How to Come Back from a Soccer Injury –  Online Soccer Academy
How to Come Back from a Soccer Injury – Online Soccer Academy

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  1. John Playerify says:

    I have pain in the ball of my left foot…as i m right footed all the pressure comes on my left foots ball…i maybe stand and play that way….can u tell me any way to improve it faster??

  2. Zynou says:

    I got injured on Monday and I have a match on Saturday and my leg is nearly broken do you think I will be able to go to the match on Saturday

  3. Ninija Productions says:

    Hey! i wanted to ask you sumthing – My school is not exactly what i would call awesome when it comes to soccer, when i was young i was pretty much talented, im not being full of myself but I think I was pretty good!

    These kids in my class pretty much ruined it, i havent played proper matches for about 3-4 years until this year where i play, but hardly get the ball, and when i do, obviously since im rusty, i end up making a mistake.

    What's The Best way To Get Back To Playing Like I Was Before?

  4. Ninija Productions says:

    I'm not in a club just yet and my only chances are in School and like I said I just sat like 3-4 years wanting to play. I finally got a chance but as a defender -.- and I'm not a defender. I'm more of a midfielder/striker. What Do You Think I Should Do?

  5. Ninija Productions says:

    not as in school, but as in general.

  6. Ninija Productions says:

    Sorry, I just keep remembering important things um I also have a problem where i start getting very tired only after 10-20 minutes of play-time, how do i improve that?

  7. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Sorry buddy. I know that's tough.

  8. Online Soccer Academy says:

    I'm not a doctor. Sorry. Go see a doctor about that one. Don't play hurt like that though as you may injure something else.

  9. Online Soccer Academy says:

    No, I don't think you should play with nearly broken foot. I highly suggest you see a doctor. Good luck!

  10. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Play and Practice more and you will get more fit. For fitness and a stamina video, click the "View All OSA Videos" button on your Online Soccer Academy profile (it's free, sign up if you are not a member) and then search for the "Soccer Fitness Tempo Runs" video. That will help a lot! Also the 30 Minute Training Sessions have a lot of fitness with the ball built into them so do those too. Or search them all on youtube.

  11. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Play what your coach asks you to play. Rise the challenge. Be versatile. Then as you establish yourself when the time is right ask if you can play another position.

  12. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Get back to training on your own and improving. Control what you can control which is improving. Don't worry about other players being a negative affect on you. You can't control that right now.

  13. El Marocano says:

    I trained a lot, more the usual for 2 weeks, and after a day rest, i were on school and suddenly decided to run with a friend to se who was the fasttes and in the middle of my run it felt like my upper tie got riped, it hurt very much, when i jog really carefully it feels like there is a line going down my tie, or it feels like my muscle is stretching, u got some advice of what it can be? #14/Boy/Soccerplayer/from Norway.

  14. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Sounds like you pulled a thigh muscle. Sorry. Keep your head up. Highly recommend you go see a doctor and get medical advise on what to do next.

  15. S R says:

    Hey Jared I haven't played soccer for 6 months because of my studies , so today I played on a new position and sometimes the same position I used to play but I sucked I don't have a place to train and no one to train with so what do I do

  16. CR7RONALDO21 says:

    Hey jar

  17. CR7RONALDO21 says:

    Hey Jared I dislocated my hip in a soccer game and I have been out for about 3 weeks now and what should I do I should I come back I'm afraid i might not be as good as I use to be any advice?

  18. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Welcome back! It's natural to be not as good after taking 6 months off. All of our 200 plus videos are designed to help you train on your own when you don't have team training. Use them, practice and enjoy the process of improving! It will take some time though.

  19. Online Soccer Academy says:

    So sorry to hear that. Do what this video says to do! That will help but make sure a doctor says you are okay first!

  20. John Denigan says:

    thanks so much. it really helped. I broke my leg about 2 months ago and I get the cast off in a couple days. This could not have come at a better time. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  21. Neal LaBarbera says:

    I tore my acl!

  22. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Sorry about your leg. Glad you are coming back soon!

  23. Online Soccer Academy says:

    So sorry to hear that. Keep your head up. It will be hard but you will get through it.

  24. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Ouch, sorry about that. What you are going through is natural and normal. Do what this video says to do and it will work for you too even though you are a dancer. You can still be a Believe in itยฎ Athlete!

  25. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Yes, you do if you can get back soon. Good luck!

  26. Jevonte Gamble says:

    I broke my distal femur and came back in 2 months and re injured it i want to walk on to a college team but i have time to train

  27. Jevonte Gamble says:

    But i dont have time to train

  28. Bracker says:

    Ive had a groin injury for 3 years…sometimes it goes away but not completely, it keeps reoccurring…How long should I sit out and what should I do while I'm doing so

  29. Mario Trollotelli says:

    Hi! like your videos! I broke my hip last november. it was painful. I love soccer and will soon get a new hip. I look forward to play football again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Ali Suliman says:

    Avulsion fracture of aais. x2. Avulsion fracture of hamstring. A neck and spine injury Knee surgery. All in 1 year still not recovered . I want to play football so bad. And I'm only 15

  31. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Sorry about your injury. Good luck!

  32. Online Soccer Academy says:

    I'd see a dr. You may have a sports hernia. Groin injuries are tough and very frustrating. Good luck!

  33. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Good luck on your comeback!

  34. Online Soccer Academy says:

    So sorry to hear this buddy. keep your head up and stay positive. You will be back!

  35. Firaman George says:

    Guys I have little pain up of legs where I have muscle but I dont know if I have injured it,but I still play football

  36. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Go see a dr and get it looked at.

  37. Mario Trollotelli says:

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. carmonaPBC562 says:

    i been injured for about 10 months . i got kicked on my shin and it got really bad. after that i got kick 2 more times in the same place. now im starting to practice once again after 4 months but havent played a game because im scared of getting injured. so im currently concentrating on building myself again physically before coming back. any tips boss :p ?

  39. Mario Trollotelli says:

    Thank you so much!

  40. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Ouch, sorry for your injuries. My tips are in this video but you are on right track with taking it slow and building back into it. Keep it up! Be confident, work on your mental game too. Click the "View All OSA Videos" button on your Online Soccer Academy profile (it's free, sign up if you are not a member) and search for the "How Not to Be Nervous Before a Game" video. That will help a lot! Also watch the "How to be Confident" video.

  41. Donker Wit says:

    Hello Jared, i have a little muscle pain in my right leg. Do you have any tips ?

  42. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Watch are how to get rid of soreness OSA video and how to take an ice bath. That hopefully will help. If pain doesn't go away then see a doctor. Good luck!

  43. LikeNobodii says:

    Yo dude last weekend I was training with my team and since i'm a goalie I went to make a diving save and somehow screwed up my right hand currently I can barely use it whenever I try to put some pressure on it hurts real bad I went to the doctor and he said that it will need some time to heal so when I get some more feeling i'd like to strengthen it do you have any tips to get back to normal.

  44. Online Soccer Academy says:

    So sorry about that! This video will help you mentally come back from an injury. I'd advise asking a physical therapist to write you a rehab plan. They can better advise you. Good luck!

  45. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Sorry to hear that, I know injuries are hard to deal with mentally and physically. Glad the OSA videos can help you. You are a Believe in itยฎ Athlete! You will be back!

  46. Anthony Quan says:

    I'm out for 6 weeks cause of my stupid sprained ankle ๐Ÿ™

  47. Online Soccer Academy says:

    Sorry to hear that. Keep your head up, follow what this video says and you will be back soon!

  48. Ivan Santiago-Cruz says:

    My knees are bothering me . I feel pain under and around both knees. I went to the doctor and he said to rest . What do to think it is ? Runners knee ?

  49. Online Soccer Academy says:

    I'm not a doctor sorry. I'd advise resting and then seeing a different doctor or the same doctor again. Ice too.

  50. Shab K says:

    I've been injured for abou8 weeks and the injury is still there but not as much pain can I start playing lightly? It's both sides of my lower back.

  51. Online Soccer Academy says:

    I'm sorry I'm not a doctor. Ask your doctor that question. Good luck!

  52. IAS171LE says:

    I think you also should have mentioned to players not to play while being injured even if it is a minor injury, as it can make the healing process longer or worse they can get a more serious injury

  53. Avila Corleto says:

    You skipped tip 3 Hahahahahah

  54. Vinson Kaka says:

    I broke my wrist and I hope these plan works when I came back from soccer

  55. Homeroluciano says:

    I've been injured since early October 2013 .. I kicked the ball really hard and I felt a crack in my lower back on my left side and it kept me from walking for two days .. After a week the pain moved to the right and i can run but I cant play any sport or it'll hurt after's still like this and I don't know if I should just quit soccer…

  56. xlFaM0uSlx says:

    I have dislocated my right knee cap and I really want to come back and play but I'm really scared that it might happen again.

  57. Jibbi Bah says:

    I injuried my hip, 4 months ago, doctor hasn't cleared me yet, and I keep having an urge to play soccer, and then accidentally start to, then there's little aftermath of pain, is there like any static excersises I can do to like help me?

  58. M0n0t0ned says:

    And what if you were out for a year?

  59. Alpine says:

    +Jibbih Bah what helped me was physiotherapy they have me some excersizes to do when I broke my tibia

  60. Taimoor Asad says:

    Can a player with ACL tear play soccer again or not. If Yes, then can he come back to his top level of performance or not? Can you post videos for ACL injuries exercises?

  61. monkeylikessoccer says:

    Tore my meniscus completely off and now I'm out for 8 months and only have a 55% chance of success. Worse part it was a pre season game

  62. Noah Abraha says:


  63. Sarah Corrie says:

    i have been out for 4 months with an anterior tibialis tear, and im finally going to try and play in a tourney in a week. What kind of drills or exercises can i do to get ready for the tourney?

  64. Jordi Fitness_10 says:

    I came back from a shin injury fully recovered…any tips on how to get back…having little knee pain

  65. Victor M Morales says:

    Theses are great full tips thxs I hope I can recover quickly ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. Technoz Ski says:

    I've been having knee pain for a year or two. I got a brace and it helps a little. I keep telling, telling my mom it hurts, but she does not care because I have a brace. I believe this happened from something when I was playing, or wear and tear from playing. Both knees hurt at times, or just 1 hurts. It feels like my knees have a mind of their own.

  67. Mateo Ordonez-Caroprese says:

    Hi i've been out more than a year for knee injuries and broken toes ๐Ÿ™ i'm really frustrated, my mates are always asking me when am i coming back, when, when.. And i'm like i don't know.. Probably i'm almost recovered but how much time do you think i have to train "softly" to get back to the field. Thank you so much, i would really appreciate an answer.

  68. cristiancr714 says:

    I've been out for 5 months because of my hamstring but am almost back and I have to get at high level again to play for my academy, so how's the fastest way I can improve everything i've lost?

  69. VMM SFL says:

    Thxs for making me feel happy well playing.

  70. YouAlwaysLose says:

    i took a free kick andi kicked so hard i snapped a muscle

  71. Kevin Ducoing says:

    how can i come back to playing soccer when i had a surgery on my knee

  72. Holland Oliver Wild says:

    I've been out for almost exactly two and a half years, hoping to start some gentle training with a knee brace this week…..AHHH!!

  73. ไบ€ JC Animations ไบ€ says:

    I play goalkeeper for high school but got injured from a knee to the forehead from a penalty I saved. I was out for about 2 weeks but over time I got better. I am so fortunate that it wasn't worse than what It could have been

  74. Pablo Fernandez says:

    Please reply,
    I got kicked in the outside of the foot and it got swollen. I rested and I was out for a week. My question is very unique, would 1 week of no football or running affect my performance when I come back? I have been going to the gym though. I have trials in Mexico in 4 weeks and I am very curious and need this information. Thanks!

  75. sadasd2 says:

    hey man I was lazy with soccer for around 6-7 months without training. soccer season is just around (pre season) and I wanna get back into shape (back to normal stats) I ran track so phyiscla stats are decent. I am serious and yes I believe in it! I believe I will go pro if I can train with proper instructions. you might know I'm a nobody but remember my name.

  76. ChessyChino says:

    I haven't played soccer in 2 years and I used to be in a academy should I start again or leave it behind

  77. Ignace Van den Berghe says:

    I'm 1year and 7 months injured and have still 5 months to go now, I had a crushed knee after aan accident but I'm sure i'll get back on the pitch! Today was the first time i wear my footballshoes and touches the ball and everything went good, only running is a bit difficult because my knee goes into The middle everytime I run… Do You know what to do about it? Greets from Belgium!

  78. BossOfBosses says:

    Hey man, have you ever had archilie problems before due to playing soccer? if so how long were you out for and how did you manage to heel the problem?

  79. Fare says:

    i was sick a month and 3 weeks i just cant play like i could

  80. Abraham Aguilar says:

    I injured my groin idk what it is but my track coach kept making me run and it's been 4 months and I'm still injured, I'm so frustrated I just want to play soccer again and run my full speed with no pain

  81. Nannette Battista says:

    This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. FcItsMeHd says:

    I'm a goalkeeper and I broke my fingers, what do I do

  83. Delaney Renwick says:

    I have a genetic problem in my shoulder, where my shoulder pops out of socket. Because of this, I got 2 tears in my labrum. I got surgery for it. Soccer is my life! I have not been playing for 2 years. I cant stand it! Now I can! But my shoulder blade has been popping out as well. I am worried I am going to need surgery on it. I do not know for sure. I am trying to rebuild my confidence. All of my old soccer teammates are now on a club. I really want to get back in the game. I have gotten the ok to play noncompetitive. But I stink at soccer. I really needed to be reassured. You did that for me. Thank You!

  84. Your worst Nightmare says:

    Thx for this video, been out for 9 months now with acl injury and these are some good tips. Can't wait to start

  85. rafay jamal says:

    I got injured last sunday and i want to play so bad all my mates will be playing tonight

  86. HR Estherson says:

    I have groin injury for almost two years
    I don't know what to do
    I relax and do a the kind of treatment I know
    It goes and come back
    I'm fed up
    Please can you give me some tips

  87. Shiny Thomas says:

    I am suffering from a groin injury

  88. Sindri Bussinger says:

    Im out for 3 months +

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