House Update: Our Roadster Garage!
House Update: Our Roadster Garage!

– Welcome to house update number six. Yes, we are building our own
home and we’re trying to keep you guys updated and it’s
been like over a month since I’ve given you an
update and I apologize. We’ve been traveling, been
summer, kids are back in school. We have something exciting
today, you probably seen the title, you seen the
thumbnail, right now I’m in our actual garage, which, you know we have the old, first generation Roadster, and we should be getting a free,
second generation Roadster. So I think it’d be really cool
to maybe have a lift right here so that you have
the old Roadster up top and then the new Roadster down below. That sounds like a pretty cool
idea but, then we got talking to the Christian Sins, our
home builders, and they had a really good point to make,
the area that we live in, most people have boats
and most people have RVs and so, they like to have
a garage for those things, we don’t have a boat
and we don’t have an RV and I don’t see us
really ever getting that but, for resale, you always
wanna think about resale when you’re building a house,
it could make sense to have one of those RV garages
and so, we got an RV garage but, I refuse to call it an RV garage. I’m calling this our Roadster garage. So take a look, this
is our Roadster garage. (upbeat music) So this is it, this is our
Roadster garage and from the side and from the back it looks a lot bigger. It does have a really high
pitch on the ceiling roof tiles and it’s probably not as wide
as what a lot of people use for their RV and boat
garage but, for Roadsters, it’s clearly enough space. Let’s go look at the inside of it. All right, we are going in
the garage for the first time. This is the RV garage. Right now, we have some
electrical work going on. Basically, because look how
thick this wire is right here. This is the wire we’ll use to
charge our Tesla Roadsters. We’ll probably put a lift right
here so that they can have one on top of each other and
this ceiling is crazy high, at least 15 feet, that is really tall. You could potentially stack
three cars on top of each other. What we’re also thinking of
doing, we’re thinking about doing maybe a golf
simulator inside of here, or maybe even an indoor
putting green and then in the winter time, when it does
get a little bit cold here, we can just come inside here
with Lincoln and his buddies, hit some golf balls, play Pebble Beach, play whatever course we want
and the electric cars can just sit there and it
would look really cool. So I kinda wanna ask Leslie
and see what she thinks about this garage being renamed
but, she’s doing a bunch of really important stuff
at the house, I just do this stuff that’s like that. All right, Leslie, we need
your thoughts on this, what do you guys think about changing the name of the garage? I don’t really wanna call it
an RV garage or boat garage. I just want it to be our Roadster garage. Is that okay? – Is that where you’re
putting the Roadster? I thought you wanted it in this one. – [Dan] I know but, like,
a separate garage just for the two Roadsters– – Okay. – [Dan] That makes a lot of sense. – Just one Roadster,
because we’re getting rid of the other one. – [Dan] No, no, no, no, no– – Yes we are. – [Dan] We are not getting
rid of the other one. – [Leslie] That was the deal. – This is not, okay, what
do you think about doing like, a golf simulator– – Yes. – [Dan] Or putting green
inside of the RV garage. – If we can’t get one
in the outdoor then yes. I don’t want to pay for it. – You don’t want to pay
for it, so if you own a golf simulator company, we
could place your ad right here and put it in and we’ll put it in. – Yes, do it, do it for
Lincoln, he needs it. That’d be like, the best birthday, we could surprise Lincoln,
he would be so excited. – And that’s the sales
pitch, you’ve got it, you can find me, Dan, at There you go, Lincoln
needs a golf simulator. – You’re gonna get so many emails, you’re gonna get so many emails. – Look at how much room there
is from the front to the back. Plus the ceilings are so incredibly high. This has plenty of room. I think we do need to do
something fun with this, rather than just being a
place to park somebody’s boat or RV, why not? And then, from this side, you
can see how big the door is. We could probably buy a Tesla
Semi and park it in here. Like, I’m six foot, three and
look how big that garage is. Say five years from now, we
decide to move somewhere, you always wanna be thinking
like, how you can get the most value out of it,
just have an excuse to keep both Roadsters, even
though Leslie says don’t keep both Roadsters. Why would we get rid of that? Like, why would we get rid of the electric blue, original Roadster? I guess probably because I said
that we would at some point. And you’re probably
wondering like, what is this area right here, why is
there a wall right here? We won’t have access from
this wall into those rooms. That’s where we’re gonna
put the pool mechanics. Like, all the pipes and the
chlorine and all that stuff and then probably over here
we’ll put the pool noodles, and like all the different
things for the pool. Where should we put both Roadsters? Where do you think? – I really don’t want multiple– – [Dan] We could park them
side by side in here, even. – No, no, this is where we’re
putting all of our stuff that we don’t want in the
house like, storage stuff. – [Dan] What? No. – Yes, yeah, part of it. – [Dan] This is where we put
Roadsters and cool stuff, this is the fun garage, golf simulator. – I would love that, it’s
not that I don’t want that for you guys, I do want that for you guys but, I’m very cross
conscience and that’s a– – [Dan] We can put the unicorns in here, I’d be fine with the unicorns. – Those unicorns have got to go in there, those darn unicorns. – [Dan] All of our electric
bikes could go in here. – Yes, yes. – [Dan] We could like, put
them up against the wall– – I want some sort of system. – [Dan] Organize
skateboards, boosted boards. – The other garage be pristine clean. – [Dan] Yes, it’ll be still
clean and then we can just get the Roadster, see if
we can hit 60 miles an hour from here to the road. Three, two, one. Ah! Whoa! oh! I think we could do it. – Why would you try that? That would be– – We could probably hit 60 by that road. – Gosh like, I feel so
dangerous right now. If we both die, the kids, Danny, the kids. I just don’t think it’s– – [Dan] We’ll have to test
it out, we’ll do a speed test with every one of our things, the unicorn, the electric bikes, a boosted board, both Roadsters, how fast can
we go by the time we hit that? And you can hold the radar gun. – I will do that, the
unicorn’s gonna be pretty slow. – Other than that, there
is some really cool things that are happening inside
the house when it comes to electrical work and speakers
and all kinds of stuff and I wanna make a separate
video just about that update because it’s so intense,
it really is cool. And then, right here,
you can see on the walls, there’s this white
styrofoam there and this little chicken wire. They are about to start doing
the stucco within the next probably couple of days and
so, there’s some big things that are happening. Once we finalize a few things
with plumbing inside of the bathroom and the shower then,
we’ll be ready to put the drywall up inside of the
house and that’s gonna make a big difference too, I don’t
know if it’s gonna feel more closed off or what and
then, the last thing, we right now, have windows
and doors on every single door in this house except for the front door. The front door doesn’t have
it there but, that’s because we got a like, custom made,
metal and glass front door and it’s not in yet but, it’s
supposedly done this week and they should be installing
it soon and then that way we don’t get random people
just walking through our house. Which, we’re gonna give some
cool opportunities for people to actually come to the house
and I know that sounds weird ’cause we’re YouTubers but,
we are already thinking about some ways that we can let you
guys not only see it on video but, potentially come see it in person. More details on that once
we finalize things but, how you feeling so far about the house? – I think it’s really, really pretty. I’m excited about it, I’m
surprised how many decisions have to be made like, little
tiny ones and then you have to tweak things so but, it’s– – [Dan] Yeah, thanks for
making all the little tiny decisions so I can not have to. – I know, I only come to
you when I’m really not sure what to do. – [Dan] All right, Susan, out
of all the homes you’ve built this is the best one you’ve ever built. – Of course it is, 100%. – [Dan] What homes do you have
coming up that are exciting? – Your friends next door,
that’s gonna be a great one. – Oh, yes, our next door
neighbors, they’re Leslie’s friends and we were originally
gonna build in a different neighborhood and then Rachel
decided to be very persistent and every morning when
Leslie would go to yoga, she would convince Leslie
to come to this neighborhood and then the more we thought
about it and the more she sold us on it, I think she’s
getting some sort of commission off of everybody that moves
in this neighborhood ’cause she’s convinced a lot of
people but, they just barely started digging the
foundation or the excavating for their house. So here’s our house right here
and then here’s the lot line, you can see all this dirt,
they’ve already started excavating for the foundation
of this house next door. So yeah, this’ll be our first neighbors, they’re right next door. Okay, RV garage, why did I say that? Roadster garage, it’s getting
more real but, this house is coming together.

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