I’m gonna have to hide right here because we have to stay close to each other and I’m just gonna put a bunch of carpet Right on me.Bud the spots looking good gotcha gotcha slubfest Whoever wins draws two circles of sharpie on each losers face go up to someone in public and they have to finish it Yo, what is going on guys today? We’re gonna be doing a hide-and-seek video in Kohl’s Have not done it here yet and today. We’re gonna be going 2 v 2 with the og squad got my boy Mason And then we’re gonna be kicking the Ireland Boys at buddy, buddy, buddy, dude I think I ripped my pants hold it hold it my goodness. Oh gee master behind seat We got to represent so basically how it’s going to work There’s gonna be three total round each round ten minute time limit first two rounds if you lost ten minutes you get one point in The third round two pointer if you get booted no matter whose turn it is behind you take the L no points and then the Losers all of course you have to have a loser dare right so gonna get a little Sharpie so pretty much How it’s gonna work is whoever wins? draws two circles of Sharpie on each losers face Go up with someone in public and they have to finish it so you can get a rocket ship Squidward The dog bone dog bone extracurricular things who knows follows me or just three balls you know to meet a little fidget if you want honestly like you get anything and also If you guys want to win an Xbox 360 that we brought into the Toys R Us Gaming fort on the Ireland boys channel the link to enter that contest will be at the top of the description how the giveaway Works is if you subscribe to me on youtube you get two entries a follow Instagram one entry and then a follow on Twitter you Get the one entry the only one that’ll be at the top of the description And I think me one hit Rick and ninja Nick will all sign that so I think not further ado we gotta figure out who? Is hiding first see who has the option to hide first or Seek rock paper scissor shoot the classic og Mason and Nick rip it? Rock Paper Scissors shoot don’t want Let’s go alright We’re gonna seek first we wanted personally Ricky and Nick are going to Johan I will catch you guys Inside when we are finding these guys smiles about to fall out boys are heading into course take this stuff We don’t want to do the loser there, and yeah, man. You know how it is IBP always wins Also if we do get booed out here, which is a high probability We are going to go over to Walmart and Target to finish the game and each person has to hide within ten steps of each Other so if you can’t fit into the same spot you pretty much just have to be in within a range so I mean that Makes sense strategy like always is just to get as far away as possible And then we can see them while they’re coming and then hopefully Possibly even evade them while they’re about to find us and I’m going reindeer Nick’s gonna stack a bunch of pillows totally Hopefully cannot see me alright guys. I am in here There’s a little bit of a gap right in front of me that maked see through my spots looking good Ricky’s right in here behind these pillows and I’m gonna have to hide right here because we have to stay close to each other and I’m just gonna put a bunch of carpet. You right on me, right We have made it into coals this place is massive so we have to do a lot of searching Mason what you got there guy No one Nothing gonna head to the back corner because back corners are major key lots of boxes and stuff Walking through the winter wonderland up in here Gotcha Gotcha Slough pez got no. Let’s go I saw his head peek up for some reason because you needed a little mud right Ricky has to be somewhere here because you have To hide like I said that a ten step radius these pillows are off lucky now. There’s no way oh God oh god the buggy that was a good hiding spot though well done What you do is good until the pillar is the pillar started sinking fall now 0.1. Hit Rick and Nick Ricky an amazing spot I can’t lie Nick was just standing up took the elf But I think they’re gonna go count three minutes for us see what happens alright because Ricky and Nick took Ella first Ron We’re gonna take a little moose and hide in the middle of the store Masons right there And they’re blocked by these like aisle things because we have some banger spots season four the last Budget counting and if you only have to find them in under ten minutes I think we got this easy exon we’re coming back and we’re hiding really good until we find them we’re gonna do some nice little shopping Both snowflake on the front call this one. I like to walk across the red carpet, but I’d rather wear it uh
And they call these ones that I just went through the phase drug tunnel and I don’t want to clean off They call these ones. I like the jean pants, but uh kind of like the shorts, so why not both Three minutes is up. That’s gold boy. I Don’t know if they went to the employee entrance, but if so they’re taking that win cuz I’m not going back there Just yet hello hello pal. Nope you’re under the bed Nope, this will just be a we’re gonna try and finesse this round 10. Yo slide me it Bides who’s under here, bud. No. Yeah, no way no way We did it in time Nick I found him we took the elf, but you know we’re saving some good stuff wait No, you couldn’t see me though. Oh. He could see there’s even you good. Yeah, that your boy get the shader. Yeah you Know I think they’re gonna go hide we’re gonna go count It’s been three minutes we got to go straight for the jugular and try and get these noobs But it’s gonna be tough because Ricky nikka professionals and me and Mesa know we’re pretty good though Got three minutes I’ve no idea we’re gonna hopefully find a Bangor spot all right I Think that guy said it was all right Nick’s gonna go behind Inside of the shoe case now. I’m gonna go over here inside of the robes We’re on basically invisible if we get this this is an easy one point the next going in right now sure dude. What’s following everywhere Nick they’re good guys Nick is in there. He’s practically invisible There’s almost no chance of them finding him in here Finn three minutes We got to go straight for the jugular try and get these noobs gonna be tough because Ricky nikkor Professionals and me and mace know we’re pretty good though. I’m going right inside the ropes. I’m gonna hide him Don’t tell him. I’m in there cash all right. Have a nice day. I’m going in There no we’re going to the shoes because I can think they have our spot that we wanted Everywhere No classic suitcase spot lots of room for activities in here I Don’t think they’re in there look at him. Oh, do you I think I see him Just blast These boys definitely have a good spot cannot find them anywhere, but I think they are in the middle But only you guys know that where they are. I don’t know what they are, bud. Where you at? Yes or no they up here what? If you’re watching this right now, we just took a big out Sure the budget just got to one point 10 minutes. I’m gonna go get Nick out Riki and Nick. Just took it up It’s got this dusty shirt In his pants well see the front again boys Now they’re hit we’re gonna go hide. We’re counting in the same spot again We’re up 1 0 and we’re gonna count in the same spot right next to these Beautiful phase rug pants that look like my pants now Mason’s down there Just look around It’s go time mission there’s a girl we’re finding them you checked the left side. I’ll check the right No way got a check ring decade don’t breathe there nope They walked by the edge This could be prime ground for hiding gotta check everywhere here Literally everywhere We’ve been looking for a good minute no sign of them hopefully we can find him this round no idea Yo, I got him whoever that is always boys no Mason – Mason – coughs Rohan is near repeat Rohan is near our TVs Oh We just like it was a weird situation there at the end Mason was hiding behind the boxes kicked and everything out Employee was a little bit cheesed So we’re gonna head over to Walmart like I said if we did you take that way they go to Target Walmart But Walmart’s always a good time, so we’re gonna Walmart almost got me Made it to Walmart, but it’s behind all this brush, so you can’t see it. Oh wait There it is did you Nick? They’re gonna go in there and hide. We’ll see you guys later boys We’re in Walmart now Nick and I are gonna hide we gotta Decide that we want to win this round and if we decide that means we are you want to decide all right? We’re deciding Let’s go the whole store this just easy you got don’t Nick’s going inside of the diapers And I’m gonna go inside of the clothes over there. Hopefully we can take this round Nick’s over here. I’m going to mind right now Hopefully I can win in here got the camo to protect Already go to the opposite corner of the store see if we find them on their way there We’re in the force right now boys that looks like Ricky is so much yo guys, I’m inside the clothes rack right now I’m hiding from rohan amazing. Hopefully I can go 10 minutes come on boys. We’re yeah boys Come on boys we yeah, we’re yeah we’re yeah Nick and I are about 30 seconds away from winning the whole round if we win this we get two more points then we got three total and then all we have to do is find them in the last round and they Have to get our beat on their face Ricky and Nick took the two pointers So it’s three two one Heading into the last round and if Ricky and Nick fail to find me and Mason in the ten minutes. It’s gonna come down We’re gonna pick one for each team so it’s gonna be me cuz I choked in the first round and then Nick Cuz he choked in the first Sean as well, so we’re gonna go hide just a bunch I just found I’m ten cuz I’m not doing loser there either way. I’ll put it out where it is in it What a guy huh all right. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go guys max is gonna. Go right in here boys Knocking Syd are you? Guys coming in Yo, what do you think guys dubs dubs you know how’d it go? No RTV May seem it easy. Where are you where you first mission with using RTV z5o inside here? No way, no way gotta check the baby cradle You already know. This is a classic spot So it can pack though. I don’t see you gotta check your NIC head Other than your note Gotta check the toilet paper section, this is an easy one, but maybe they’re thinking we’re not gonna check here because it’s so predictable Oh Nope nope nowhere to be found. No. They’re right you It’s going let’s go bro, dude, Ricky walked right by our no no no maybe others day. They can walk all right Bye, dude, and then he was like Ricky maybe from over here. I mean just like bro So me and Mason were able to last the round But what ends up happening now is it’s me and Nik hutted in the first round We are going to get the circles on ended up in a tie, so let’s go get the sharpies We got the sharpie, Ricky is going to draw it on mine and next phases yes I decide whatever you want guys any let me give me a nice solid sheet. Give me a bubble House easy work circle big circle for them for the right ball Dom. Okay guys oh oh We got the circles aren’t you I see I see Looks like an 8 right now. Uh-huh? So now our job is to go up to someone and ask them to Finish the drawing obviously like a lot can come from two circles I mean you can use your imagination But I mean all this on the train right here all of this that all this stuff It could be that it can be that it can excuse me guys um I just need you guys to like me and then we have like two circles on our cheek Can you just like finish the drawing you like write? Whatever you want your imagination? Like know whatever you want like anything like anything you want like a spaceship squidward like Whatever no everything Okay now you have to do him oh shoot by you ooh, buddy oh Thank you, thank you, let’s go Talk to you let’s go Thanks for watching guys If you have not already entered the Xbox 360 giveaway link so that will be in the top of the description a subscription to me on youtube gets you to fall and instagram and twitter get you one extra I Hope you guys enjoyed the video and until next time Thank you, okay alright well use mister budges pooped


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