Here’s What I Think of Volkswagen Cars and Commerical Vehicle Mechanics

rev up your engines,
Taylor Brownlow says, Scotty my name’s Taylor, I’m a Volkswagen commercial
vehicle apprentice, can you give me a good tip for being a good mechanic, well
you’ll probably make a lot of money if you stick with Volkswagen, because they
break all the time, and you’ll make a lot of money fixing them as long as the
company doesn’t go out of business from people saying we’re not going buy those
things anymore, because they’re junky but the last time I looked, worldwide I
think Volkswagen had the most vehicles sold in the world of anybody, because
they sell them cheaper and they’re worldwide all over the place so, European
seem to like them, I’d say you know stick to what you’re doing, and you know learn,
your commercial one so you’re doing commercial stuff they get paid more,
because somebody’s got a business they got to have their truck fixed that day,
and if they need it fixed that day they’re going to pay more, that’s just how
it works, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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