How to Bounce Golf Balls on Clubs : How to Bounce a Golf Ball on a Club
How to Bounce Golf Balls on Clubs : How to Bounce a Golf Ball on a Club

AUSTIN MCBRIDE: Hi, I’m Austin McBride, here
on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I’m going to show you how to bounce a golf ball on the
flat surface of a golf club. This was a trick popularized by a 1999 Nike television commercial
with Tiger Woods, where he was bouncing it over and over, pops it up and cracks into
the driving range. This is the first step in learning that little trick. So, put the
ball on the ground, roll it up to the club, push it onto the club, and, in one swift motion,
we’re going to lift and then lower the club. So just lifting the ball up in the air, popping
it up, and it pretty much allows us to be bouncing it after that. So I’m just going
to show that one more time. Just popping it in the air, just like that. Once the ball
is in the air, we’re going to repeat that motion over and over again…and just popping
it up and watching it as it comes down. It will definitely react differently as it’s
hitting different parts of the club right in the center spot or a sweet spot. It will
pop way up in the air and, as it hits other parts of the club, it might not bounce up
as high, but you can definitely gain a feel of how high it’s going to be bouncing and
kind of what direction it’s going to be going by where it hits on the face of the club.

6 thoughts on “How to Bounce Golf Balls on Clubs : How to Bounce a Golf Ball on a Club”

  1. TisimeFilms says:

    i love this trick

  2. airlopez21 says:

    Is there a certain club that works best?

  3. Eric Volten says:

    @airlopez21 i use a 64 sandwedge. me raccord is 5 minnites of bouncin.

  4. SDU-Tango says:

    i didn't know golf can play like that.

  5. bluejedi24 says:

    I just can't seem to do it…the wedge is always slightly off angle when I do it and so the ball does not go straight up and down and it's too hard to keep going. I get 2 or 3 bounces and then it falls. Guess I just need more practice?

  6. freebird_au says:

    it will defininately hit different parts of the club.. the is only one part of the club, the sweet spot, and if you want to do it like tiger, think like that.. this guy is a hack

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