How Sean Malto Got Sponsored by Girl
How Sean Malto Got Sponsored by Girl

SAM SMYTH: How about this one? What you know about an
age 14 Antwuan Dixon? No tattoos. Who else we got? How about an age 12
David Gonzalez? Tony Tave. More Antwuan. So this is it. This is the television where
Sean and Mo were discovered. This is their stuff. This is the early VHS tapes. See, this is Malto’s. 13 years old when
filmed, 14 now. I don’t know why I wasn’t thrown
off right off the bat. That white hat looked insane. SEAN MALTO: I wasn’t really
filming for a “sponsor me” video at all. I just was skating. I just love skating. I was a 13-year-old kid, and
skating was still new to me, and we were just having fun. I didn’t even send
it in actually. The guys at Escapist
sent it in. I was on flow for a good
two and a half years. That was a long time I
was tripping on it. SAM SMYTH: I think he went to
a Tampa Am when I was still flowing him. And I think Toy Machine hit him
up and maybe Flip, too. And he shut them down, so I
was like OK, he’s solid. SEAN MALTO: I sent in eight
sponsor tapes, thinking is this going to happen? And then you have Mike Mo, who
was on flow for six months, was on probably his second
sponsor tape, and we go on the first trip together, and I was
like, damn, is it that easy for other people? SAM SMYTH: So, look we got
two tapes, three DVDs. This is over a year and
a half flow period. I mean, that’s how you
get on the team. The kid had motivation. He had drive. He really wanted on. So we made his dream
a reality. This is Mike Mo’s. Mike Mo only did two tapes. SEAN MALTO: Yeah,
Sam called me. He was like, hey, we want to
start giving you boards. I had Eric Koston posters
hanging up on my wall, so I was like, no way. I was super psyched. And then I remember telling my
mom about it and my aunt, she was in town at the time. And they went, and they
looked on the site. And it was right when Yeah
Right! was going on. And I think one of the trailers
was Koston yelling in that homeless dude’s face after
everybody came in the car, and they were like,
these are the guys are giving you boards? And I was like, yeah. SAM SMYTH: After we had just
known each other through video, there was this
opportunity to actually get Sean and Mo on a trip with some
of the other team, and that was to Toronto, Canada. SEAN MALTO: They’re going on a
trip to Canada, and they were like hey, do you want to go? [BLEEP] of course I want to go. Yeah, go hang out the
Girl team in Canada. I was psyched on that. So that was the first
trip that me and Mike Mo went on together. SAM SMYTH: Mo and Sean were in
the same boat, being that they didn’t really know any
of the guys too much. I was pretty much the only
one they really knew. They told me later that they
really tripped out when they saw, at baggage claim, Koston
grabbing golf clubs. There was probably l a period
when I was telling him, look dude, you’re 100%. We were just waiting for the
opportunity to get him on the road with the boys. I don’t think he was totally
wondering where he was going until that Canada trip, but
that was what for sure solidified it. SEAN MALTO: After the Yes We
Canada trip, that free DVD came out, and then they had a
little part of me and Mike Mo. And that was our introduction
to the team. When that came out that
was like, you’re on, and I was psyched. I get to hang out with these
guys for a long time. I get to travel with
them every year. It was a dream come true. SAM SMYTH: I’m super proud
of these guys. I can take all the credit. Those are the dudes that are
doing it themselves, and they’ve come a super,
super long way. And I didn’t have to
much to do it that, besides noticing them. But the fact that it was me
that noticed them makes me super proud. SEAN MALTO: Filming for Pretty
Sweet now, it’s just a different caliber, I guess. When you’re in a video with Guy
Mariano and Mike Johnson and Cory Kennedy and stuff. Yeah, it’s crazy. You have a lot of pressure to
come through and have a good video part, which
it’s still fun. You go out. You can mess around and stuff,
but there’s a time where you got to get serious. And all right, I have to sit
here and try this trick for three hours and hopefully
land it. SAM SMYTH: What was
your question? Sorry. I had zoned out.

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