How To Do A Soccer Volley – Tips To Better Your Soccer Volleys
How To Do A Soccer Volley – Tips To Better Your Soccer Volleys

How to Do a Soccer Volley Hey guys, Matt here from Epic Soccer Training.
Welcome to this video where I want to teach you how to do a soccer volley. OK guys. One of the big things that is harder
to start perfecting when you get better and really reach that next level is actually how
to do a proper soccer volley. So I want to teach you how to do a soccer volley right
now. So I’m going to pull Chas on here. Give him
some thumbs up. He’s pretty much working on one knee but that’s a whole another story
of tearing the what was it? MCL, PCL or something like that? He’s not doing well. But anyway, he’s going to teach us a little
bit of how to do a volley or what? Yeah, I guess I’m teaching how to do a soccer volley.
So what a volley is, just for the basics, I’m sure most of you guys know. So don’t worry
about correcting all this but anyhow, there’s like two different volleys you can do. One
is a full volley. One is a half volley. When people talk about a full volley and we’re
going to do more of a specific video on a half volley and one on a full volley full
volley is when you’re taking the ball straight out of the air before it hits the ground,
so anything like that. OK, ready. Half volley is actually when you let the ball
take a bounce. Preferably it’s like one bounce but anyway, so it’s kind of you take that
hop and that’s a whole another technique that you need to learn because that’s a lot of
timing but again full volleys as well, a lot of timing. So a good way to start out doing this with
a partner or go against a wall and learn how to do this, is actually to just drop the ball
and what you want to do is you know, let’s start off with doing kind of a full volley,
is you actually want to have your knee above the ball. The reason is because if you hit
the ball up here, see how your knee is not above the ball? Well when I do that, this
is what happens. The ball goes over Chas’ head and obviously if you’re going on target,
you want to keep the ball down because you just have about eight and a half feet right
there. So again, what you’re doing is take a step,
drop the ball and really get your feet over it, get your knee over it. What you’re going
to start doing probably is leaning forward and driving through because again you want
to keep the ball down and it’s kind of hard to just do it like that. But again, keep working on that. Go both feet.
I’m going to start rocking on that a little bit. So have them just go back and forth and
you see how it’s just that low-driven ball. Again, if it’s farther out grab that ball
too. If it’s farther out, what you want to do is let the ball drop. You’re going to get
that top spin so that’s how a lot of times when people are coming on to the ball, they’re
driving it over a wall. They’re over a player and it just dips down because you have that
top spin. So again what you want to do is work on just
that simple kick then get over it. Work on the form before you start doing the power.
Then what you want to do is, Chas, ball in hand, start throwing them at me at both sides.
Just have a partner throw it at you and really what that’s going to do is that’s what’s going
to help your timing. So again, you know the timing when you drop
it. You’re going to get that pretty quickly but when someone else is throwing it or the
ball is crossed, what you’re going to do is you’re going to want to get your ball, center
of the ball, kind of towards the top and really drive it through. So again if you’re using both feet, get your
arms out to balance and see, that one is a little high. There’s a little half volley
for you. So again, drive through and once you get good, then you’re going to be taken
them from oh, here’s a crossbar. You’re going to be taking them from farther out and then
we’re going to start getting into how to do a full volley when it’s crossed and your timing
on that and you’re going to need to come around. So again, this is the basic technique of how
to do a soccer volley. We’re going to get into more advanced stuff but this is the basics
you guys can work on. So go ahead. Leave me a comment. Let me know
what you want to know about volleys. If you’re having trouble, let me know. I’m here to help
you guys out. So don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, do all that thing up here and also
if you want to see a video of how I went from being an average soccer player to playing
professionally, go ahead and click the link below this video right now and you will get
some awesome tips about how you can take your game to the next level as well. So thanks so much for checking out this video
and I will see you guys in the next lesson.

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