How Far Would You Go For Flag Football?
How Far Would You Go For Flag Football?

100 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go For Flag Football?”

  1. Joshua Wabnitz says:


  2. L D says:

    I am younger then Lincoln and I play tackle

  3. L D says:

    Dude this kid is too old for flag he is not even that good and he is not getting good grades I would not take him to flag

  4. Waseem Attari says:

    I want to see Tesla roadster

  5. Mediewalisweird says:

    He probs just scared of playing tackle football, I mean come on. He’s a bit old to be playing flag football.

  6. The Texas Snake says:

    Just do it

  7. The Texas Snake says:

    I think you would be a good referee

  8. Dominic Parini says:

    Bro this kid still plays flag football

  9. cracked_fusion _ says:

    imagine not letting your kid play tackle football 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Andrew Yazbek says:

    I play tackle football and play for the broncos and we ate 8-0 we are so good that we Automatically in the championship we are not even going to the playoffs

  11. Newo Crok says:

    I’m confused why would he say flag is hard hitting that proves he doesn’t watch tackle that was a week hit I broke my collarbone because I got hit hard at practice

  12. Yangzithewhat YT says:

    like if dad doesn’t care about Lincoln’s grades

  13. Cooper Bates says:

    Play tackle

  14. Black Pick says:

    Imagine playing flag football above the age of 5

  15. NBA Today says:

    I started playing tackle in 2nd grade lol

  16. Aliptic_games Vlogs says:

    I would go for Lincoln’s team but I’m a packer fans sorry

  17. Chr1st1an says:

    Y’all bums

  18. Hunter Shore says:

    Why dost he just play real football

  19. Hunter Shore says:

    You drove 4 hours for that

  20. Logan Mann says:

    Middle school and your still in flag oh my

  21. Lucrindo7 says:

    Im sorry but he is playing in like a fifth grader league and he is like 14

  22. Lucrindo7 says:

    I play tackle and then flag in the offseason

  23. Lucrindo7 says:

    “It can get brutal” 😂

  24. Teresa Guthzeit says:

    Haha lol this kid Is like 13 or 14 yrs old and he still plays flag. I mean there’s nothing wrong but I feel like he should play tackle football 🏈

  25. Exotic_ cerabus41 FN says:

    Are u scared of playing tackle football or something???

  26. Bodie Peterson says:

    Why if flag football is so dangerous then why don’t you just him play tackle football

  27. SkubeDude18 !! says:

    I played tackle in midget, life was great.

  28. lodaddy 99 says:

    Flag funny play tackle

  29. Isaiah Gonzalez says:

    Got out of football……tackle football

  30. Thunder Runs says:

    Let him play Tackle, people in my town start as early 7

  31. Kenneth Rawlings says:

    Flag is for baby’s tackle for days

  32. Jack McMahan says:

    imagine not playing real football

  33. Kyle Brown says:

    Flag is like gym football

  34. Jack McMahan says:

    These kids are complete and utter dogshit

  35. Jack McMahan says:

    these guys are trash

  36. Jack McMahan says:

    he wasn’t knocked out cold

  37. Elena Wollborg says:

    Who misses Lincoln’s old voice

  38. SoaR riftz says:

    Play tackle wussy your not even cool

  39. cgg10KillZ clips and streams says:

    I like tackle

  40. cgg10KillZ clips and streams says:

    I like breaking a rib

  41. Alex Aguilar says:


  42. Alex Aguilar says:

    Lincoln was no hands

  43. Alex Aguilar says:

    And he is a little tall

  44. Michael Pack says:

    Why doesn’t linking play tackle

  45. TikTok Hall of fame says:

    10:23 no really kid wouldn’t have figured that out

  46. Nolan C. says:

    bro he really should play tackle and he should also learn how to throw a football

  47. Mrkobler Zajac says:

    Lincoln’s bigger and he his voice changed and his dad is the same he still has the same voice and he’s still the same height

  48. Mat says:

    Bro let him play tackle

  49. Aiden Harrison Vlogs says:

    Just play tackle football

  50. Blake M says:

    Y don’t u play the mans version and play tackle football

  51. Jorge Montoya says:

    How old is he cuz i think we are same age

  52. Jack Shaffer says:

    There’s no future in flag football it shouldn’t even have football in the name because it’s nothing like real football Lincoln needs to play TACKLE FOOTBALL

  53. Pu Reh says:

    Dam lincoln voice changed ever sinced i watched him

  54. ImPulz_ Holden says:

    This is nothing compared to tackle football ( you’re not aloud to jump )

  55. Ourcarchase says:

    You guys only go that far for flag football? My swim team goes from chicago to Florida multiple times a year

  56. spooked sundew says:

    I feel like he'd be good at tackle

  57. Not FaqzYT says:

    Y doesn’t he play tackle

  58. Just Risky says:

    Omg Lincoln sounds so old he sounds like 17

  59. calesia cole says:

    Why Lincoln sounds so different

  60. mini skies says:

    Play tackle football

  61. casazj1 says:

    No way in hell that the kid was knocked out cold because he held his face right after he got hit

  62. Landen Kelm says:

    Ayyy I live in Montana

  63. DoubleWarrior3 3 says:

    Ya like the Broncos to

  64. Tony Dizon says:

    i have never seen anybody snap a ball like that

  65. Itzbeast says:

    Is he scared to play tackle

  66. Brandon lee Nobles says:

    How old is he

  67. nexx says:

    i would say let him play tackle but he not even that good to play tackle sorry

  68. Football Pro says:

    I remember when you mark rober and Lincoln made the giant horn
    Lincoln sounded so didferent he’s gone through a growth Wow

  69. TimmyVision says:

    In England it's called tag rugby 🤣

  70. lxxvi. rylee says:

    play tackle already no play f*g football

  71. sceeen says:

    •Your not aloud to jump• where tf are you playing

  72. PineappleLizardPlanet says:

    Let him play tackle

  73. The goat Nelson says:

    Play real football

  74. Kevin Excellent says:

    Lincoln should play tackle

  75. Owen Stoddard says:

    I’m losing brain cells watching flag football

  76. Gold Gamer says:

    Lincoln still sounds like a child

  77. Total Family Gaming says:

    Ya go Broncos

  78. Hunter Cameron says:

    He’s like 14 and playing flag😂😂

  79. MidHunt4 says:

    I had actually broke my arm playing flag football:(

  80. LittleTNT Palomares says:

    Lincoln thinks he is bad because he plays flag. Me trucking kids in tackle

  81. Itzredtakedown XD says:

    Why does me not play tackle

  82. Sports time eli Ramirez says:

    Let’s go Broncos Denver let’s go baby he has a good arm I want to be on his team 👇👇

  83. Chenry says:

    I just clicked because I saw the broncos logo

  84. Oscar_The_Goat 27 says:

    He’s like 14 and he’s over here playing flag smh, I’ve been playing tackle for two years and people hit like trucks

  85. Oscar_The_Goat 27 says:

    You should put him in tackle or if his school has a tackle team then she should try out

  86. Pic One says:

    Imagine driving 5 hours to pay flag at 14 years old😂

  87. GunOnXbox says:

    “Knocked our cold” literally watches him fall back and grab his mouth at the same time

  88. Pax Nick says:

    Dude stop telling this guy what to do with his kid 😂

  89. Curcit Clan says:

    I play flag really love the content keep it up

  90. Yousef Saeed says:

    One v one

  91. Mason Lomas says:

    Isn’t he like 14 or 15 because I’m doing tackle football and I started when I was 7

  92. Kyker Smith says:

    Scared to play tackle??

  93. logan gross23 says:

    play tackle!

  94. kingtrio says:

    Who still play flag football at that age 🙅

  95. Corbyn Vlogs says:

    Yeah play tackle football!

  96. Max Stafford says:

    I bet my flag team beats yours, easy

  97. J Reiss says:

    let him play tackle where all the big boys at

  98. zMantlez says:

    yb dropped like 10😭

  99. Iccy drippZ says:

    Linclon is a lil b** for not playing taclke

  100. Jo Lee says:

    0:04 bruh thats flag guarding

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