♪♪♪♪>>Hi. I’m Sean Fister. I’m here today to talk to you about the High
Heat golf clubs. Their technology is some of the best technology
I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been competing as a long driver. And now that I’m retired from that, I’m just
playing golf. All the clubs that are out there, the major
brands — they’re kind of keying on the tour players and stuff, but once you get clubs
like that, it’s not really designed for you. Knuth Golf, the High Heat drivers, are designed
with the average golfer in mind, and they want you to hit it as far as possible. They’ve come up with this technology that,
if you hit it off-center, on the toe or on the heel, you’re actually going to hit the
ball just as far as you would on a center hit, and that is great for confidence. If you know you’re going to be able to hit
the ball the same distance wherever you hit it on the face, that’s huge. Having that confidence that you’re going to
hit a driver, and it looks good, it feels good, and the ball just explodes off the face. And when you find yourself further down the
fairway, like I did, you’re going to want to be hitting that driver, because I can tell
you — if I’d have had this technology in my drivers when I was competing, I probably
would’ve won a few more championships.>>Head to highheatgolf.com. You’ll save 15% if you tell them you heard
about High Heat on “Golf Life.”

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