How can cognitive science inform the future of education? | Lindsay Portnoy
How can cognitive science inform the future of education? | Lindsay Portnoy

We have this dichotomy in the land of education
whereby we have all of this beautiful research; we have decades, if not centuries, of research
on how people learn — which is ultimately cognitive science. And then we have the applied practice of what
is happening in schools. And there is a tremendous disconnect. We talk about ideas like information processing
and you think about a computer or your mind is a machine. We understand how children learn best. We understand how children learn and all of
us learn through experience. That’s cognitive science. The sociocultural tools that we have in the
world around us is something that Lev Vygotsky talked about many, many years ago and whether
those sociocultural tools are an iPhone or an abacus it doesn’t really matter. So when you talk about how can cognitive science
inform education I find that the answer is simply: We have to really look at it and apply
it. And so what that oftentimes means is how do
we get this understanding to folks that don’t understand it, which are oftentimes policymakers,
those that are determining the policy for schools. Demonstrating the power of perseverance or
maybe what Angela Duckworth would call grit, that’s predicated on cognitive science — allowing
a student or a human to learn from something that wasn’t successful the first time and
try again. That looks different than school currently
looks. I know that there are folks like the folks
at the Mastery Transcript Consortium that are looking at how grades could be different,
how we could even evaluate learning in a different way. There are education organizations across the
country and across the globe that are looking at what classrooms could do differently. Why are we beholden to bells and specific
times? Why don’t we have more flexible iterations
of what classes and what learning could look like? Why do we still have silos of knowledge? Why don’t we create inner disciplinary experiences
where students are learning about the history of science while they’re creating or constructing
some sort of permanent structure that is also requiring math and is requiring communication
which ultimately is going to require writing. So I think cognitive science is a really strong
foundation for saying, look, we understand how people learn; they learn by experience. They learn by applying multiple concepts and
constructs at a single time as opposed to the bell rings and now it’s time for math. There’s a disconnect, a tremendous disconnect,
that I see and that I struggle with in the standardization of individuals, of students,
of humans. Certainly, I understand and I value the use
of assessments but perhaps something that I would suggest or would like to see thought
more deeply about is our use of standardized assessments as mechanisms to determine the
efficacy of education. So if there was a piece that I would say,
look, we understand that learners need the opportunity to see where they are struggling
and obviously celebrating where they’re succeeding and the opportunity to then revise and iterate,
standardized testing doesn’t do that. When you evaluate a person and you determine
who they are or what schools they can or cannot go to or what opportunities are or are not
afforded to them based on an experience that they have on one day that is largely a snapshot
of who they are as a person, I find that that’s very much against equitable education. And if we want to really focus on how can
we equitably educate all learners, how can we be inclusive in our education, how can
we educate diverse populations and meet folks where they are to help them be as successful
as possible I think we have to look really hard at our use of standardized tests and
how much emphasis we’re putting on them. And instead of getting bigger sticks or maybe
bigger carrots, thinking about looking at learning differently, focusing more on formative
ways of assessing and check-ins while kids are learning. In the book, I talk about three cognitive
aspects of learning that, again, they’re interdisciplinary. I talk about metacognition and self-regulation
and epistemology. Metacognition is knowing when you know, and
that’s a really important quality for all of us to have. Even as a grownup when you go on the internet
and want to research something, I mean good luck, but how do you know when you’ve acquired
the knowledge that you need to be successful? So that’s a skill called metacognition. And the way that you do that through self-regulated
learning when you’re planning and monitoring and assessing your learning as you’re moving
through the process, you don’t measure that in a standardized test. And as you acquire knowledge because using
metacognition you know what you know, you’re also changing and evolving your beliefs about
the nature of knowledge, which is epistemology. And so the learner or any of our beliefs about
knowledge, which is epistemology, as they change from maybe more naïve beliefs, which
is that there is always a correct or an incorrect answer, to a little more advanced beliefs
which is to say certainly there’s a better answer right now but there’s always opportunities
to learn more. And so I think that infusing that into the
way that we assess instead of having that single summative benchmark that often prohibits
folks from access would be my suggestion for how we could improve education.

45 thoughts on “How can cognitive science inform the future of education? | Lindsay Portnoy”

  1. Ali-reza Yazdanshenas says:

    sorry guys smart people will learn no matter how you teach them and dumb people wonโ€™t learn no matter how you teach them. I guess itโ€™s just an easy way to get funding.

  2. Gurudra - Emotional Health & Peace says:

    Real education will not teach you how to compete)
    It will teach you how to adjust , prosper and be in peace )

  3. Equilibrium Horse Center says:

    Poor – Nothing was said here. Gobbledygook

  4. Shane Hummus - The Success GPS says:

    I like how they really made her look like a teacher. I miss my 4th grade teacher =( Much of the videos I make were greatly inspired by my childhood.

  5. Sparky Runner says:

    The only education I really had was from TV an on line course an I would not trade places with you the way you dress up to get on T. V.

  6. Gas Mask says:

    basically state indoctrination centers, where basic bullying hasn't even been dealt with yet, your talking 20 steps ahead

  7. Frankie Cal says:

    Why?….because government schooling is designed to make you a robot who repeats what the state wants you to know……not to educate you.๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Mark N. says:

    โ€œIf only if only, the woodpecker cried.โ€

  9. Better PhD says:

    As a professor in a college, I can relate what she said. I think the college education will be different from now in near future. As the current education paradigm is active learning, a standardized test is outdated form of testing students' knowledge they retain from a class. I always require my students to apply what they learned from my class to practice as part of their course grade, instead of standardized test. Grading wise, it is a lot easier and faster to grade a test than applied assignment. I believe students will retain more when they apply the knowledge into practice. This video makes me think even more about diverse applications and gives me several ideas for my channel! Thanks!

  10. Dan Harris says:

    Education in America is not to educate, it is to teach conformity and lay the foundations of social control. Later when you go to college, the purpose is to educate the proles just enough to be competent in making their masters money. That and burying them so far in debt that they will be so busy working to pay it off, that the indebted student simply won't have time to resist. That, is the uncomfortable truth…and if you haven't figured that out by now, it's time you did.

  11. The clan 3,000 says:

    By letting people think for a while . , or tell people straight , write down gut instincts everytime we have one . I want to say act on it but some people are evil so lets be safe abouf it ๐Ÿ™‚ this is why gamers are worshipped . Kids minds just rolling away in a safe place . Minecraft pokemon etc . My son is so logical its unhinging . I said how would you fix humanity , he said easy , just put everyone in seperate towns and keep everyone with their own type . I was floored but hes right .

  12. Zenn Exile says:

    The public education system we currently use was designed to indoctrinate children into a willing workforce. So instead of learning about how to raise livestock, grow food, harvest energy, and find water, we teach them to pull levers, assemble products, and service customers with a smile. It's all a corruption. A means to turn children into slaves who think they are free. It's truly monstrous what the most vulnerable children in this the "Wealthiest Nation in all of known human history" are forced to endure. I mean, we force them all to salute the flag and call it god. What the fuk is that about…

  13. brandon breunig says:

    Experts/academics dont tell us what to do. They take orders from people in power. Build power on the left. Then empower experts to pursue moral, meaningful change.

  14. Shalaka Kamat says:

    Schools are an unnatural environment. How could humans learn anything there but be a part of a herd. Tests, a curticulum, schools themselves are irrelevant. Learning is possible only once you are in a natural enviroment- called life.

  15. J. S. says:

    They do understand, the system allows our private and public sector leaders to โ€œchoose the winnersโ€ both academically and professionally.

    If there was a system in place where the process would allow the smartest or those with the most learning and growth potential to exponentially surpass the โ€œchosen winnersโ€ in actual performance, the current cohort of stakeholders would lose their power to โ€œselect winnersโ€ and the next generation of Status Quo Gatekeeper that have been groomed and screened by their system.

  16. Empathy Lessons says:

    What we need is personalized education to facilitate flow. However, teachers are already overworked by the current system.

    In my opinion, we need to reduce the workload on teachers by developing digital education, with personalizable curriculum, optimized by machine learning algorithms.

  17. Rex Joswick says:

    The best thing they can do for education is not have this lady who looks like she eats her feelings not make anymore future videos

  18. Justin Worboys says:

    This is just babbling of educational jargon

  19. Jim Mills says:

    Experiential learning doesnโ€™t work as well as direct instruction. I donโ€™t know what sheโ€™s reading and this point is separate from bell ringing concerns. And so the SAT isnโ€™t equitable? Sheโ€™s a commie too.

  20. eatcarpet says:

    Ok – so how do children learn? She didn't say much other than to say how great and advanced cognitive science is.

  21. David Boson says:

    Why don't we revolutionise education? Because many people want to control what we learn and teach, and in many cases to make profit the primary concern of educational facilities.. They do not want to change, they want to go back to "The Good Old Days"!!!

  22. Kelli Loera says:

    Everything I wanted as a student

  23. Denny Jones says:


  24. JE says:

    Meta cognition! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  25. Jose Cruz says:

    She sort of looks like the Surprise Mechanics lady… ๐Ÿคญ

  26. Melee e says:

    In school when I could do what I wanted to do I always went above and beyond what was asked but when forced to read something I didn't care about or do an assignment on something I didn't care about I just did what I had to to get by. I feel like that is the main problem with education right now. Something definitely needs to change.

  27. Ethiopian Prince says:

    Please watch my video titled:

    "How Can I Be Rich?"

  28. Wave Bounce says:

    Well said ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. herchmagic heps says:

    I dont think the educational system is designed for people to grow and succeed.

  30. Tyr Bjoerdal says:

    Avoid going postmodern and teach critical thinking on evidence and you have a vinner. Check Finland…

  31. suryakant pal says:

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  32. Beyond Psychology says:

    @1:18. As if policymakers know anything about cognitive science?

  33. Beyond Psychology says:

    School was constructed to make sure that people were useful for industrial purposes. Hollowed out tools.

    then of course there is the social conditioning, the operant conditioning to get people to be very accustomed to taking orders, getting in line, asking to speak or to go to the bathroom and of course be competitive. be competitive slaves, ready to slit each other's throats for a raise or a promotion or just a pat on the head from some point of authority.

    Worst of all is the sports driven mentality brainwashing… Unquestioning soldiers are made from children. BE AGGRESSIVE! B! E! AGGRESSIVE!!

  34. Beyond Psychology says:

    Quite regularly, while broadcasting and doing chatroulette in multiplayer video games, young people tell me they learn a lot more for me than they do from school and that they appreciate what I teach them because it's very practical and applicable everywhere in their lives.

    If the likes of me can best school curriculum with such ease then it truly is a pile of shit. (Oh wait, nevermind I'm fucking awesome lmao)

  35. Beyond Psychology says:

    At 5 minutes. Very commonly I am asked by young people, "how do you know when something is a fact?" That is disturbing.

    Also, I have had adults trying to tell me that facts don't exist. (oh yeah? Well, if facts don't exist then the statement that facts don't exist can't be a fact and therefore fax exist. ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜œ)

  36. Beyond Psychology says:

    #Logic and critical thinking need to be incorporated into every step of Education.

    Less memorization and regurgitation as the highest priority but rather teaching the ability to use logic and infer. This is the highest priority because without it we don't know how to agree and we will perpetually argue,… we will then be our own shills and prevent necessary adaptation. (Failing to teach those who don't infer to do so is a threat to biological survival.)

    More problems in regards to memorization and regurgitation….

    We need to know of many things, the footnotes of those things, we need to know if those things have something to do with our educational goals we can learn more of them. Learning every detail of every subject is a futile endeavor. (We have Wikipedia and other databases, all we really need to do is be abstract reasoner's that merge with those databases and we need to know about all the different subjects, know that they exist, I know those footnotes, so that we know what hashtags to search for if the moment arises where we do need more detail.)

    When we go to learn, we should be given some of the puzzle pieces and then given the chance to infer the possibilities and that can be a collaboration, a conversation in the class. (not a discussion mind you. This isn't a game for anybody to win at.)…

    And that's a good transition into another subject…

    We should teach the world to psychologically associate a dopamine release with epiphanies rather than some individualistic sense of winning. You really want to make a factory assembly line of a bunch of win junkies? Everybody always arguing over their dumb fuck opinions, desperate for that dopamine release when they delude the "sense of self" into believing the right?

  37. Lark Noone says:

    I don't know you and I saw you for the first time in this video yet I don't like you and I don't like the fact that I can't find the book for free.
    What cogni has to say in this issue ?

  38. Naya Clinics says:

    This channel is inspiring to us, and has prompted us to start a our own youtube channel to try and do our own part in inspiring people. Our channel is young, and we would truly appreciate any support you can give us. Check is out

  39. Burhan says:

    she looks like a sexually deprived pervert teacher who lure underage kids into her bedroom by offering them to bump up their grades

  40. alexat62 says:

    Blah blah blah! First design a real curriculum based on your ideas and then youโ€™ll have something worth discussing. Till then itโ€™s just lazy, narcissistic blah blah!

  41. Sergio says:

    Itโ€™s all about student-to-teacher ratios, or in other words, budget.

  42. Jennifer Isaacs says:

    Many have learning disabilities that get ignored. One needs to understand public schools vary from bible belt, and otherwise. This even with home schooling, private schools, and charter schools vary as well how things are done. No child left behind doesn't work, and many have nedua literacy skills lacking ( including about STEM) where kids are pushed through it seems at times. There is bullying, and illegal opioid/ drugs that still distract though Dare of war on drugs is not working. Bullying happens but some other issues are not faced sure as you say. The fact is it is not a one size fits all thing.

    Standardized tests or testing are not the issue giving distractions. It is many factors of distractions that stem from the home to health ignored. This is not so simple to say even IQ testing is the thing that determines the only way to show measurements of intelligence. IQ testing to other testing has flaws, and really doesn't help a thing in reality on such issues. Poverty can be an issue too.

    In the end though maybe in the future people will do better at teaching science literacy and focus on learning/teaching in general most.

  43. ColumbusMaine says:

    Women shouldn't try to think.
    And they shouldn't be placed into positions where their "thinking" matters.

  44. Legitness says:

    I am already spreading this like bread and wine. This is the way it has to go.

  45. AJ Marr says:

    Cognitive Science: A branch of psychology that aims to figuratively find out how minds work without literally having to figure out how minds work. Not to be confused with 2nd generation cognitive science, which aims to literally figure out how minds work without figuring.

    2nd Generation Cognitive Science: Coined by the linguist George Lakoff. In contrast to to 1st generation cognitive science, holds that behavior occurs primarily due to the influence of sensori-motor areas of the body, or 'embodiment'. That means that your day to day decisions are more likely to be due to that day old burrito you ate this morning than any purely thinking processes going on in your noggin, which come to think of it makes sense.
    from Dr. Mezmerโ€™s World of Bad Psychology, found on an internet near you!

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