How to Clean Golf Clubs: The Almond Milk Method
How to Clean Golf Clubs: The Almond Milk Method

Mike Dojc, slinging birdies, okay here’s
the situation your clubs are really dirty to grind me the gross you want to
clean them up fine what do you do you get some dish soap you soak your clubs
you scrub them you dry them and you’re good to go well what happens if there
was a better way a more organic way a way that wasn’t just hype that was sort
of extraordinary that was better it was cooler what happens if you substituted
the soap for almond milk that’s right almonds nuts squeak pulverized almonds
mixes water you know the hottest milk right now five percent of the entire
milk market is actually almond milk for real that’s not a joke anyway does it
clean clubs though I don’t know let’s find out we’re gonna do a control test
okay that means just water to get a baseline of what happens if you don’t
news anything you’re just using water some people do that just plain old tap
water so this is my bucket relatively clean don’t judge you got our tools of
the trade you got two towels so we’re ready for this you got a frogger we got
it right now set to the hard bristles I brought these out to show you almonds
in case you didn’t know what they look like in their raw sense see if these are
the most powerful or if I’m the most powerful the nuts okay
so we’re start with the hard bristles we’re gonna keep using the non-muscle
bagged irons you can see that just regular dirty Club so for the control
test I’m just using water so say all I got is water a lot of soap I don’t feel
like going the store so I’ll wet it I’m just gonna wet long enough
take the scrubby get in there with some elbow grease and even with just water a
lot of that stuff is going to come off when the dirts loose take it out a little so you can get a
club kind of clean just with water sometimes sometimes that’s all you need
so just water and this is the same amount of effort I’m gonna put both
times gonna take the towel clean it and die so that’s what you get just water so
it’s still dirty but it’s not that bad it’s usable you can play with it so that
is just with water water a little bit of elbow grease now we’re gonna move on to
the soap test got a club dirty I’d say this look soil levels about a minute 10
so first thing just gonna get that soap on it so get soap and water so now this
time we got soap and water scrub tool get the elbow grease in get rid of the
loose dirt just doing a face for this experiment bore you works for the back
too and you’ll see with soap soaked that one
more time this wasn’t dirtier than the last one but similar Solo content this
club has has been has some stuff for some grooves that needs to be cleaned so
we take out the groove tool the other one had pretty good groove so she’s
thinking that’s a difference between soap and just water no soap is better
than just just plain water but plain tap water does do the trick if that’s all
you’re after lets you send up some of that groove dirt get after it with the
same elbow grease and a towel and there you have it so that’s soap and
water the 5-iron is my most juice club okay
got my 5-iron which is my most used club and it’s just as dirties other ones it’s
not more dirty look in the sweet spot there you see a lot of grass and grained
in there all the grooves are kind of clogged and I did that on purpose I
wanted the almond milk to have the toughest challenge let’s see if it makes
a difference okay there’s a lot of stuff to get out so we’re gonna do is they can
easy on milk and sometimes dog milk you’ll find this when you buy it it has
those three prongs so it does say shake before use if you’re gonna drink it so
I’m gonna just shake it up I’m not drinking it but just want to get all the
UM milk consistency really good I’m going to pour it in give you like
Mashhad the poor I don’t the club that’s gonna fit in there but I just wanted to
save spare some mom notes it doesn’t all have to go in then we’re gonna try it so
again we got ourselves dirty club got herself almond milk I’m plunging the
plug head into the almond milk it’s gonna take a bath in there yeah I’m and
milk bath what else do people dip into milk I guess they dip cookies and Oreos
but we’re dipping a five-iron so notice we’re not covering all the way up to the
hosel we’re just doing the face because for the purpose of this test we just
want to test face cleanness alright so we got a milky club and let’s do the
same thing we did before little elbow grease loosen up that dirt it’s really
coming really loose this time so thinking there’s something to this on
milk and let’s just pour the out milk on it we had a lot more so yeah look at
that when y’all milk you got on milky club
I’m starting to see what they’re talking about it’s like milk does the club good
check that out guys okay and now let’s give it a good drying Wow
this one had the most clogged grooves I didn’t even use the groove tool on it
yet and already you’re seeing cleaner edges now if we use the groove tool I’m
gonna see even more results again guys this was the dirtiest Club I just wanted
I was believing in this almond milk before testing it out and I gotta say I
don’t know if this is visually coming out to you but this is by far just
definitely add the most shine to my club let’s get some milk shots oh yeah like
that’s peeping peeping the toe out peeping tell like you know relaxing in
that bath well I guess you know when human bass without milk are also
probably really good too for you but look at that look at that okay that’s a
great shot you were just seeing the almond milk floating on the top at the
clubhead place the club face it’s really integrate in there and then pouring it
off okay I’m really excited to see the big reveal here scrub this off alright
dirtiest Club so this is a you know very used Golf Club guys keep that in mind
okay it was mega dirty and it’s gotten a lot cleaner okay now where the what sort
of expression where the money hits the road no what were the what does okay now
it’s time to see where the rubber hits the road okay okay we got just water at
the top in the middle we have soap and water at the bottom you have almond milk
okay I’ll tell you this I’ll milk is definitely shiniest are you seeing that
too at home okay the urban legend about almond milk
working sure it works but so does water soda soap what’s the cheapest of these
obviously water so use water as you can use soap if you want a little bit of a
sparkle and use almond milk if you are no that’s right yeah if you want to be a
hipster go ahead and use almond milk and tell your friends is better I can’t be
sure like now looking at maybe was light it
does feel like it’s cleaner but it’s a my new difference I’m milk is on top I
don’t know if that’s a light it works I’m no it doesn’t work as a cleaning
agent but I like milk you know it is more expensive than soap so on a bang
for your buck this up is gonna be the way to go milk does clean golf clubs
though so the rumor is true but my question is if almond milk cleans golf
clubs does vodka clean golf club hmm I don’t see why not should we try it yeah do we even have a
dirty Club yeah we go we got one right so we got you know some dirt on this
club got some vodka swill it around there there’s alcohol clean Club faces I
think you’ll find any liquid does the trick
that’s my guesstimate so I think it’s I think it’s over the legal limit let’s
take it out let’s do this over here don’t mess it up too badly scrub off the
dirt and starting to work but seems to be the
same issue other living water you do the trick – yes we’ll just pour vodka or
loose dirt and the club is cleaner cleaner than when we started all right
so that’s a vodka clean Club here’s the deal when you clean your golf clubs if
you got nothing water kappa water will do the trick
soap it’s gonna add a little bit of shine milk is gonna add a little bit of
glisten and vodka is gonna make your club you know really mellow it adds a
mellowing this to it and it also cleans it it’s a cleaning agent is alcohol my
my conclusion is clean your clubs clean them the way you want them to be fine
okay it’s been Mike Deutsch I hope you’ve learned something about Golf Club
plumbing this Golf Club cleanliness is an overlooked topic I hope you had a
good day I hope you your club hygiene is good
keep your clubs clean and hit’em long what can I say get him long
Oh cups of milk a whole cup of soap sorry guy done something wrong with me

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  1. The Weekend Hack says:

    Does the almond milk have to be organic? Or does it work with regular non organic GMOs heavy almond milk?

  2. Ira Shoff says:

    Clean more frequently with water my friend. Cheaper and quicker.

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  4. Haydn Jones says:

    Warm soapy water and elbow grease. Works every time!

  5. Simon Leach says:

    If there are any non-golfers out there, golfers are not this boring – honest!

  6. Matthew Sherman says:

    Simon if He had a English or Australian accent would it be less boring?

  7. Tiger Mackelson says:

    Lolll .

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