Helpful Features for Tall and Short Drivers
Helpful Features for Tall and Short Drivers

finding a car that physically Fitzhugh is important but that means different things for different people for drivers who are taller or shorter than average certain comfort and convenience features can mean the difference between a safe comfortable drive and stretching and slumping to fit when car shopping look for these features having the right amount of space between the driver and the steering wheel is important for both comfort and safety according to experts there should be at least 10 inches between the drivers chest and the steering wheel for the airbag deploy a tilting and telescoping steering wheel can help shorter drivers maintain that clearance even when the seat is moved forward to reach the pedals and it can also help taller drivers achieve a comfortable driving position a height-adjustable driver’s seat will help shorter drivers sit taller for better visibility on the flipside taller drivers will want to make sure that the seat is set to the lowest point for maximum headroom the seat height also affects wear your seat belt hits important for proper restraint in a crash the shoulder belt should be flat across the chest between the neck and shoulder and the seat belt should be snug across your hips the amount of legroom a car has affects more than just comfort it can affect reaction time when hitting the brakes and the seriousness of an injury in a crash for shorter drivers who may have trouble reaching the steering wheel and pedals easily adjustable seats are important but power adjustable pedals make it easier to fine-tune reach and comfort

14 thoughts on “Helpful Features for Tall and Short Drivers”

  1. martii says:

    may i ask if toyota fortuner is good for short driver?..plss.answer my question..

  2. woodro blue83 says:

    Good video

  3. The All-New Lexus ES350 says:

    "Power adjustable pedals" is something new I heard today so, where r these "power adjustable pedals' button located?

  4. Asma Zainab says:

    I have Nissan versa and they don't have high adjuable button for short people

  5. Sab p says:

    sir my height is very small around 4.9 or 5 which car you prefer ,I have got already peugout 206 .but i took lessons and passed my driving in Nissan micra

  6. Mr.carrottop66 says:

    Well, My chest is about 11" away from the airbag. But! my belly is closer. So what's more important to protect my chest or my belly? HA,HA.

  7. Jen B. says:

    Examples of Auto makes/models?!

  8. irene jacobs says:

    wow first i saw adjustbale pedals

  9. Norlene Olano says:

    Wearing foot socks won't hurt. ๐Ÿ˜‰โœŒ

  10. OS Intros says:

    Im 14 and learning to drive but im hella short this video helps

  11. Steve Stev says:

    agresive looking woman

  12. Myheniverse says:

    i canโ€™t find seat height in my kia picanto

  13. Asma Zainab says:

    i can move my seat forward to reach padels but my car have no button to pull my seats i always have to put pillow to see out of the window

  14. Cal says:

    I am a tall-ish person who seemingly has long legs and short arms. Most cars I sit in I feel I have to put the seat back but then bring the steering wheel as close as possible. I actually find raising the seat height to be beneficial because that takes you further from the pedals, as long as the roof of the car is high enough.

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