♪♪ One of the great companies and great
people that I know in the game of golf is Adam Sheldon. How are you, sir?>>I’m good. Thank you.>>It’s so good to see you.>>Good to see you again, Mike.>>So, Adam has taken and brought a brand
that has legend status across the world into the United States, and it’s amazing what you
guys have done in such a short time with Honma. Tell me the story of Honma, for those that
don’t know about this unbelievably high-end product.>>Yeah, Honma — it’s a company that’s been
around since 1959.>>1959.>>So we’ve got almost 60 years of experience
at making golf clubs. If I tell you the average tenure of our master
craftsman — we have about, I think, 300 master craftsmen — and some of those guys have been
there up to 37 years.>>And how did you decide to bring it to the
U.S.? And what golfer were you looking to try to
attract with your product?>>I almost say this a lot where I say it’s
our strength, but it’s also our weakness. We look at the market totally different than
any other brand that I’ve seen before and the fact that we kind of segment the market
into nine different types of players. So, what that does — it obviously means we
have a wider product-line offering, but it means that we can service those players to
much better equipment by concentrating on certain aspects of that type of demographic
or type of swing speed. So it really helps us improve people’s games.>>Well, I know that you folks out there now
want to at least try Honma, that we’ve convinced you. How would you advise folks to get involved
and at least learn more, if not purchase and acquire?>>Yeah. I mean, obviously, you can go to our website,
HonmaGolf.com. And we partner with a couple of key retailers
— PGA Tour Superstore and Worldwide Golf. And then we’re actually starting to go to
green-grass locations and do some demo days. So, just if you go to the website, you can
look at the demo days and you can also look at the locations of where you can see and
try and buy Honma.

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