Harbor Shores Golf Club #7, Par 4 | Pure Michigan 18
Harbor Shores Golf Club #7, Par 4 | Pure Michigan 18

So what makes this hole special is when
you drive up, you see a hole that not only looks incredibly cool but it’s very
visually intimidating. So when you step up, you’re looking out and all you see is
this giant dune of grass and bunkers. But what makes this hole really cool is
when you get to the top and you get over the hill and you walk to the green, you
look out and see Lake Michigan and you look back you see the whole backdrop of what
is hole seven. It’s more of a signature hole just in the sense that it kind of wraps
up what Harbor Shores has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Harbor Shores Golf Club #7, Par 4 | Pure Michigan 18”

  1. Daily Radio says:

    I've been there, and it is SO amazing.

  2. Adam Buzzo says:

    I got stung by a bee on that hole

  3. Jay D says:

    Michigan has the best pure original style golf courses. Those words were told to me by a Scottish Golf Pro who just moved to the states, but spent 3 years in Florida before. He flat out said Michigan is how golf courses are supposed to be designed. The Arizona's and Florida's are not how the traditionalist intended golf courses to be like. He said Michigan is as close to NOrthern England, Ireland and Scottish golf as you can get.

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