Harrison Ford Discusses His Plane Crash
Harrison Ford Discusses His Plane Crash

– You crashed a plane,
and–and it was a– – The plane crashed.
I was aboard the plane… – I see.
– And it crashed. I didn’t–
– But you– but you were the only one
on the plane. – I was the only one
on the the plane. – Okay, so, somehow
the plane–what happened? – The plane had
a mechanical malfunction. – So when it starts
going down– and it–and you were on
a golf course which, you know,
lots of doctors. – Well, I wasn’t on
a golf course. – I was–
I was near a golf– I was near the airport,
and there happened to be a golf course there,
but there happened to be a lot of
other places that were not as attractive
landing sites– – Sure.
– As the golf course. I would have preferred
to land on the airport. – So you chose a golf course,
’cause doctors are there usually, so that would be
a good place to land. – That wasn’t–
I didn’t– I didn’t construct
such a complete understanding of the situation. I just landed
on the golf course, and there were doctors there.
– Yeah. Who probably should have been
at work. It was a Friday afternoon.
– Yeah. Thank God they weren’t.
They were there to help you. And then what happened?
What were the injuries? – Uh, they were, uh, uh–
a dislocated right ankle, and, uh,
a shattered pelvis, and a, uh, broken back, and a, uh,
serious bump on the head, with a major laceration.
– Wow. So–so, were you conscience? Other than that–nothing.
– Other than–okay. Other than that, you were good.
– Yeah. So, you flew me
in a helicopter, um– – Yes.
– And I saw that crash, and I was like, “Oh, boy.”
Um. [laughter] – ‘Cause you had flown–
and it was when you were shooting
“Six Days Seven Nights.” – That was like 12 years ago.
– I know. – So I had–12, yeah. – But you–we were so close
to the water, I remember when you were flying,
I was like, We’re so close
to the water. And then some body just told me
that you didn’t even have your license then. [laughter] – Actually, I told the guy
who I talked to, one of your producers
yesterday, I said, “I don’t know
what they were doing in the helicopter.
I didn’t even have a license.” [laughter] But I was a student.
Uh, I was– And uh, there was–
there was, you know, another pilot there. – Yeah, but you insisted
on flying. I reme–anyway, anyway. It was–it was, uh,
quite something. And when I saw the crash,
I was like, boy– ’cause I was–
I was nervous. But you are
a good pilot. And you do have your license,
and you are flying again. And I’m sure
Calista is thrilled about that. She must be so happy
you’re back in a plane. [laughter] – No.
– Yes, yes. – She fine–
she’s fine with it. Actually, she’s very supportive. She knows how much it–
it means to me. And she’s–
she’s, um–she’s okay. We–I fly her all the time
in our, you know, airplane. – In a new plane.
– In a newer plane. – Yeah, yeah, that would be–
that would be good.

100 thoughts on “Harrison Ford Discusses His Plane Crash”

  1. JapHomer Marquez says:

    Is he talking about a sequel fir Air Force One

  2. Ayyy Lmao says:

    "Snakes. I hate snakes…"

  3. richard50ification says:

    Let us be clear about it.  The plane crushed, but Mr. Ford landed safely.

  4. AdmiralSupreme says:

    I thought he was able to fly the Millennium Falcon properly.

  5. Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys says:

    Yo Harrison, you are so funny but, seeing that also in 2017 you made a "tech error", maybe you should hire a pilot😉😉😉. We all age & have to retire😉

  6. JK Vose says:

    he did said that he was bad at landing. "flying yes, land no."

  7. THUMPER_AHM says:

    i saw harrison ford crash a plane in riverside california

  8. Yashodhan Deré says:

    He looks stoned.

  9. i n says:

    space cowboys

  10. Mike12522 says:

    I love Harrison Ford, but he's had three other plane mishaps, in addition to this one. Something is wrong. Time for him to give up piloting ! I'd give him a complete car driving skills retest, too, to see if he should still be on the road.

  11. John Williams says:

    If you are a celebrity you can endanger the public for as long as you want.

  12. Tsnore says:

    Is he drunk here? Time for Han Solo to hang up his wings. He nearly killed 100 people at John Wayne a few weeks back as well.

  13. Lucas Guerra says:

    Harrison also accidentally landed on a taxi at one point….

  14. Piotr Kuler says:


  15. Sohailusive says:

    Was this before or after he mistakenly landed on a taxiway and almost hit a plane holding for departure?

  16. Barry Sabahat says:

    He landed on a taxiway by mistake. You should hear the atc conversation.

  17. David says:

    the guy has no buisness flying. he has made so many mistakes…

  18. Rodgie Christian Cruz says:

    lol this guy never really knew where to land. I'm actually suprised he still has a license. he actually has records and even safety charges from an airline who he took a runway from to land. saying "i got distracted"

  19. Itsmeeman1 says:

    Is that Harrison's gay manikin son?

  20. Mad Dog says:

    He had an incident where he landed on a taxi way when a airliner was holding short of the runway he was supposed to land on. He cleared the airliners rudder by less than 100ft

  21. The Roaming Tofu says:

    One year later: lands on taxiway, almost clipping a boeing 737 with passengers onboard.

  22. hinimee says:

    Harrison Wells.

  23. Woolburr says:

    I think he might be losing it. With this recent incident he shouldn't be flying anymore.

  24. MagneHalvard says:

    fsdo on speed dial on a dedicated fsdo only trakphone.

  25. Sock Owe says:

    Didn't he just have another incident last year, where he missed the runway and landed on the taxiway…..after nearly hitting a commercial airliner, by like 80 feet? Yeah Han, maybe you should stop going "solo" and leave the piloting to someone who is, let's say, more attentive behind the stick.😉

  26. Stephen Reed says:

    Kids… this is why you never fly Solo.
    End me.

  27. N O L A N M I L N E S says:

    This guy landed on a taxiway once. It's on YouTube.

  28. AnatoleH1 says:

    Well this guy sure crashed onto the Ellen Show

  29. NEVIN says:

    It's easy to fly through 12 parsecs in the galaxy but once you hit earths atmosphere it's a bitch to fly a plane

  30. Kodi Schitter says:

    I've heard a couple incidents involving Harrison ford piloting his plane haha. Maybe he should hire a pilot.

  31. adrian piekos says:


  32. Wade says:

    He wasn't the only one on the plane, he left that double agent die inside it.
    I saw it on a documentary called "AIR FORCE ONE"

  33. Michelle Whitley says:


  34. la marocchina piu bella del mondo says:

    I love that man

  35. Sergio Alcantar says:

    He doesn't take jokes very well.. lol

  36. Devon Zastre says:

    This was fun……we need more.

  37. Morris Falker says:

    It's safer to fly in a space ship.

  38. Tommy Hammernots says:

    Ho hum actor, ho hum pilot. Stick to being an asshole – where you do well.

  39. Hamish R says:

    not only this, Harrison Ford landed on a taxi way one at an international airport

  40. Davey Givens says:

    For a guy that's as powerful on screen as he is, Ford is a dump of an interview.

  41. Iman rayyan says:

    shot down by a tie fighter…

  42. Exanimalus says:

    shattered pelvis …. ouch

  43. No Name says:

    landed a plane on a taxi way as well. was that a mechanical malfuction?

  44. Juan Perez says:

    He seems confused somebody takes his license away before he kills himself

  45. Juan Perez says:

    And kills other people

  46. Serenity113 says:

    Willie Scott: "You know how to fly, don't you?" Indiana Jones: "… No. Do YOU?"

  47. Marky 4x4 says:

    is he on something? definitely. shouldn't be flying at all

  48. Teow Hai Way says:

    Han how many times I have to tell you. That toy plane is very much different than your Millennium Falcon!

  49. Nannada1212 says:

    Does anyone else hate Ellen's talking-down-to-you and rumor questions?

  50. LJ says:

    Wow how did you manage to fly the M. Falcon…

  51. angel alberto olivares ramirez says:

    I like how he acts the same with every host, some celebrities tend to act "sweeter" with Ellen, but not him, oh no. What a cool dude

  52. don ice says:

    I don't know if he adjusts his behavior with the host or the time of the show, but he seems to be nicer here compred to his late night talk show interviews.

  53. Henrik Rónai says:

    Well, could be worse, at least he didn't land on a taxiway…

    Oh… Wait… Nevermind

  54. FinnAL says:

    Just let chewbacca be your co-pilot..

  55. Blue Marshall says:

    Dart Vader was Playing Golf.

  56. Athos V says:

    And then he landed on the taxiway

  57. Helaficent says:

    Just wait

  58. More Jake03 says:

    I think he believed it was a malfunction but he doesn't know it was his fault because he only flys the milinium falcon. JK LOL 😂

  59. InternetPerson says:

    "Fly yes, land no" – Indiana Jones the last crusade

  60. Badger Fishinski says:

    I understand the golf course landing. It was a mechanical failure. What I don't understand is how the FAA did not require remedial training after his landing on a taxiway @ SNA. Imagine if it was a "regular Joe" landing on a taxiway at SNA? hmmm…I am happy for Harrison, but lost some respect for the FAA for not at least requiring Harrison to conduct remedial training.

  61. britbloc123 says:

    The world keeps trying to kill Harrison Ford.
    Harrison Ford keeps saying no.

  62. Supreme Bape says:

    harrison ford makes ellen look and sound like a idiot

  63. jaelynn zee says:

    Flying is safer than driving. I made a huge mistake as a teen, I could have gotten my single engine pilots license for FREE cuz my grandpa had two single engine planes. I wish someone had informed me that I shouldn't have thrown away that opportunity!

  64. SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire says:

    He was just a little bothered by the beginning statements. Ellen is pretty well spoken most the time but saying that he crashed the plane is not something a pilot wants to come across when the plane crashed because of a mechanical malfunction.

  65. Rose Love says:

    I'm the biggest fan of Harrison ford

  66. DUSTY1373 says:

    Liberal is to old to fly

  67. Hunter Jones says:

    For a guy that made the kessel run in under 12 parsecs he seems to be having issues with aircraft.

  68. Pandis Pandus says:

    Fly, yes! Land, no!

  69. Alexander the Ordinary says:

    He sounds nearly as blitzed as on the recording of his taxiway landing.

  70. Alexander the Ordinary says:

    No hes not a good pilot. Where did you hear that Ellen? He is good at flying prop sets for movies, but Ill bet you wouldn't fly with him again.

  71. davidrpando2 says:

    Anyone else notice that he is slow to gather his thoughts and speak? Constant disfluency and crutch words during speech. This is a sure sign of a permanent head-injury. Only recently, he landed his airplane on a taxiway instead of the big runway only 100 feet to the right of where he lined up to land. Piloting an airplane requires lightning fast thinking and processing, especially during the landing phase. He may be up there in age, but that isn't what is causing these symptoms. He's going to kill himself in an airplane if he keeps it up. Hopefully there won't be others with him or around him when he does.

  72. The Jew says:

    Fly yes!

    Land, NO!

  73. Chris says:

    totally understand why he chose the golf course.

  74. G-SUS Yolo says:

    We are fine. We are fine

  75. Chump Johnson says:

    Wonder if he mistook the accelerator for the brake like all old people

  76. kalel 311 says:

    Berore his airplane accident i had no idea Harrison was a pilot

  77. JLN 2004 says:

    Another happy landing?

  78. DEADPOOL LIVES says:

    Any one under 30 y/o here?

  79. ChermBo says:

    Then this jackoff landed on an active taxiway @ John Wayne and was < 100 ft away from killing > 100 people. STOP FLYING HARRISON! You suck at it.

  80. mike flynn says:

    How drunk is he on Ellen? Jeeze dude, get some help.

  81. Joshua Ford says:

    I wish Harrison was my uncle…. If that sounds weird blame my autism

  82. Andrew Grey says:

    He sounds drunk or on pills. Probably should quit flying around controlled airspace.

  83. julius ceasar says:

    that can't be your plane that must be your moma's plane

  84. He Huang says:

    He landed on a taxiway later in 2017

  85. tonyshifter says:

    Well, at least he was already wearing some Depends when he crapped his pants!

  86. Daria Takova says:

    This is a f*ng suit

  87. semper lacrimare says:

    Nice one kid. Don't get cocky

  88. Konstantin kon says:

    Thank goodness he didn't die

  89. KrisRaps says:

    Flying give freedom to a man

  90. The Meme Guy says:

    Guess he wasnt that good of the pilot.

  91. Jedgar says:

    The canned laughter is sickening.

  92. vaguemartin says:

    Six days seven nights was not 12 years ago. More like 22…

  93. Timothy Hickey says:

    Was this before or after he missed the runway in another incident and landed on the taxiway?

  94. RotorMickey 365 says:

    Cannot put two words together….never mind flying

  95. Cole Pratt says:

    My grandfather used to own the plane Ford crashed, he sold it to the guy who sold it to Ford.

  96. thetoecutter13 says:

    Ellen sucks.

  97. Gauhar Khan says:

    The force is strong with Harrison ford and the plane because they both were not damaged to much .

  98. Stephen Luke says:

    Ford was a good pilot just like Solo.

  99. Smokey 420 says:

    Harrison Ford is blessed.

    He survived the plane crash.

  100. Mr McGregor says:

    He was trying to do the kessel run.

    Ended up taking 17 parsecs in an uber.

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