Home Course: Royal Hawaiian
Home Course: Royal Hawaiian

as a native Hawaiian you feel it in your gut
and then you stay here a little bit later at night you start getting some
chills and you start hearing things it’s definitely how it used to be back in
maybe the sixteen or seventeen hundred’s besides it being a golf course ah go left go left the nature and the feel and oxygen that you get out of here pulls you back in time until
them we’re not modernized hawaii the foot rest that they’re walking on are
the same footprints that the Hawaiians were walking barefooted on before it’s a
spine-tingling kind of experience we see a lot of situations right now where
they’ve build and then ask questions after so it feels good that it’s
recognized that this is a sacred place and there is protocol that they followed
you have to bow and give your respect to the ancient Hawaiian Kingdom and the
people who’ve created these courses well the point looks like it’s firing
that’s super like people and not one way of majesty you got it the way we grew up in Hawaii it’s like
you know they’re like a fairy tale there’s picture-perfect you know years
days moments things I’ll never forget ever since moving here at that young age
surfing took over my life it truly did you know the ocean is my stadium the ocean’s my
field and it’s also my home raising children changed my perspective
on life just getting up and leaving 48 hours 24 hours notice like hey I gotta go I don’t know when I’d be back maybe three days maybe five maybe ten it’s
rough and it’s hard but it’s part of the game that I signed up for Hey how’s it going Billy? Good, how are you? I feel good so they green lighted that event so
those flights that you have on hold for me leaving tomorrow around noon let’s go
ahead and confirm those Ok perfect you leave tomorrow, Friday out of Honolulu at 1:30 land at 4:30 and have a 3 hour layover in Sydney on the way home And then you get back to Honolulu at noon day I’m going to Shipstern Bluff to compete in one of the most deadly events in surfing history so for me to go play a game of golf with my
boys is like just golf is so mental as it gets her head out of anything that
you’re overthinking or concerned or nervous about Oh my god. The pressure is on you guys Hello, welcome to the front 9 Oh my god that wind in the valley [laughing] I’m gonna give myself like
a limit of like three tries we’ll be here forever Yup, no chance Koa Wow look at this place we’re straight in
Jurassic Park right now what what ah haha yes oh my god Nice bill it doesn’t
matter if I need to be a New Jersey out in the ocean or holding a club on a golf course I’m so damn competitive and I love it
so a hundred bucks a team so we’re just playing against teams? Yeah I don’t like this I
think we should go a hundred each Let’s do it I’m down I think I’m just giving money
away so I’d rather give away less Watch him sink it Wow that was really sick Oh my god Oh my god, that’s going in the pond yeah? no that’s on the green [cheers] oh my god, are you kidding me? wow when we get onto a golf course it’s
something to get your mind completely off of what you’re dealing with
still being very competitive and that’s something we still truly suck at Yes! Oh my god. Woo! double or nothing next hole

7 thoughts on “Home Course: Royal Hawaiian”

  1. Jackie Yazzie says:

    Beautiful scenery

  2. Andrew Heather says:

    There is nothing like a round of golf on a beautiful course with beers and your boys to take your mind off whatever is going on. Golf should be prescribed as therapy instead of going to sit on a couch.

  3. Todd Williams says:

    Spectacular. Golf at its finest.

  4. Prahlad Strickland says:

    Loved the video, but I was the Sound Op for this episode in Hawaii, – Prahlad Strickland ;-).

  5. koa smith says:

    Im ready for the big leagues!!!!

  6. Birdies & Brew says:

    Adding this course to the list, looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Andrew Beswick says:

    Played here in July. Beautiful and challenging course.

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