How Did Callaway Make The Epic Flash Driver?
How Did Callaway Make The Epic Flash Driver?

At Callaway, we have engineers who get paid
to come up with big ideas, like Jailbreak, the technology that revolutionized
driver performance. Well last year they asked the big boss for
a supercomputer, the kind with artificial intelligence. You know, A.I., like you’ve see in the movies? He gave the go ahead to buy the biggest, smartest
one they can find. At HQ they gave it instructions:
Take this head and design the fastest face possible,
The supercomputer got busy. And produced more than 15,000 virtual prototypes,
Learning from each until it arrived at THEE one,
a face unlike anything we’d ever seen before, full of crazy waves and peaks that’d take
a regular computer 34 years to come up with. (Trust us, we did the math.) So they tested it and holy FLASH did it
work. It makes your fastest ball speed even faster,
and your longest drives even longer. We call it Flash Face and you’ll only find
it in Our new Epic Flash driver,
the first-ever golf club designed by A.I. Alternate: Callaway’s first-ever golf club
designed by A.I. Try it and see the difference. As for our super computer? We think its earned a rest… for now

9 thoughts on “How Did Callaway Make The Epic Flash Driver?”

  1. Timothy W says:

    I need a cold shower.

  2. Dar Foggy says:

    Hook me up!

  3. HJ Chung says:

    Can't wait to put it in my bag!

  4. Jpgundarun says:

    Epic Flash with Artificial Intelligent Flash Face. Faster ball speeds (even though there is a limit) and longer drives (of course). Oh Cmon now, enough is enough. Just stop! Please!

  5. Station 2Station says:

    PLEASE FIX THE SOUND of the Flash drivers. People I know are skipping purchasing the club due to sound. Performance is satisfactory but the acoustics are loud and painful. When all drivers are good, why buy the one that sounds terrible?

  6. Andrew Fallon says:

    It's going to be crazy to see where we are 10 years down the line after producing something like this.

  7. Tate Kloeppel says:

    So my question is, where do you go from here? If this is the best face it can come up with what can you improve on for next year?

  8. Noah Hirko says:

    I was going to buy this for my pap for his birthday😭 but I didn’t have enough money😭

  9. Ross True says:

    When Graphene gets cheap enough things will get nasty.

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