconous101 says:

    LIAR, your using a heat gun, NOT A HAIR DRYER> LIAR LIAR>

  7. Steven says:

    Was removing the XLE the exact same process? Was looking forward to seeing that come off as well.

  8. Nichol says:

    I can't find the video for the rest of this vehicle

  9. Nichol says:

    I can't find the video for the rest of this vehicle

  10. Nichol says:

    I can't find the video for the rest of this vehicle

  11. Yell says:

    Thank you for this. I simply don’t want to provide free advertisement for the dealership 😉

  12. Jeremy Dyke says:

    I had to take the decal off my new truck. The dealership I went to, koons ford of Sterling VA, was great, but I figured that driving around rural Georgia with a sticker that simply said Koons on it might not be the best idea. Thanks for the walkthrough.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Uh, why replace it with "limited" when it is an xle? I don't get it.

  14. Ballsweat McGee says:

    Thats a heat gun not a hair dryer

  15. nocturnal cat says:

    ok what video among dozens of yours is the one where u take off the chromy decals,i cant look through all your videos ! how about a link for us in notes below..thanks

  16. Jim Smith says:

    Highly recommend using a hair dryer as opposed to a heat gun. If you're a bit careless with the heat gun you will burn your paint and will be totally screwed…..

  17. Stacy says:

    This worked wonders with my hair dryo..removed the sticker in less than 20 sec…thx!!!

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