How to Balance Your Car’s Tires
How to Balance Your Car’s Tires

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how you can
balance your own tires and here’s how the saga began my wife’s car needed
new front tires so I went to a discount tire store and bought two new front
tires but when I got the car back it would shake when I was going 55 60 on a
highway the steering wheel would shake, so I took the car to my friendly front end
guys at Cotton Brothers they checked it all out and said the only thing wrong was the
idiots at the discount tire store had balance the tires wrong so they rebalance
them and then the shaking was gone but hey that cost me 70 bucks so I thought
why not try something with a better idea so I went out and bought this wheel
balancing tool from harbor freight tools and it cost the 70 bucks it cost me to
get them balanced so I thought why not do it myself now when I was a kid in the 1960s
my father’s Texaco gas station we had a bubble balancer it work perfectly fine, and
hey for 70 bucks this thing works quite well I use a piece of marine
plywood to have a good stable foundation put the base on that then I got the
level balancing part and place it on the top then you adjust it so the bubble is
in the middle there screws to adjust it you turn the adjustment screws until the
bubble exactly in the middle and there it is right in the middle then you get
the tire and put it over the top the springs automatically adjust it so it
fits right and in this case you can see this tire is balanced correctly because
the bubble is still in the middle which doesn’t surprise me because the guys are
cotton brothers balanced this tire but I’m going to take the weight off and show
you how you would balance it yourself we’ll take it off
and put the tire back on the balancer and as you can see now the bubble is
off-center so we need to put weights on to make it go in the center and balance
the tire you move the weights around until the bubble goes into the middle
and of course in this case the old weight was here so if we put it in the
same position bubble is now in the middle and get some good cleaner to clean
it up good and then put the weights on with their little sticky back glue and
they stay in place and if you’re like me and worried the weights are going to
fall off put a little superglue on it first so if your cars shaking and your
tires need balancing why not buy one of these little bubble balancers you might
even make some money on the side doing your neighbors cars, and remember if you’ve
got any questions just visit Scotty Kilmer Channel

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  1. Scotty Kilmer says:

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  2. sminthian says:

    Wow, I thought this would involve computers or something. Instead it's super easy…

  3. CHeath says:

    Haven't seen one of those since my grandfather used it almost 40 years ago. Memories.

  4. C Williams says:

    HEY Scotty I have a? Can you un warp a tire

  5. Brandon Mills says:

    I really like your intros, they’re really exciting and attention grabbing!

  6. Saatana says:

    Did this in high school once! 😀

  7. Brandon Mills says:

    I heard that the bubble balancer is only good for static imbalances but not dynamic imbalances. Does anyone on YouTube know if this is true? I’m thinking about buying one of these balancers but I’m not sure if it’s the same as going to the shop to get it done electronically.

  8. Leo Olmos says:

    just take em to Les Schwab…

  9. ThePariss333 says:

    Scotty, Maybe my car is a Ghost, I haven't Balance my Elantra 2008 Tires Since a Bought them, 6 years Ago. Am I in Trouble ? The Car Run Perfect in Freeway and City, really Beautiful  and even More 5 Years since Big'o tires stolen $ 79.99 plus tax for Alignment . I get mad and Never came back and I have Free Balance/rotation with Them but I do my Own Rotation together with Oil change every 5 k Miles.—-  Tires Look Beautiful After 6 Years.

  10. vena thunderbird says:

    Steel vs aluminum wheels? I was told you can balance steel but aluminum wheels you need digital. I need to know if the tire shop lied to me.

  11. Frankie Rodriguez says:

    Jesus Christ

  12. Da C. says:

    Now that is money well spent. I am going to get me one now. Idiots at Wal-Mart keep breaking my studs and hubcaps. Sick of it.

  13. MavHunter20XX says:

    I need to tell you Scotty, Discount Tire would have re balanced your tire for free. You had just wasted your money.

  14. Ron Consumer says:

    I got one of these years ago and still use it when the idiots at discount mess up the balancing.

  15. quadzilla60 says:

    Newtons second law

  16. Saurabh Sharma says:

    u should improve ur way of talking be like a gentelmen

  17. A squished grape says:

    So the mechanic had to take a car for someone else to fix….

  18. Trent W says:

    Where do you buy the balancing weights? …do they come with the tool?

  19. Rafa Pz says:

    I bought a new tire for my lifted truck and got it balanced by a tire shop before it was installed. At around 65 mph my truck vibrates at the steering column
    Discount Tire tells me that the tire is defective. I take it back to the retailer and they tell me there’s nothing wrong with it. They rebalance it. No lumps on the tire and I don’t see anything wrong with the tire but my truck still shakes at around 65 mph

    What do you suggest I do to get this issue resolved?

  20. Sandvich Gaming says:

    but wait scotty, how do you know which weight to use on your tire?

  21. OlivierV9000 says:

    1 tip, stop yelling

  22. PracticingLiberty says:

    Very cool.

  23. BROKE LEGENDS says:

    Wow I'm getting one of those now thanks Scotty u rhe BEST!!!!😀👍

  24. Gerald Valdez says:

    Thanks scotty for the video man my cars is doing that too now I know what to do

  25. R G says:

    Awesome video thanks Scotty YOUR THE MAN.

  26. Rippy 888 says:

    I'm too young to know those bubble balancers even existed. Never heard anyone talk of them in the field either, that is neat cool vid Scotty.

  27. Blanco Houssam says:

    this one is really very awesome and helpfull to the job buy my self without causing any damage by those who replace or repair tires here in my country.
    Anyways, thanks for your help Mr scotty.

  28. Mr Pink says:

    2:43 Scotty recommends "doing" your neighbors car.

    I recommend "doing" your neighbor's wife.

  29. Pond Jumper says:

    Glue the weights to your head and balance your brain

  30. John Higgott says:


  31. There are many usernames but this one is mine. says:

    so balancing a tire means literally putting weights on it? god only knows what alignment does

  32. Dr X19 says:

    You are the best. Like

  33. paulparoma says:

    $70 to balance the tires is on the high side. It's usually not that expensive a job. Scotty-the-frugal-guru got ripped off!

  34. knowledgeseekerr says:

    Very informative video Scotty, however, even if you buy the bubble balance tool, you would have to also invest in different weights, to properly balance the wheel. I am sure the weights don't cost that much, but it would have been a good idea to mention that.

  35. Tristian Bangert says:

    God bless Scotty

  36. Milan says:

    Omg you dont use those weights for steel wheels… only for alu type wheels

  37. Jamal mac says:

    Discount tire sucks! BIG CHIEF!

  38. Matt Prestegaard says:

    Hey Scotty. Thank you for informing me on this video. Very helpful

  39. Pedro Takahashi Gunderson says:

    This guy is banned from every library in the universe

  40. tim lucero says:

    Free rebalance rotation flat repair and air check. Part of the tire maintaince you payed for when you got them installed. Those Hunter machines are so touchy. May have just been out of calibration even though they get calibrated daily. It's not like the tech just slapped some weight on a random spot and called it good. With a machine properly calibrated a baby can can balance that small thing

  41. Hayden 115 says:

    I got flipped off by Scotty 2:28

  42. Juan Cortez says:

    John Lennon still alive??

  43. Lupton Pittman says:

    How do you determine whether the weights go on the inner lip or outer lip of the wheel??

  44. Sam Dru says:

    This video is one of the most proof that the world is flat

  45. Research and Build says:

    It probably wasn't just the balance. The "idiots at the discount tire store" probably also didn't use a torque wrench on the lug nuts. They were probably all different tightnesses. Which , yes, will cause your tire to shake at high speed.

  46. fartpoobox ohyeah says:

    The CORRECT way to use a bubble balancer ism per the BABA Balancer instructions: The FOUR POINT method. Find the light spot on the tire, place FOUR equal wheel weights on either side of the light spot, the weights should be so that the bubble is slightly off-center or heavy.. then move both sets of weights the same distance away from the light spot around the the rim.. until the bubble centers make a triangle between the location of heavy spot of the tire and the four weights . Install two of the four weights on the outside rim and two on the inside rim at the same spot.

  47. Cameron Buongiorno says:

    I work at America's Tire (Discount Tire). We balance the tires every time we replace, rotate or fix a flat on tires.

  48. ts6034 says:

    Scotty, take your youtube earnings and invest in some hearing aids. No reason to scream at everyone all the time! 😆

  49. KeithTheKreHater says:

    You sir are one of my favorite little parts of the internet.

  50. hookan ngai says:

    I can do the same by putting the wheel on water. But one thing is still missing: inner rim and outer rim should be balanced separately. So I don't think this method works well.

  51. Jacee H says:

    I swear to God, if I ever have a customer come in and they put super glue on their tape weights I will tell them they are fucking morons.

  52. mack cummy says:

    $70 to balance 2 tires? Here in Canada it's $10 each.

  53. Matt Mckee says:

    The introduction is more like how to put flat spots on your tires by skidding.
    A larger tool similar to a lawn mower blade balancing device.

  54. randy beard says:

    Scotty Spin Balancing is Much Better than Bubble Balancing, You and I were Raised in the Same Era of Time–Bubble Balancing would probably be ok for Boat Trailer Tires but you need to Spin Balance any Tire that is Traveling at a High Rate of Speed….

  55. Honorable Davis says:

    Those are not steel rim weights

  56. TC H says:

    Some alloy wheels you can only put weights on the inside facing. How would you accomplish this in your video? And clip on weight bars, how to put them on?

  57. jesus Hernandez says:

    What do you think about tire rotation not much info on that subject

  58. David Firth says:

    Why not to go to discount tire

  59. SlidinPonyCrew91 says:

    God this dudes voice is fucking annoying

  60. joshua penn says:

    Everything I ever searched up and he said how to fix worked

  61. winkawak says:

    got my wheels balanced today. if weight tabs on the wheel is not put on straight, it was crooked against the outline of the inner wheel and last piece of a weight table has a 2-3mm gap away from other weight tabs thats connected will all have any effect?

  62. Kenneth Maynard says:

    Can your bubble balancer detect a road force issue?

  63. William Caldwell says:

    Who did you get your coke from? Jheez

  64. bahhaziz says:

    Today I'm gonna show you how to lift a tire with two fingers 😜

  65. Freedom Seeds Gaming says:

    Funny how discount balances your tires for free and does flat repairs for free but he says "70$" to get it balanced

  66. Bushmaster 556 says:

    Never knew it was that easy

  67. saleen235 says:

    That’s awesome!! I had no idea that little tire balance tool even existed. Thanks!

  68. Jose ANTONIO says:

    you dont use alu solder on steel rims. thats fucking wrong

  69. MrMother Sole says:


  70. Alejandro says:

    Well in my country the balance cost $3 per tier so 😆

  71. john lee says:

    Next upgrade go pro hahaha

  72. John Howard says:

    I never knew this was possible! I also found, Harbour Freight has a bead breaker and a tire changer!

  73. Matt Stout says:

    I decided to balance my own tires instead of letting a tire shop do it. The price of this tool is $70 and the price of the wrights (only sold by the box) at a parts store was $50. My buddy got 2 of his tires balance at $8 each lol. Will definitely save money in the long run, the box of weights will for sure last me a life time because you don't balance tires often or use too many weights to do it.

  74. awakepatriot says:

    this guy is just crazy enough to be right

  75. Brandon Orton says:

    Great intro!

  76. Amol Shinde says:


  77. John Freeman says:

    Thank you

  78. David Ventura says:

    How terned off the lights

  79. Josh Lawson says:

    Just spent $40 on a rotation and balance, but at least the front driver's side tire is in the same place and none of the tires have weights on them. Maybe everything is good but I don't know how to tell if they actually did anything.

  80. Brem says:

    Your wheel balancing tool isnt great for modern wheels and tires
    You can only static balance on that tool, which is good for narrow large diameter wheels that you find on the front of a motorbike. But modern car tires need a dynamic balance to be done properly.

  81. bunjit65 says:

    Awesome Scotty. Thankyou, for all questions answered.

  82. Jayson Zimmerman says:

    Scotty, I own the exact same bubble balancer and I also own a pro snap on professional wheel balancer .I can never get the bubble balancer to match up with my snap on one! I know that snap on one is dead nuts . You could drive a car 100 MPH on the interstate and the wheels are perfect. Static balancing is a of the past!

  83. CauseAndEffect says:

    Do Scotty's customers know he flat-spots the tires?

  84. Debbie C says:

    I love the way he talks!

  85. Jerald Conrad says:

    I used to work for them and It doesn't surprise me that discount tire did that. They employ 16 year old boys who barely care about the cars and just about getting their hours. I saw it with my own eyes and once felt that way too.

  86. Алехандро Велис says:

    Man you are a genius!! How I hadn't think about that before!!!

  87. Thomas says:

    Hmmm. First dynamic tire balancing machine was invented in 1945 called "Merrill wheel balancing system." The land speed record in 1935 (10 years before Merrill wheel balancing system invented) was 301 mph over the distance of 1km. That 1935 land speed record, would have been set on bubble balanced wheels.

    I smell a scam, I'm looking at you, tire shops charging $25 per wheel for balancing.

  88. zach cruze says:

    Where do you find those little weights?

  89. the grassroots Campaign says:

    Thank you for yelling at us

  90. Finesse says:

    If they messed up they gotta fix and and get more of your money? Eff

  91. mason harrius says:


  92. Alexander Gomez says:

    Scotty is the best.

  93. H T says:

    Hi Scotty, would you also have to take in account for the weight of the glue when you apply it as it might throw the balance off by a little?

  94. Alex Lee says:

    This channel is GOLD

  95. Jaime Cortez says:

    $70 for balancing wtf where I’m from it’s $10 per tire

  96. Jimmy Santiago321 says:

    I just bought one on Ebay for 56 bucks brand new..

  97. Nolberto Gandara says:

    Damn Scotty looking good in the Stang!

  98. Shane Waterchief says:

    Thanks Scotty

  99. Alex Huerta says:

    You are a mechanical savior scotty! Thank you!

  100. Dan says:

    Great video

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