How The Right Hand Moves In The Golf Downswing ➜ Impact
How The Right Hand Moves In The Golf Downswing ➜ Impact

Do you need help hitting better and well
compressed golf iron shots? You’ve looked
at your swing on video, you’ve had a friend tell you that your right hand is
doing a lot of the incorrect things during the golf swing and you think that
might be the reason why you’re hitting poor golf iron shots. Well the right hand
plays a really critical part in hitting well struck solid iron shots. So
in this next video I’m going to show you how the right hand moves in the golf
downswing so you can strike those irons nice and pure that fly towards the
target and get a lot more distance and accuracy. So stick around Hey it’s Troy from
here. At this channel this is where
I help make the game of golf easy and help you play the golf shots that you
want to play. Make sure you like this
video and remember to subscribe to the channel. More subscribers I get helps me
grow the channel and keep on producing videos like this so we can keep on
improving and playing better golf together. Let’s get stuck into this. How
the right hand moves in the golf downswing. So in this video I’m going to
show you some key moves that we can do to help improve those contacts with your
irons by understanding how that right hand moves in the golf downswing. Now
obviously for lefties they would just be the opposite to be a left hand but the
purpose of this video be talking about the right hand. So make sure you watch
all the way to the end, because in the next part I’m going to be showing you a
really simple drill you can practice at home to really ingrain this position
in your golf swing. So first thing I want to
talk about is where golfers mostly go wrong with their irons. I’ve got a 7-iron
here and how this right hand affects the poor contact you might be making with your
iron shot. So typically where most
golfers are going wrong. I’ll set up
one here. Now they might make you, might
make a pretty good backswing like this. But what happens typically as you get to
the top, you’ll have this this cupped position holding a golf club
like this and that’s a great position to be and I’ve spoken about that on various
other videos and I’ll pop some links up above to go through that. But if you’ve
made a good backswing up here like this where most golf is wrong. As they
push right at the start you can see that angle I’ve got form there they’ll push
against the shaft and they lose that angle and that right wrist instead of
remaining in that sort of cupped extended position it’ll go straight and
you’ll come down like this and hit a really weak,
thin or fat or chunk golf iron shots even slices and pulls. Because this right
wrist once it gets extended you lose those angles you lose that power and you
lose the ability to compress the golf ball. And what I mean by that is
coming at an impact you want those hands in front of the ball you want that shaft
lean, you want to be in that position there where you’re able to hit the ball
first then the turf. And I’ve spoken
about that more in another video. I’ll
put a link up above for that. But you
want to be in that sort of position there. And if you lose those angles in
your right wrist instead of being like this you’re like this and hit a lot of
inconsistent and really poor golf iron shots. So that’s the main problem that
would be releasing too early. Ideally
what we want the wrist to be doing is we want it bent at the top here and we
still want it bent as it gets to that right thigh as well. What I’d call the
delivery position and then from there I still want it bent at impact. Probably
not as bent as what it was there you can see there it’s still slightly bent, but
it’s not like this it’s not like that. It’s still slightly bent and then past
impact it will straighten naturally and go into a release position there all the
way to our follow-through. So we want to
be able to maintain as we shift our weight, want to maintain that bent
position, that right wrist as we come down. And how it looks is you’ll come
down like this bent. Now it’s really
important to understand as you’re doing this, that we’re not
all doing it just with our hands and arms. The left wrist will play a key
role with this as well. As I’m coming
down. Now that wrist is bent when I get
to this position here you’ll see the logo pointing down towards the camera
there. I’ve got my bent right wrist in this
position. Here is critical from here you
need to be rotating and the arms and the hands need to rotate as well. You’ll see
that this logo on my glove as I rotate the glove logo will point down towards
the target. I’ll still got that slightly
cupped position there and there’s my impact position. I have a nice flat lead wrist
at impact which is what we want. But this
right wrist should remain in that cupped position right there, right there
slightly less cupped at impact and then post impact it will
straighten up and that’s how the right hand moves in the golf downswing. It
would be slightly different for driver. I’ll do another video up for
that, for your ions you want it bent and turning and rotating and
straightening just past the impact there. And that’s how you can hit really good
solid iron shots just by understanding how that right hand moves in the golf
downswing which is a real key. Let’s get
stuck into this drill. Drop a comment
down below if you’ve had issues with your right hand in the golf downswing or
you’ve found a really good drill that’s worked really effective for you. Drop a
comment down below and I’ll reply to every comment. Ok let’s say get stuck
into this drill on how to move the hands correctly in the golf downswing. So what
you need is a club. Don’t need to be
hitting any balls for this but you can obviously graduate yourself up to hitting
balls with this. But it’s perfectly okay
to practice in the backyard at home. So what we’re going to do is we’re
just going to get in our setup position here and what I want you to do
is get your club into around about that delivery position roughly around about
that right thigh with the club parallel to the ground. So all we’re doing here is
we’re presetting the ideal position in the downswing. I’ve
got that cupping with that bent right wrist. What we’re going to do is do
little shots rehearsing the move like that like so keeping that bent
right wrist and then we’re going to do that by just flicking the ground just
where a ball would be. Preset it get a
bit of momentum turning and rotating, turning and rotating just flicking that
grass. Preset position, got our nice
angles and turning through and that will really
help you ingrain the movement so when you get into a full swing when you come
down you can just practice doing shots like that. So once you’re comfortable,
you’re just sort of nicking the grass in the right position at home. Take it to the
driving range and just start hitting small shots because this will take a bit
of getting used to if you’ve been someone that’s always moved your right
wrist like that instead of the correct way this will be feel very strange and take
a lot of getting used to. But what you’ll
find is you’ll start hitting a lot more compressed iron shots, so the feeling
will be very different, the ball travel a bit lower but it’ll be a lot more solid
and penetrating golf shots. And what
happens is you’ll end up delofting the clubs so at impact the loft on this
might be I don’t know 30 degrees or so but at impact you’ll be turning that
into 20-25 degrees which is what we want to really make these ions do the job
that they’re supposed to do. So once
again get into that position, practice getting yourself into that delivery
position and just turning and rotating maintaining those angles in that right
hand. That will really help you out there. Now you know how the right
hand moves in the golf downswing so you can hit those solid, well compressed iron
shots and really start playing better golf and shooting lower scores. Thanks again
so much for watching. Now before you go
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comments, again make sure you pop those down below and I’ll reply to every single
one. I’ll see you next time.

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  2. Thomas Palmer says:

    Should you also be gradually straightening your right forearm from the top to keep from turning your shoulders over the top?

  3. Bob Graham says:

    How do you start the down swing, dropping the hands first then rotating or doing both at the same time? This problem is exactly what I do.

  4. Daryl Ottaway says:

    Thanks Troy, you’ve explained that nicely. In one of your upcoming videos can you include a down the line view of this move, I’d like to see the path of the right hand & the path of the club head through impact?

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