How Does VW Golf Handle Golf Clubs?
How Does VW Golf Handle Golf Clubs?

I’m Allison, my CarMatch Code is FDMC4, and
I just got finished testing the Volkswagen Golf. Overall, I liked the feel of it. I like how
it drives, I like how it handles, I like the braking, I think, again, all the instrument
panel and controls are easy to access. I like this too. I think, again the instrument
panel is super easy to read … everything is nicely within, like, fingertip reach. The trim on the inside of the door was kind
of cheap, a little thin … I didn’t like the fabric on where you rest your arm. It
looks like it could pretty much wear off after a little bit of use. This looks like it’d be easy to wear down
or to tear. It doesn’t feel particularly thick. But at least it’s padded, right? It’s … It’s padded, but, I tell ya, that looks like
it’d just wear down very quickly. I found it ironic that it’s called a “golf,”
yet it’s not gonna hold my golf clubs without folding the back seats down, which is a problem
for me. And I think my golf clubs come up to about
here … Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t think … not unless you laid the seats back. And,
again, I think that it’s kind of important, because I like to leave my clubs in the car
all summer long. They need to be concealed, and I would not be able to conceal my clubs
in this car. But, overall, it was a fun car to drive and
I thought that it was certainly responsive. I like the pickup on this, so much nicer. Are you still using the auto shift on this?
… That’s nice. It’s shifts smoothly, which I like.

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