>>When you walk in here, first thing we want
to do, we want to look at your ability level, your swing speed. Let’s look at your launch angle, your spin
conditions, what type of shafts you’re currently playing, and then let’s hit some balls.>>So, we’ll set you up with the 737 V’s,
which is our little stronger-lofted version of our forged irons… and hopefully get you
dialed in and getting to hit it straight and long, right?>>Hey, fairways and greens. That’s what I’m looking for.>>Yes, sir. Aren’t we all? Aren’t we all?>>Once we hit some balls, we can see the
data, we can see the consistency on the hits. We can look at where you’re hitting the ball
on the face. So we go through the whole process with the
bag, and that’s gonna give our fitters just a good idea to go from here in our range to
here–in our range.>>We’d go through the whole bag, from putters
all the way to drivers and different shaft combinations, different flexes, different
weights, and a whole multitude of options that we can provide for the client to perfectly
custom-fit them.>>You know, what we pride ourselves in is
obviously having a range like this where we can take somebody from a big range down to
give them really the tightest-tolerance clubs and the best clubs that we believe can fit
them for their type of swing, type of performance, where they want to take their game. So if you are looking to get fit and you are
in the local area — Obviously, Santa Ana, California, this is the place to come. If you’re not, go to our website, honmagolf.com,
and go to our dealer locator, and that’ll tell you all the locations where you can see
Honma, feel it, get fit for Honma.

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