Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Xbox One Launch Trailer
Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Xbox One Launch Trailer

[ambient music] [camera shutter sound] [ambient music] [sound of a passing car] [XBOX SOUND]

86 thoughts on “Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Xbox One Launch Trailer”

  1. Samuel Ward says:


  2. ƊȺɌƘ says:

    It should be fair to get this free if you have the hello neighbor

  3. Lyric Official says:

    Someone explain ??? What am i watching??? And why do i seem intrested..

  4. Liam DW05 says:

    Please make this free for gold in January!!!

  5. Bucky11404 says:

    Maybe he should learn how to drive…

  6. J L says:

    For anyone wondering his wife died of ligma

  7. Víctor Manuel Tapia Ramírez says:

    Sad :'v

  8. Peacecraft says:


  9. HollowedxKing 44 says:


  10. Call Kerry Realty says:

    This man started kidnapping people because his wife died


  11. Gold_ 2474 says:

    Love it!

  12. Alexander Sandoval says:

    Secret neighbor?

  13. godzilla 202020 says:

    omg 😨

  14. silvestre pro andia Zabala says:

    y Halo infiniti cuando saldra

  15. Aglow says:

    I want secret neighbor

  16. Kordian dodi says:

    WOW Amazing

  17. Jadson Silva says:


  18. Mikey The gold fish says:

    That’s really sad

  19. Tao Sila says:

    I never thought I would care this much about the neighbor. So sad 🙁

  20. Soldiers Doing Things says:

    Y I K E S

  21. xCactusWingsx says:

    Why did Xbox invest in this and not Sunset Overdrive 2?

  22. Nathaniel Calderon says:

    Thought it was supposed to be the multiplayer version >:/

  23. FastandGun64 says:

    This game was supposed to be in gamepass, wasn’t it ?

  24. Даниил Обрезумов says:

    Меньше говна на консоли

  25. Xhdhd Fggtr says:

    Tipo Lego vilões Forza Horizon 4 Assassin's Creed Unity eu queria que tivesse para Xbox 360

  26. AsciiGDL says:

    That escalated quickly

  27. Gabriel E Solis says:

    Ahora todo tiene sentido…

    Risa de Patricio.mp3

  28. Spy - 1002 says:

    CRL isso explica muita coisa

  29. Owen Racker says:

    Did he lost his entire family or just his wife

  30. LeibyBean says:

    Hi Xbox

  31. RaptorJesusGaming says:

    Hello neighbor could have been something special.


  32. Apoorv Bloody Cape says:

    Love this trailer

  33. HOG MAC says:

    Plzzz remove gold for fortnite

  34. ghosthunter 790 says:

    I think in the start of hello neighbour the first game he's trapping his son in he basement and says his kids got kidnapped

  35. RICOSAVAGE 98 says:

    This trailer really makes me want to try the game

  36. Z E R O says:

    0:18 only true Hello Neighbors fans will know how scary it was listening to this music xO

  37. Javian yerena says:

    That's sad

  38. Sebastian Rocca Huanca says:

    I love hello neighbor

  39. Furrylorian Lord of crop yiff says:

    We all know how this ends…

    But we're still playing it regardless.

  40. SmasherNinja16 says:

    Wish this game was just free

  41. Ewan Adamson says:

    Well that was deep

  42. RealBT2 says:

    that moment u realised u screwed up

  43. Logan Street says:

    I feel bad for mr.peterson and his son aroun and his daughter mya.😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭✌✌✌✌✌✌

  44. MARIYAH LOVER says:

    Poor hello neighbor

  45. Chase Hotter says:

    I'm still confused after the game
    The wife died
    The daughter died
    What happened to the son?

  46. SPIDORMANs Chanel says:

    I thought Shadow Man killed the Neighbour's Wife?

  47. ᔕᗩYᑌᖇI ᑕᕼᗩᑎ says:


  48. vojtech hanko says:

    That Neighbor Family! That New Mode!

  49. Mr. Crave says:


  50. J.R. Rodriguez says:

    So sad

  51. KITTY CAYLEE says:

    She's so cute

  52. arnav singh says:

    So sad

  53. arnav singh says:

    Play the game

  54. arnav singh says:

    Stage 5 ending

  55. arnav singh says:

    Why did the neighbor become evil

  56. PorkyPiggieBoy says:

    I feel sad about the neighbor now.

  57. User9000 says:

    Theodore: Alive
    Theodore’s wife: Dead
    Mya: Dead
    Aaron: Alive

  58. Hans Kobe Medina says:

    Poor neighbor

  59. جبنة كيري says:


  60. voice says:

    I love Xbox

  61. Jogo Fechado says:


  62. 2003 Carroll says:

    🚗+ 🚙 = ☠☠☠

  63. 2003 Carroll says:

    👜👗😊👡 🚗 crash

  64. The Toxic Roblox says:

    i love hello neighbor hide and seek and the original game who likes it?

    i really like it

  65. The Toxic Roblox says:

    the neighbor needed his family back but he never can due it and that's why in the end of the hello neighbor hide and seek the girl kid dies by her brother

  66. The Toxic Roblox says:

    and in the game we never know the name of they so that's why the game call they neighbor

  67. The Toxic Roblox says:

    and that's why this trailer explain everything that happens in the game

  68. Rebel Corleone says:

    i just wanna know about the music…

  69. Диана Нигматова says:

    Эхтжаль мама в оварие

  70. Mirna Lopez says:

    I dont understand so he was thinking about his life and did not see the car crash thats why hes sad and how the kids get missing???? One anser found 2 more

  71. Чёрный кот says:

    Соседа жалко очень

  72. Jagat Singh says:

    Very sad hello neighbour story 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  73. daniel Tucic says:



  74. enzo jbl games says:


  75. Sofia Ursino says:

    Can you do secret nieghbor on xbox

  76. - RenRen says:


  77. Savanna Chapa says:

    Omg. Thats creepy and sad at the same time.

  78. Kelvin Cruz says:


  79. Melissa Alman says:


  80. Patrick Skywalker says:

    This suddenly made this game super sad 😭

  81. rashmi kaslikar says:

    This so sad

  82. rashmi kaslikar says:


  83. DR. GOLDEN says:


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