HHS In Depth – Friday, August 30, 2019
HHS In Depth – Friday, August 30, 2019

hello homestead please stand for the
pledge I pledge allegiance to the flag of the
United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation
under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all please stay standing for
a moment of silence coming up on today’s episode of HHS
in-depth you’ll learn about the place to get all of your math questions answered
and find out where its new location is this year in a story by Nietzsche Lauria
for some students homestead is a new places lots of new faces but for others
just being in the United States it’s new to them reporter Chris Wayne reports on
some of this year’s foreign exchange students interested in being a part of
some of our academic teams here at Homestead reporter Alex Peters will
inform you on what they are and how you can get involved a new Club to homestead
this year’s profile reporter Parker Mitchell tells you all about the
Interact Club last weekend a few of our students represented homestead at the
taste of the Arts event downtown carly Flanagan will tell you all about it in
our first installment of the Locker report Ashlyn Ackman and Caleb would
bring you all the latest on homestead sports including a look into our
number-two ranked girls golf team and drew Persinger is in with his weather
segment the dew point will bring you all of those stories and more coming up on
HHS in-depth for Friday August 30th hello home said I’m Cora Shaw and I’m
Jenna Lane welcome to today’s episode of HHS in-depth we begin today’s show with
a story over one of homesteads best support centers for students the math
Resource room reporter Nisha Lal Rhea brings you the story to see how it
benefits all and where the new location is this year if you are struggling with
your math homework don’t worry home says Matt teachers
provide an excellent resource for students who struggle or students who
seek further help with their math homework so the math Resource Room
offers tutoring from algebra 1 to calculus
it also offers time to come in and do retakes or if you miss a test you can
come in and take it instead of having to stay after school
the math resource room provides help to students to seek extra math help the
room can in is structure to be used in additional ways the math Resource Room
is designed for two key elements the first thing is for students to do tests
– retakes and quiz retakes in there so there’s like 10 desks on one side of the
classroom for tests retakes and quiz retakes and there’s also a u-shaped
table for students to sit around the math teacher and the math teacher can
help each of the students with the math problems that they’re working on
teachers come up with many ways to help you learn material for your math class
or a specialized method of teaching that is easier for you usually will ask who
your math teacher is so that we can either piggyback on what you already
know or ask to see notes so that we can see how you were taught the first time
and then if doesn’t click the way that you were taught the first time we will
try to find other methods either from the way we teach it or using the
Internet to try to find other ways to make the topic make sense
students need to approach their math teacher before seeking assistance in the
math resource room students need to get a pass from their teacher the best time
to ask your teacher is either before class or after class sometimes students
ask for the past before or after school to go to the resource room the math
resource room is available every period of the day if you need additional help
with your math homework during your study hall be sure to ask your teacher
for a math resource room past if you decide to go for H just in depth
I’m Michelle all areia juniors and seniors the following colleges will be
visiting homestead if you would like to attend a meeting you must sign up in
student services and get your pass at least one day prior to the visit Tuesday
September 3rd Indiana State universe the Wednesday September 4th Anderson
University in IU Fort Wayne Friday September 6th Purdue University
Wednesday September 11th I you and Thursday September 12th st. Mary’s
College the acoustic music club meets this and every Friday after school in
room 117 until 3:30 p.m. all ability levels are welcome to attend take your
instrument or just go hang out go see your email mr. banger if you have any
questions do you like movies do you like pizza if so go to the call out meeting
of the history Club next Thursday September 5th from 245 to 3:15 in miss
lis sex room room 715 stop by to learn more about the movies pizza history and
people that make history club great attention artists and creative Souls art
photo and design clubs have gotten a facelift and they are combining into one
club called art lab join them for monthly art labs featuring various art
related activities it’s time to inhale a possibility and exhale creativity there
will be an informational meeting next Wednesday September 4th in room 108
after school from 2:45 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. there are many students new to homestead
this school year but a handful of those students are also new to the United
States reporter Chris Wang brings us a story over a few of this year’s foreign
exchange students at Homestead many students here are new to homestead
however a select few of these students are new to not only just homestead but
America in general these students have traveled from far and wide and have
ended up here in Fort Wayne to study abroad I’m Rebecca Raju and I’m a junior
here at Homestead High and I come I come from Romania as an exchange student like
school in Romania is not really my favorite the American system is much
better so I just really wanted to study here hello my name is Daria I’m from
Kazakhstan I’m 16 now and in Kazakhstan I finished ninth grade but here I’m 11th
grade student I’m junior I came here to share Kazakhstan culture and to know
more about American culture I’m Marlene I’m 17 years old and I’m a senior I am
from Germany I wanted to come because my mother was here in exchange didn’t when
she was 17 years old and she told me that it was the best year of her
so I wanted to make the same experience and I wanted to get to know the American
culture and yeah the foreign exchange students are all getting used to the
differences between school and their home countries in school here in America
it’s great it’s awesome so everyone is super friendly everyone is just super
willing to help out the school is awesome it’s huge and I can pick my own
classes which is really cool so in Germany the things are very small
like also the schools here it’s just a high school it’s 2,000 students I think
and in Germany it’s from fifth grade till 12th grade and we’re 300 students
so everything is so small in Germany my home school is not so big it’s around
700 people and we have only 37 classrooms and 4 floors as they’re
getting used to school here in fort wayne they’re also getting used to the
culture and various tastes of America all my taste hasn’t really changed much
although I’ve been introduced to pop-tarts and now I have a little
obsession my favorite food here I think it’s pizza because it’s so
different from what we ate in Kazakhstan Pizza here is so delicious I adore it if
we run into any of these students in the halls make sure to give them a hello and
a warm welcome to the United States reporting for HHS in-depth I’m Chris
wing the network Club is a group of students and teachers working together
in a collective effort for positive change at Homestead the community and
beyond the group is designed to empower students in the areas of leadership
integrity character development compassion diversity and Service Above
Self they believe that one person can make a difference and everyone should
try the network will be holding at our first meeting of the year on Thursday
September 5th after school and mrs. Jones’s room room 108 the Dungeons &
Dragons Club will meet today in the cafeteria annex until 4:30 p.m. there
will be a brief boys basketball meeting on Wednesday September 4th in room 902
at 2:40 for anyone interested in trying out for the boys basketball team who is
currently not in a fall sport seniors if you would like to have a senior quote in
the yearbook please email it to senior quotes 2020 at gmail.com before winter
break please make sure your quote is school
appropriate aviation club will have a call-out meeting next Wednesday
September 4th after school in room 608 Senora hoons room anyone who has an
interest in planes helicopters or flying in general either as a career or as a
hobby should plan on attending go share your ideas to help them plan guest
speakers for the year snacks will be provided if you have any questions
please contact senior Ben night or senior our who it’s your move chess club
will have a call out next Thursday September 5th after school in room 608
Senora hoons room go out and play chess with fellow students and even a few
teachers if you don’t know how to play but want to learn they can help you go
for the snacks and stay for the fun as the school year is getting into full
swing so are many of the extracurricular clubs and teams including our academic
teams reporter Alex Peters brings you a story with information on what it is and
how you can get involved homestead is home to many different clubs groups and
teams among these are homesteads academic teams including academics
available and academic super bowl currently we have academic spell bowl
and academic super bowl we did have last year academic decathlon but
unfortunately the state has decided not to sponsor that anymore and we’re
hopefully going to replace that with something but as of right now we have
academic spell bowl and Super Bowl while you may have participated in spelling
bees in the past the academic spell bowl is a much different experience
spell bowl is I think it’s ten students who compete you hear a word and then you
spell it on a piece of paper the academic spell bowl is not your typical
spelling bee where you get up and spell a word and then sit down and somebody
else comes along it’s a team of nine to ten individuals and you go to the table
when your name is called and you will sit down and you’ll actually write out
ten words there’s somebody at the front that reads those words you write those
words out spell them out and then it’s graded and your team your score is added
to the overall team score the academic Super Bowl is also unlike any other
competitions you may have participated in previously academics the rules mix of
a lot of subjects since in science math and history and we form teams and
practice the subject then we go to competitions and compete against other
schools academics Super Bowl is a series of questions
again it’s a team-oriented competition where you’ll have four people sitting at
a table and they will work on an answer to a question together and the team with
the most right answers wins or advances on to the state competition and the
state competitions are always at Purdue University in West Lafayette though the
competition environments can be intense participants of a great time competing
and socializing with fellow team members my favorite moment from academics rule
was just the competition’s just hanging out with new people and hanging out with
my friends my favorite moment was going to state at spell Bowl last year we went
to Purdue and it was really cool to be able to tour the campus and like see
things that we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise anybody can join the
academic teams and they are looking for new members to continue the team’s past
successes and build a strong foundation for future years anybody should join the
academic teams we’re really looking for all grades all ages we will be in our
recruiting efforts really focusing on the freshman and sophomore class because
we’re looking to really build this team and build a winning tradition and so
we’re hoping that we can get freshmen that will then compete all four years of
their high school career and once you’re more familiar with what’s going on at
these competitions I think it really helps in how well you do and how how
comfortable you are in those competitions make sure to listen to the
announcements for the first call out meeting reporting for HHS in depth I’m
Alex Peters a brand new Club to home said this year is called interact and
reporter Parker Mitchell caught up with the organizer of the club to tell us
what it’s about do you want to help up the community notice you may have less
than you well also socializing with others you may have the same goals make
sure you help to the new club coming to homestead interact I thought that it
would be beneficial to see the students make decisions for themselves that’s not
something that’s always heavily focused on in school the club is meant to be a
source of empowerment for students they’re able to choose what we want to
do who we want to do it for and it also helps teach responsibility and judgment
or decision making in the future all students are welcome to join interact
they can involve themselves in issues not just here in Allen County but
globally as well as helping themselves with their future endeavors I would say
the people should join because it’s an excellent opportunity to get out into
the community to benefit not only yourself but people that may be less
fortunate than you this would absolutely help with generally any future career
because it’s teaching responsibility decision making and independence above
all one thing that’s important to learn early on a Service Above Self the club
will be entirely student based student-led student-run this club is for
anyone grades 9 through 12 we’d like anyone from any background to
please come join us because service to the community isn’t just for the leaders
it’s for anyone who wants to learn how to be a leader we also like to emphasize
that 9th and 10th graders come out because just because you’re young
doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference if you want to join in Iraq make sure
you make it up to the column meeting next Wednesday of next week from 2:45 to
3:15 we plan for a just in-depth I’m Parker Mitchell last weekend a few of
our students teamed up with dr. kinder and others to represent homestead at the
taste of the Arts Festival and downtown Fort Wayne here’s reporter Carly
Flanagan to tell you more about it last Saturday homestead participated for the
first time in the Taste of the arts event to promote and educate others on
homestead student ambassadors helped create fun science projects for children
to experiment with while homestead administrators further inform the
community about homestead the science projects included a lava lamp experiment
and a non utonium gag experiment the student ambassadors that helped out at
this event are McKenzie Dubey Mikayla wah Reilly Jones Katie Walter Olivia
Creech Jasmine Swenson Mikayla Hobbiton Matthew Quinn chose yae-eun song
Annie hardens Caleb piper and Danny bean if we want to learn more information or
get involved for next year contact dr. ginder reporting for HHS in-depth I’m
Carly Flanagan it’s time for the first installment of the locker report with
Ashton Hackman and Caleb wood let’s send it over to Ashton at the sports desk for
this week’s show thank you guys I’m Ashton AK from the new sports director
this year and let’s get things started we tee off the fall sports season with a
look at a team hoping to be on par for a state title this year after last year’s
fourth place finish the homestead girls golf team is this week’s team of the
week the homestead girls golf team is
swinging into action this season ranking as one of the top teams in the state and
consecutively placing well in invitationals the season has been going
really well we’ve played in a lot of invitationals and we’ve won all of them
except for the state preview which we got third which is still a really good
finish we’ve won all of our tournaments so far and we’ve played really well as a
team we have a lot of top 10 top five finishes with the team having much
success in past years and a number two ranking in the state this year the bar
has been set high for the Lady Spartans this season finishing third at the state
preview set the goals for our season pretty high we know that we can finish
second for sure and possibly get a state championship of course just win
sectionals and regionals that would be awesome too but we want to win state
this year it’s going to be tough but you know because we’re ranked so high and
this is high as we’ve been I think we definitely have a shot the team shares
many moments together both on and off the course bringing the team closer
together my favorite memory of the season so far is the bus rides we have a
lot of fun we bring speakers and just sing along isn’t probably just going out
with a team after winning invitationals I’m just eating with them and having a
good time definitely all the bus rides that we’ve all gotten to know each other
a lot better through those just being on a couple hours together and having fun
getting to know each other I really like when we go out to dinners and stuff
after our weekend matches because usually it’s pretty late so be sure to
head out to support the Lady Spartans next Wednesday at coyote creek and now here’s sports reporter caleb
wood to get a look as to what happened this week in Homestead sports action
hello homestead I’m sports reporter Caleb wood and here’s a look at what
happened this past weekend homestead athletics out to the spooler Stadium
where the Spartans had an amazing game last Friday dominating Northrop 43 to 6
on the brand new turf touchdowns were scored by Sam Scavo cam Rogers Jake
Archibald and braided hardwood shout-out to the student section for such a high
turnout game in an away game tonight the football team takes on Concordia at home
now off to the races were both boys and girls cross-country teams competed in
the Huntington North Invitational last Saturday the boys finished second behind
Concordia was senior Jared Neff leading the homestead pack junior Donny McArdle
and senior Keegan Stuckey rounded out the top 20 as for the girls they placed
third overall with sophomore me a favor leaving a team with a ninth place finish
julia Dvorak right behind her in 10th place and senior Angelina said the check
finished 20th both teams ran the race for longtime West noble cross country
coats Chuck Schlemmer who died last week after being hit while riding his bike
homestead in West noble shared a heartwarming moment after the race to
remember coach slim seen in the photos on your screen both teams head up north
to Penn High School tomorrow the girls golf team set a 9 hole school record of
146 on Tuesday against Columbia City they are also currently ranked number 2
in the state over to the soccer stadium now where the boys varsity soccer team
faced Leo on Wednesday coming off with a 6-2 to win they faced Carroll next
Thursday the girls soccer team played against East Brooke on Wednesday they
ended up on top with a score of 7 to 1 they head down to Marion next Tuesday
the boys tennis team defeated leo 5 to 0 on Wednesday they are ranked at number
two in the state and are looking to achieve a state title good luck to the
boys tennis team as they head down to North Central High School tomorrow that
was a look at this week in Spartan athletics for the locker report I’m
Caleb wood and now here are the student section
leaders with the theme for tonight’s home opener against Concordia wait
where’d he go home game against Concordia camo night camo night be there
one two three shield probe with the neck she woke up finally good luck to all sport athletes
in action this weekend both the boys and girls cross-country teams at Penn the
volleyball team heading up north to face Carroll and the boys tennis team
squaring up against North Central that’s all for this first edition of the locker
4 I’m Ashton Ackman have a great three-day weekend and now it’s time to
find out about this weekend’s weather forecast with our weatherman drew
Persinger bringing you his weekly weather segment titled the drew point howdy homestead welcome to this
brand-new weather show here on HS and depth the drew point I’ve taken over for
Alex Peters nathan-turner since last year they saved us all from
the half man you might remember my escapades last
year in which I interacted with a laptop in various ways including turning it off
and on again multiple times now I’m back and I’m ready to not mention laptops
anymore laptop lingo is dead you may notice now I’ve got a nice new location
I’ve got a green screen here behind me anything I can do weather from anywhere
on the planet like the oceans wow it’s so watery or on Delaware hi I’m in
Delaware however I’ve been keeping you for long enough here’s your look at the
forecast for this weekend this evening we’re looking at partly cloudy skies
with a low temperature of 55 degrees on Saturday we’re seeing mostly cloudy
weather with a high of 73 and a low 59 then on Sunday we’re seeing partly
cloudy skies with a high of 74 in low 57 there you have it everybody as you can
see from that forecast we’ve got a nice weekend ahead make sure to follow the
drew point on Instagram for cancellation updates weather info and live streams
when severe weather is on the way that’s all for this week so until next time I’m
drew Persinger see a homestead well that wraps up today’s edition of
HHS in-depth I’m Corey Shaw and I’m Jenna Lane thank you for watching today
be sure to follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes clips and digital
exclusives today we leave you with a song you can catch on homesteads radio
station the point 91 fm have a great three-day weekend and we’ll see you
again next week I’m doing everything backwards this
picture I want it all to be perfect I’m crossing
signals when she said

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