How To Create Effortless Power With An Easy Golf Swing ➜ Launch 300+ Yard Drives
How To Create Effortless Power With An Easy Golf Swing ➜ Launch 300+ Yard Drives

Do you know how to create effortless power
with an easy golf swing? You see a lot of
these golfers on TV and their swings just looks so effortless and simple and
they’re creating amazing power and speed and launching 300-plus drives out there
without any seemingly effort at all. And
when you get out of golf course you try and hit shots now, and that just don’t
seem to go anywhere and you’re putting a lot of force and effort in doing it. Just
want to know how to hit easier a lot more simple golf swings and let the golf
ball go a lot further. In this next video
I’m going to show you two fantastic drills you can practice at home, how you
can get that effortless power and hit a lot longer golf shots. I’ll see you soon. It’s Troy from here. This is where I show you how to make the
golf game easy and play the golf shots you want to play. So make sure you
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keep on improving and playing better golf together. So you want to know how to
create effortless power with an easy golf swing? Well what I like to go
through first is and explain what the pros and the really good players do that
make their swings look so effortless and enable them to hit the golf ball so well. And to first show you that I’ll speak
about what most golfers do and the reason why and you might be one of them. Why you struggle to get this effortless
power that you want. What I typically see
most golfers doing wrong and this usually happens in the transition or the
downswing. So what I mean by that is if
you get to the top of your golf swing like this. So this this first movement down,
that very first move where a lot of golfers get into problems and typically
what they most often do wrong as they start down they really rush, they really
yank the that grip of that Golf Club really rush it down and it gets their
sequencing out of balance in their golf swing. And what that does is when the
hands come down too quickly the rest of their body has to play catch-up and your
whole timing and everything is thrown out and you lose a lot of that power and
your golf swing looks rushed and just not an easy golf swing at all. And that’s
typically what most golfers will do wrong and the other thing that has
an effect on is if you move that the handle too quickly you come down very
steep and you’ll cut across the golf ball hit a lot of slices and pulls and
you lose a lot of that power in the golf swing. Now the exact opposite with the
really good players you’ll see. Once they
get to the top what they typically do and this is pretty much standard across
the board. The very first thing they do
is they move their legs and they get into this position here. They square up
their hips they leave, they leave the club and their arms basically alone
and they let them drop naturally and then just slide through
with the golf club like that and it’s a very smooth transition, very smooth
movement. And they’re able to generate
tons of speed by letting their big muscles of their legs really initiate
that downswing, really squeeze them into the ground. Really push them into the
ground, square up those hips. They’re not
really thinking about the hands and the arms from the clubhead. Squeeze the hips
like that and they’re just generating a stack of power. And the other key thing
that they are also doing is with the club as they’re coming down they’re
letting the club head release all the power, right around not only where the
ball is but just passed the ball there. They’re really releasing all this power
at the ball and beyond there. And that’s
just generating a stack of speed. And
where most other golfers go wrong is they’re generating their power out here
somewhere because they’re rushing that downswing really pulling on that handle
their powers back here. By the time they
get to the ball they’ve lost a lot of it and results in a lot of poor golf shots
from there. So I’m going to walk you
through a couple of drills that you can do that will really help you how to
create effortless power with an easy golf swing so you can play much better
golf. So let’s get started. Okay, so drill
number one here which I’m going to show you now. This is a training aid that I’ve
got now. You don’t need this and drill
number two which I’m going to show you make sure you stick around for that I’m
going to show you an alternative to this that works just as well. But if you’ve
got one of these called an orange whip trainer. And what it is, is it’s basically
a made up golf club that’s got a really heavy head on it and it’s extremely
flexible you can see here, that’s very very flexible. I’ve done another video on
this which I’ll pop up above there will also show you more information and
I’ll have a link down below as well if you’re interested in that. But the idea of this
is this is a fantastic training aid for teaching you how to make a great
transition and really store up that energy so you make a nice easy golf
swing and generate more power. And the reason it works so well is
is because there’s really heavy head and really flexible shaft like this and I’ll
show you what I mean. If I go to the top
now if I was to rush my downswing, if I was to yank the handle watch what
happens. You see what happens since I yanked that
handle the bottom end of this will go very quickly snap and the bottom of this
will hit the ground somewhere back here. And if that was a real golf swing you’d
end up with a terrible golf shot. So this really trains you as you start
the transition to really move slowly and smoothly with your lower body. Make sure
your lower body screws into the ground as it gets onto that weight under that
lead side and we’re just leaving this bit alone. We’re leaving our hands and
our arms and that club head alone getting down here and then where we’re
releasing at the ball and beyond the ball and creating that effortless power. And this orange whip is really great for
sequencing that downswing like the tour pros do to get that effortless power
that we’re after. So I’ll do another
demonstration so as you get to the top we’re just going to go nice and slow
and we’re going level up those hips and release out there. And we can just
practice swings like that at home to really get a feeling and the quick way
of sequencing that downswing. And another
great way to practice this is just get to your top position here and just
practice getting the hips level while not doing anything with your hands and
arms. Hips level and
and eventually you can take this to the driving range. Hips level and then swing
through like that and that’s a great little rehearsal swing you could even do
this as a pre shot drill during a game of golf just before you’re about to hit. Get yourself up here, get yourself posted
up to a square stance, get those hips rotated to square and then just swing through and
practice getting that. That’ll really
help you out with your sequencing so you can make much
better timing and get that effortless power that we’re after. So that is drill number one, let’s get to
the second one. Make sure you pop a comment down below
if you’ve tried the orange whip as a training aid or you’ve tried another
training out or another drill that helps you get effortless power that has really
helped you out. So make sure you put that
down below and I’ll reply to every comment. Okay, here’s drill number two in creating
our effortless golf swing with more power. So what I’ve got here is now if
you don’t have an orange whip training works just perfectly okay. You can do just
as good a job with two golf clubs. And
what I’m going to do is you put both of these together now when you do this, this
creates obviously a lot of weight which will work very effectively with
training yourself to get that sequencing right to give that effortless golf swing. So what I’m going to do we’ve got both
them together we’re just going to go to the top and exactly the same as the
first drill we’re just going to get our hips and that to move first leave our
arms alone everything’s square, release and we’re just going to do a lot of
rehearsals like that training ourselves so we get to the top hips and that move
first. Training ourselves to sequence that down
swings we’re getting that effortless power just like with the training aid. If
we try to with the orange whip training aid. If we try to yank this handle down
with these two clubs, look what happens? I’m just going to bottom out somewhere
There, so it’s really important you start that downswing with your hips first. Absolutely critical. You’ve probably heard the
phrase in golf using the ground for power. This is exactly why as we get to
the top get those hips to move first, leave the hands and the arms alone let
them drop then we swing through from there and that’s really effective. Can practice at home for getting
that effortless power and that will train you how to sequence that
downswing properly and really help you out with your golf game. So that’s drill number two. So now you
know how to create effortless power with an easy golf swing. I hope you like this
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link to some further golf instruction, make sure you check that out. Now
that we’ve got our sequencing right and our downswing you need to get into impact
position right and your follow-through. So I’ll have some videos up above, make
sure you check those out very important. Thanks again for watching, I’ll see you
next time.

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