How China is (and isn’t) fighting pollution and climate change | Angel Hsu
How China is (and isn’t) fighting pollution and climate change | Angel Hsu

When is seeing not believing? A couple years ago, my friend
sent me this photo from Ürümqi, which is the capital of Xinjiang
province in northwest China. On this particular day,
she couldn’t believe her eyes. Checking the quality of the air outside
using this app on her iPad, the numbers were telling her
the air quality was good, one on a scale of 500. But when she looked outside,
she saw something much different. Yes, those are buildings
in the background. (Laughter) But the data were simply
not telling the truth of what people were seeing and breathing, and it’s because they were
failing to measure PM2.5, or fine particulate pollution. When PM2.5 levels
went off the charts in 2012, or “crazy bad,” as the US Embassy
once described it in a tweet, Chinese denizens took to social media and they started to question why it was
that they were seeing this disconnect between official air quality statistics and what they were seeing
and breathing for themselves. Now, this questioning has led to an environmental awakening
of sorts in China, forcing China’s government
to tackle its pollution problems. Now China has the opportunity
to become a global environmental leader. But the picture
that I’ll paint for you today is one that’s mixed. There are some signs
that are very promising, and there are other trends
that are more troubling that warrant closer attention. But now let’s go back
to the story at hand. I started to witness the beginnings
of China’s green evolution when I was a PhD student
conducting fieldwork in China in 2011. I traveled all across the country
seeking answers to the question that I often got myself
from the skeptical outsider: What, you mean China is doing
something on the environment? They have environmental policies? What policies? At that time, PM2.5 data
was considered too politically sensitive and so the government
was keeping it secret, but citizens were becoming aware
of its harmful human health effects, and they were demanding
greater transparency on the part of the government. I actually started to see some of this
growing evolution and awareness myself cropping up all over China. Department stores, for example,
started to market these air purifiers that could filter out harmful PM2.5. Citizens were also adopting PM2.5
as the title of musical festivals. (Laughter) And then I went to a golf course
in Shenzhen, which is in southern China, and you can see from this banner,
they’re advertising a retreat from PM2.5. Golf sub-par, but don’t
breathe sub-par air. And then Shanghai’s
Environmental Protection Bureau decided to create a mascot
named after the air quality index to better communicate
the air quality data to its people. I call her AQI Girl, and her expression and hair color changes
depending on the quality of air outside. Five years later and she’s still
the mostly smiling face of Shanghai’s air quality. And then in 2015, former CCTV reporter Chai Jing created this documentary
called “Under the Dome.” It would be likened
to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.” And much like Rachel Carson brought to attention the fact
that pesticides were harming human health, “Under the Dome” stamped
into the popular consciousness that air pollution was leading
to one million premature deaths every year in China alone. This video garnered more than a hundred million
views in a single weekend before China’s government, fearing that it might incite
some type of social unrest, pulled it from the internet. But the damage had already been done. Public outcry over air pollution galvanized China’s government, perhaps in an act of self-preservation, to think big and decisively
about how it could tackle the root of its air pollution and many of its other
environmental problems: its energy system. For you see, in China, about two thirds of its
electricity comes from coal. China has more coal-fired power plants
than any other country in the world, about 40 percent of the global total, and it’s because of this fact
that China’s government has decided since 2014
to wage a war on coal, shutting down small coal mines, setting limits on coal consumption, even canceling an Australia’s worth
of coal-fired power plants. They’ve also been making
enormous investments when it comes to clean
and renewable energy, like hydropower, wind and solar, and the pace and the scale
of this transformation has been absolutely mind-blowing. Let me give you a couple of statistics
to show you what I mean. China leads the world
when it comes to hydropower, with a third of total capacity. There’s enough for every Chinese citizen to power two homes in a single year
from hydropower alone. You may have heard
of the Three Gorges Dam, pictured here, which is the largest
power station in the world, and it’s powered by water. In terms of wind power, China has a third of the global capacity. This makes it the number one
leader by far. When we look at solar,
China’s also leading. In fact, they crushed their 2020 target of installing 105 gigawatts
of solar power. This is after the government
already revised upwards several times its solar energy target between 2009 and 2015. Last year, in seven months alone, China was able to install
a whopping 35 gigawatts of solar power. This is more than half
of what the US has combined in total and China did this
in just seven months alone. We can verify this remarkable growth
in solar power from space, like the startup SpaceKnow
has done in this slide. By 2020, China is on track to generate
Germany’s entire electricity consumption from just wind and solar power alone. It’s pretty darn remarkable. And we see some evidence now that China’s efforts on clean energy is actually having an effect, not just on air pollution reduction, but also on global climate change, where China has the world’s
largest carbon footprint. If we look at some of the data,
we can see that China’s coal consumption may have already reached a peak
as early as 2013. This is a major reason
why China’s government announced that actually they’ve already achieved
their 2020 carbon reduction pledge ahead of schedule. This reduction in coal consumption is also directly driving
improvements in air quality across the country, as I’ve shown here in blue. In most major Chinese cities, air pollution has fallen
by as much as 30 percent. And this reduction in air pollution
is actually leading people to live longer lives in China, on average two and a half years more
than they would have in 2013. In yellow, we can see
the cities that have experienced the greatest improvements in air quality. But of course, as I mentioned
at the beginning of this talk, we have to temper some of this optimism with a healthy dose of caution, and that’s largely because
the data are still being determined. At the end of last year, after roughly three years
of pretty steady global carbon emissions, scientific projections suggest that global emissions
may be on the rise again and that could be due to increases
in China’s fossil fuel consumptions, so they may not have reached
that peak that I showed earlier. But of course, the statistics
and the data are still murky and that’s because China regularly revises
its coal statistics after the fact. Actually, it’s funny, since I’ve been here I’ve been
having a debate on Twitter with other climate modelers, trying to figure out
whether China’s carbon emissions have gone up, gone down or whether
they’re staying relatively stable. And of course, China is still
a rapidly developing country. It’s still experimenting
with a range of policies, like dockless bike sharing, which has been hailed as a possible
sustainable transport solution. But then we have images
of this bicycle graveyard that tell a more cautionary tale. Sometimes, solutions can move too fast and outpace demand. And of course,
coal is still king in China, at least for now. So why should we care about
what China is doing on the environment? Well, what China does at home
on the environment can have global implications
for the rest of us. To borrow a line from Chai Jing, we’re all under the same dome, and air pollution that originates in China can travel beyond its borders and affect populations
as far away as those in North America. China’s not only exporting air pollution, but they’re also exporting aid,
infrastructure, technology abroad. President Xi Jinping in 2013 announced
the One Belt, One Road Initiative, a massive, one-trillion-US-dollar
infrastructure investment project in more than 60 other countries. And historically, when we’ve seen that China has made
these infrastructure investments abroad, they haven’t always been clean. The Global Environment Institute,
a Chinese civil society group, found that in the last 15 years, China has invested in more
than 240 coal-fired power plants in more than 68 countries affiliated with the One Belt,
One Road Initiative. That’s more than a quarter of China’s
own domestic coal-fired capacity that is exported abroad. So we can see that even though
China is cleaning up at home, it’s exporting some of that pollution to other countries, and greenhouse gas emissions
simply don’t have a passport. So when we’re trying
to evaluate this question of whether or not China
is actually leading, we can see it’s still
very much an open debate. But time is running out. I’ve studied the climate models,
and the outlook is not good. We still have a gap
between current policies and what needs to happen if we want
to avoid dangerous climate change. Leadership is what we desperately need, but it’s not coming
from the US, for example. The US administration last June
announced its intent to withdraw from
the Paris Climate Agreement, so now people are looking towards China
to fill that leadership void. So China is very much in the driver’s seat determining our global
environmental future. What they do on carbon trading, on clean energy, on air pollution, we can learn many lessons. One of those lessons is that clean energy
is not just good for the environment, it can save lives
by reducing air pollution. It’s also good for the economy. We can see that last year, China was responsible
for 30 percent of the global growth in green jobs. The US? Only six. So the picture that I just painted for you hopefully seems much different from those murky,
foggy air quality statistics to a much clearer picture
of China’s clean energy. And even though China
is headed in the right direction, we know that there’s still
a very long road ahead. So let me ask you once more:
Is seeing believing? Can we trust the data and the statistics that show that China’s
air quality is coming down and that its war on coal
is actually having an effect? Well, let’s take a look
at some of the latest satellite images of China’s solar power installations. I want you to look
very closely at this image. Can you see? The proof may just be in the pandas. Thank you so much. (Applause)

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    Also, you can't blame China's one-party political system incapable of adapting. Clearly, netizens of China voiced their concern and the government of China took action in matter of few years. Its agility is not undermined by not adopting democracy. And people are free to voice their concerns that are actually heard and translated into action of the government.

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    please focus also on fresh and sea and ocean pollution killing fish and damaging eco sys

  74. Takai Akai says:

    Ok, my two bits. 1) Why don't the graphs at 7:06 & 7:20 match? If the better air quality is leading people to live longer, why is the higher life expectancy actually in areas that seem to be more polluted? 2) China's population itself being so huge, if we consider them in terms of global percentages, they will always be in the lead. 3% of US citizens & 3% of PRC citizens are not the same number. Rather than comparing the global contribution to Green Jobs (where a more populous nation will always have the upper hand), it would be more effective to consider the domestic ratios of each individual nation. What percent of the total population of a nation is involved in Green Jobs? I'm sure we'll have a different picture. I recently saw a YouTube advertorial by the PRC Government (idk why it showed up on my phone) which said that "the poor rate in China has dropped" & there was a little line plotted in the middle of the screen heading downwards, but the number on the higher end to the left was 4.45 & the number on the lower end to the right was 7.something & there were no axes drawn. I almost missed that in the flow of the ad & ads don't rewind. Never trust propaganda numbers. They might just be turning the laws of statistics upside down.

  75. Jerry Zhao says:

    Why do I see she is blamed to be biased both ways? People, finish watching.

  76. barry weber says:

    Interesting topic as well as great talk.

  77. Hansheng Zhou says:

    Don’t tell me that China just organized the world ,Greenpeace and the media here to critisize his own mass pollution 10 years ago, pretending to be butthurt about its critsism, then admitting his deadly smog, in order to believe in his own Made hoax. Also, i think its funny how people think all Americans are like trump, after 8 years of Obama. People really lack memories.

  78. R M says:

    China is making progress in terms of clean energy but USA just want to blame others and continue making pollutions.

  79. Beautiful Korea says:

    I am not sure whether China is really interested in fighting air pollution. They always say that they are fighting. But it is not getting any better.

  80. Ryan Ehlis says:

    Climate change, lol?? Not a thing

  81. Seven Ellen says:

    Save us China! Sell us your clean green energy! Buy electric cars to solve your C02 and fossil fuels problems. Go Green and Go Vegan! ^_^

  82. Seven Ellen says:

    Leadership isn't coming from the UK either. 🙁 I'm desperate for everyone to take action themselves, to go as green as possible to do EVERYTHING they can.

  83. Richard Brubaker says:

    Sustainability in China isn't limited to its energy consumption, and moving from under 1% solar, and 2% wind, is not going to be enough. This is a story about urban development, and resources required, and catalysts for change that come from the people themselves.

    In many ways, this is setting up the foundation for entrepreneurs and innovators who will bring innovative solutions to the market. A market, which will grow and scale throughout, and ultimately from, of China.

    It's an exciting place to be as a sustainability professional!

  84. Wilson Zhou says:

    well done china

  85. Yolanda Cowan says:

    It is really good news on pollution reduction but fine particulate pollution also reduces temperature… So reducing it contributes to warming.. Not to say that it shouldn't happen but this effect needs to be understood.

  86. Rahmat Maftuh Ihsan says:

    I'm Rahmat from Indonesia. Can I have this presentation for my research? Thanks before

  87. P89_X Star says:

    You did not mention China is investing BIG TIME, in 4th-Gen nuclear reactors based primarily on a U.S. design from Alvin Weinberg's Molten Salt Reactor (MSR). It was developed in the '50s-60's but then SHELVED in favor of PWR's, a different type of reactor, with more risks and plutonium for bombs. The 4th-Gen is inherently safe (i.e. shuts itself off if there is a coolant problem). Note that Fukushima, TMI, & Chernobyl were all very old gen reactors. The country able to build a 4-Gen reactor and put it on its grid would be the envy of the world. Google using search words: Thorium molten salt reactor. China is said to have at least 400 engineers working on this. If it reaches fruition, they plan on replacing all coal based electric generators with this. Many other countries are also considering this new type of nuclear reactor.

  88. bukan kaleng kaleng says:

    China must play plant tree in android -_-

  89. Robin Wu Lei says:

    Don't understand where all these dislikes/haters from..

  90. marco mac says:

    China creating tech for the world, give me a break they are stealing all technology from every one
    while asking for protection in Western countries.

  91. YEETED BEATED says:

    But the chinese is the main reason why Co2 emmisions are raising the temperature this renewable energy is very nice but its very bad for the global environment

  92. savagex466 says:

    Climate change by nature is more dangouros its not like the Dinos were driveing diessil trucks lol

  93. Nick Wan says:

    China had already destroyed many deserts already guys

  94. LILI WANG says:

    I hope the Chinese government can go on working with the other countries and pushing forward the movement for a better world for our future generation.

  95. LILI WANG says:

    At the level of people, we Chinese also need to think more and inform ourselves more about what thing we can do so as to reduce pollution. We do have a lot of problems existing such as take-out meals OVERPACKED in many ways.

  96. Cody Shi says:

    Well said. If China can do it. So can the US!
    🇨🇳 🇺🇸

  97. David Jackson says:

    China's coal consumption may have reached a peak in 2013.

    I reached my peak consumption of Drum and Bass in 2013. What is china doing now? Does china care that western children are rejecting education to save polar bears (who are at record high numbers)?

  98. MikeCharlieAlpha says:

    They need Greta. Oh they’ll kill her? Right

  99. LaLaGrunge says:

    You import the third world and you become the congested, densely populated places they fled. America approaching 330 million people. It’s a sick coincidence.

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