How To Animate A Photo With Parallax Effect Tutorial

Hello guys, welcome to a new “EZ Tutorial”
video. Today I will show you how to animate a picture in after effects as you can see
in these examples, using parallax technique. First we have to open our image in photoshop.
Right click on the background layer and select duplicate layer. Click on quick selection tool, increase brush
size, start creating the mask of your model. Take your time in this action, to create the
best mask possible. With this mask selected, click on edit and
select cut. Hide the original background layer and then
click on edit and select paste. Try to center the new layer over it’s old
place as good as possible. ‘Hide the new layer. Select the background copy again. Now chose the magic wand tool and select the
white area in the background layer. Go to menu, click on edit, select the fill
option and here chose the Content aware option from the drop-down list. Select the spot healing brush tool, and pass
it over the white marks to make them blend with the rest of
the image. Make all the layers visible and save the new
image in the psd format. Open the after effects program. Import the new pds image. Import it like composition and select “merge
layer styles into footage” option. Double click on the new composition to open
it. Here you will find all the layers created in photoshop. Select the background copy layer, hit enter
on your keyboard and rename it nature. Do the same with the layer one and rename
it girl. Select nature layer and hit s key on your
keyboard to open the scale setings. Click on the stopwatch to create a new keyframe,
then move the cursor to 5 seconds and set the size to 115%. Do the same with the girl layer, but set the
scale size to 110% at the 5th second. This is how our animation looks until now. To achieve evin a better animation we will
modify the position of our layers too. Select nature layer and hit p key on your
keyboard to open the position setings. Put the cursor at the beginning of the timeline,
and create a keyframe by clicking the stopwatch icon. Move the cursor to the 5th second and adjust
the horizontal position to the right just a little. Do the same with the girl layer, but this
time at the fifth second adjust the horizontal position of the layer just a little to the
left. Let’s check again our animation. If the animation looks ok, it is time to add
it to the render queue and produce the video. This was my tutorial about parallax effect.
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