Hide and Seek (Narration)
Hide and Seek (Narration)

My family and I used to play a game when
we lived in Tennessee. We called it the spook game, but was basically
hide in seek in the house with all the lights out. On this night in particular we were all especially
excited to get to play because we had just finished rearranging my little brother’s
room and there were a myriad number of places to hide from my mother’s grasp and we also wanted
to play the game for as long as possible. As we all got ready for the thrilling game
that would ensue my sister, brother, and I all huddled to agree upon who would hide where. I chose the kitchen. My brother chose my room and my sister chose my little brother’s room knowing she could
slip out of her hiding place quickly if it was compromised and come find me. I hid inside a cabinet listening to my mother
creep down the hallway and into my room. She caught my brother trying to switch
hiding places and he was sent to the living room to wait for the everyone else to be found,
my mom walked right past me and straight down the hallway to investigate the noise she heard
in my brother’s room. After a few moments, I heard my sister quietly
giggling next to me whispering how easy it was to slip past her and meet me in the kitchen. There was a pause and then we heard a giggle
from the end of the hallway, shortly after we could make out the shape of our mom quickly
walking into the kitchen. She flipped the light on. “Mom why did you do that?” she looked
at us with wide eyes “Which one of you was hiding in your brother’s room?” my sister stood up from the kitchen floor and dusted herself off
“I was but I left before you went in there.” My mom turned around and closed the door to
the hallway then went into the living room and sat on the couch. “I’m sorry guys I’m not feeling well
we’ll have to play some other time.” We groaned upset that the game had ended so abruptly and sat down on the couch. It wasn’t until the next day when my mom
told us what happened. According to her she heard little giggles
coming from behind the door to my little brother’s room and reached out to grab what she thought
was my sister as soon and as she made contact it disappeared with a giggled. We never played the game in that house again

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  1. King Hollow Speaks says:

    You're pretty spooky dude! I'm subbed!

  2. Akuzisi Zenemij says:

    Nice story telling. The adds showed me the video. Keep it going you will go to be very famous. Au revoar.

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