Heat Stress and Sun Safety Information and Products for Golf Course Personnel
Heat Stress and Sun Safety Information and Products for Golf Course Personnel

Gempler’s has partnered with McCord Golf
Services and Safety to put together information and products to help you keep your crew healthy
this summer. The calendar says summer starts on June 21st,
but you’ll be dealing with summer weather – and the stress that comes with it – well
before then. Now is the time to prepare for summer and
make sure your crew has everything they need to get through the sun and heat. And we’re not just talking about hoses and
nozzles for syringing greens. Everyone is responsible for their own safety
right? That is true, but as an employer you are legally
obligated to provide a safe workplace for your employees. That means recognizing the hazards your crew
faces working on the golf course, and supplying the training and equipment they need to work
safely. One of the great things about working on a
golf course is being outside. But working in the sun and extreme summer
heat also presents serious health risks. Did you know that there are more deaths from
summer heat than any other weather-related hazard – more than floods, tornadoes, hurricanes
and lightning combined!? You’re constantly monitoring soil moisture
and surface temperatures, scouting for wilt and disease breakout. Doesn’t your crew deserve the same attention? They, too, need to take precautions and be
monitored when they’re out working in the sun and heat. Heat illness and UV sun damage are serious
health risks. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer
with 1.3 million new cases and nearly 10,000 deaths each year. However, it is the most preventable form of
cancer as well. Heat illness can also be fatal; 20% of heat
stroke victims die. And over 3,000 workers reportedly miss work due to heat illneess each year. What can you do? Start by knowing the conditions that contribute
to heat illness. Just like turf, preventing heat stress is
easier than treating it. Let’s review the three key factors to preventing
heat illness and skin damage: 1. Be sure your crew stays cool. Wide brimmed hats and clothing made from moisture-wicking,
breathable and even SPF-protective fabric can keep the crew cool and protect their skin. 2. Be sure your crew stays hydrated. Make sure you provide plenty of water and
sports drinks to replace electrolytes throughout the day. 3. Encourage them to wear sunscreen and sunglasses. They should apply SPF 30+ sunscreen or higher
before sun exposure and every 2 hours – even more often if they are sweating heavily. Finally, provide them with sunglasses that
specifically block UVA and UVB rays. To review… heat stress and exposure to the
sun are serious issues, but you can take measures to protect yourself and your crew. For more information on safety issues, current
regulations and safety products, contact the Gempler’s Golf Team. On behalf of Gempler’s and McCord Golf Services
and Safety, we hope you have a safe and productive summer!

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