Happy Gilmore (6/9) Movie CLIP – Happy Goes Ballistic (1996) HD
Happy Gilmore (6/9) Movie CLIP – Happy Goes Ballistic (1996) HD

I think you should use
a five iron.
You think so? Give me my wedge. ## ##Matty told Hatty
about a thing she saw## Ha! Ha!
[ Imitates Gunshot ]
##Had two big horns## Five iron, huh?
Well, you’re fired. Bye-bye.
##And a woollyjaw## ##Woolly bully## Whoa!
[ Crowd Cheers ] ##Woolly bully
Woolly bully## ##Woolly bully####
Whoo! Yee-haw!Yee-haw.!
What are ya doin’, Happy,
ridin’ a bull? You’re actin’ like a damn fool! [ Cheering ]
Whee! Whee! [ Laughing ] [ Moos ]
Doin’the bull dance.Feelin’ the flow.
Workin’ it.
Workin’ it.On the 1 8th green,
Shooter McGavin is putting
for the win.Maybe it’s just me,
but his crowd
seems unusually small…for this type of moment.[ Man ]
[ Imitates Gunshot ][ Lundquist ] Most people
have found their way
over to Happy Gilmore.He’s been the talk
of the course
with his huge drives…and his amazingly
bizarre behavior.He’s on the 1 7th green
right now having a little
trouble closing out his day.Happy, the ball itself
has its own energy
or life force, if you will. Its natural environment
is in the hole. So why don’t you
send him home? His bags are packed.
He’s got his airplane tickets. Bring him to the airport.
Send him home. [ Chuckles ]
Yeah. Send him home. I just send him home.
It’s time to go home
there, ball. – [ Crowd Moans ] Ohh!
– You son-of-a-bitch ball.
Why didn’t you just go home? That’s your home!
Are you too good for your home?
Answer me!Suck my white ass,
ball.![ Crowd Shouting ]
Oh! Oh! [ Grunting ] [ Happy Cursing, TV Bleeping ]
Put out a press release…concerning Happy Gilmore
being thrown off the tour. I want a draft
by 6:00 p.m.
You’re right. He was outta line. Behavior
completely unacceptable.
[ Bleeping Continues ]But you know,
golf has been waiting
for a player like this: a colorful,
emotional working-class hero. I will not tolerate
behavior like this.
Gilmore is gone. I just got a call
from the Dallas Open. Their phones have been ringing
off the hook with people
who want to see Happy. They just sold out.
Already? He’s a little rough
around the edges,
but let me work with him.[ Bleeping ]
Piece of monkey sh–.!
Okay. Fine. But he’s
your responsibility. If he cleans up his act,
he can stay. If he doesn’t,
it’s your ass. And anymore of this–
[ Bleeping ]
Sucking co–.![ Grunts ]
There, you fu–in’ motherf–
And he’s gone.[ Bleeping Continues ]
You pu–y.!-itch.!
You play it where it lies.!Fu–you!

100 thoughts on “Happy Gilmore (6/9) Movie CLIP – Happy Goes Ballistic (1996) HD”

  1. ghfdfhfdndxhcg says:

    THIS Adam Sandler needs to come back, he seriously needs to clean up his act and return to his old ways of making people laugh.

  2. Master Assassin’s Demons says:

    1:48 me at black ops zombies

  3. Chr Har says:

    ANSWER ME!!!

  4. dudetocartman says:

    This scene is so classic! As I watch this and reading comments about the bleeping on the tv, it's getting me to ask about it. How does the censoring people censor the curse words at the right moments when Happy is so random with his words and it's live? I mean he could say a curse word at any moment and they would miss it. But on this, they get every one at random. That's what makes this interesting.

  5. Chris Finch says:

    2:04– F*ck through the right, by the f*ck!

  6. Christian Corcione says:

    This is just to funny!

  7. Kayla Rivera says:

    Literally just realized that that’s the woman who plays Claire in Modern Family 😂

  8. Arock Duece says:

    Alpha Male AF

  9. Yeshua Rodriguez says:

    0:35 when u get 23 kills and a victory royale

  10. Mystha says:

    When my brother loses a battle on a video game

  11. sj11791 says:

    "Happy goes ball-istic."

    I see what you did there..

  12. Howling Burd19 says:

    “5-Iron, huh? Well, you’re fired. Buh-bye.”

  13. freeze spell is awesome says:

    You think so… Give me my wedge

  14. freeze spell is awesome says:

    His bags are packed he's got his airplane tickets. Take Him to the airport send him home

  15. freeze spell is awesome says:


  16. A Hero’s Quest says:

    “You f#€!ing play where it lies! [email protected]€K YOU!”…… OMG…. that never gets old.

  17. freeze spell is awesome says:

    doin the bull dance feeling the flow

  18. rehab hashem says:

    Happy go ballistic, no kidding.

  19. Trippy Kid says:

    “5 Iron huh?” “Well your fired,bye!”

  20. LunaTwi01 says:

    Considering this is PG13.

  21. Kyle Vansteelandt says:

    This is probably either the only or one of the few parts that made me laugh because of how funny it is.

  22. The Coolest Pet in Town! says:


  23. RadioJHAlex sk1n says:

    This is A Adam Sandler Classic!~Alex

  24. s7s7Joy says:

    1:48 – it gets Good                                                                                                                                                                                            2:04 – ….then….it gets GREAT!!! LMFAO!!!

  25. Mikey Balboa says:

    I met Shooter and Chubbs. Both really nice guys.

  26. Justin Hughes says:

    At 0:59 the guy behind shooter is different than he changes 5 seconds later

  27. Jason Jones says:


    I believe this part made the movie

  28. cody mcqueen says:

    what are you doing happy riding a bull? your acting like a damn fool!

  29. Roblox King says:

    Happy Gilmore is cursing up a storm! XD

  30. Bengaltiger1 says:

    The lady in this scene is such a stunner. Love her expressions and gleaming eyes.
    Very dapper dress sense to hehe

  31. 許潤璋 says:

    It’s not funny that Happy acts like a baby (b*tch).

  32. Anthony Butler says:

    The flag went flying 😂

  33. lakernatic88 says:

    You BEEPing play it where it lies! BEEP you!!

  34. NoLimitJayB says:

    The part where his woman is talking to her boss is funny because of Happy cursing in the background 😂😂

  35. ed young says:

    155 people have no sense of humor

  36. first last says:

    reminds me of when my dad plays golf

  37. James Jones says:

    Glad to see Phil Mickelson

  38. J.R. Wavy says:

    I think he needs to see an anger management specialist. I recommend him to Dr. Buddy Rydell

  39. Josh Kuempfel says:

    5 iron huh? Well your fired buh bye

  40. AJ Playz says:

    This is the funniest scene of the movie

  41. Adam 1998 says:

    1:56 SUCK MY WHITE ASS, BALL!! This part always cracks me up, lol 😂

  42. Joe Barksdale says:

    The drastic change in his attitude is the funniest part imo

  43. Matt Spark says:

    1:47 Thank Me Later.

  44. lm4hustla says:

    Ne more of this …rolls him the hill lmao

  45. Bobbie R says:

    What's crazy is that this is how golf is treated today with the losers who wanna be golfers … last time I golfed, I couldn't believe the behavior and caliber of "golfers" on the course. No respect.

  46. Dillon Dillweed says:

    Am I happy?

  47. Tyler Durden says:

    My laughter begins every time he says "Time to go home there, ball."

  48. beatlemaniac2015 Robert Boyd says:

    I swear. I am in tears. 😂😂😂😂 happy Gilmore cussing the golfball out is comedy gold

  49. beatlemaniac2015 Robert Boyd says:

    The beeping makes it so much funnier 😂😂😂😂

  50. Detmstr says:

    My opinion, the funniest part was "PIECE OF MONKEY SH(BLEEP!)

  51. Legit LlamA says:

    JuSt Go hOMe

  52. Tyler Wedell says:

    You (beep) play it where it lies
    (Beep) you lmfao

  53. jgool10 says:

    Pep talk I give myself every time I putt

  54. Cookie Dough says:

    It goes up down and around, get in with the flow, up down and around up down and around.


  55. Blinkysaurus Rex says:

    This is scene is great, even though Happy goes from 0 to 100 in an instant, there's still an escalation. I can usually keep it together right up until he yells "ANSWER ME!" at the ball.

  56. Melissa Perez says:

    Any movie with Adam Sandler is the best I couldn't stop laughing

  57. Kyle's X3R says:

    Absolute golden! Loved this movie. Adam Sandler 1 in a million

  58. Chanel -Segura says:

    Chubs is my favorite part 😂

  59. Ethan Buss says:

    1:48 When you are playing golf it and the ball stops a little bit short of the hole

  60. PotawatomiThunderNew says:

    I love the fact that he demands a golf ball to answer him. 🤣

  61. MiGamer2O1 says:

    Top 5 Best Adam Sandler Films

  62. Hype Gamer says:

    1:48 when your bad

  63. Gloria F says:

    1:46 That was quite a weak putt! Then he really thunders out! Really hilarious! 😄

  64. Drone everyone says:

    0:47 Hey waterboy…

  65. PDAF-12 - PACYBITS and Others says:

    2:36 BE A (F-WORD NOT BLEEPED) SH#$.

  66. Dan Jamison says:

    He never fired his caddy, he’s still there at 1:05 lol

  67. EMMA NONE OF YOURS says:

    This is me after 30 mins of being at work

  68. Jed Hawkins says:

    Golf used to belong to the super rich, now it belongs both the economically diverse audience, all thanks to the golfing bad boy, Happy Gilmore

  69. MilesTails101 says:

    F#&$&# WITH THE WRONG MOTHER F*&#%!!!

  70. Damien Cisneros says:

    Son of bitch ball why don't you just go home! 😆😂

  71. jay mxna says:

    When someone kills me in fortnite

  72. Jaden N. Hernandez says:

    more like GOLF BALListic

  73. Robert Harvey says:


  74. Robert Harvey says:


  75. Raymond Amosa says:

    The Cursing on 2:36 lmao he said something about a monkey? I don't know but I cannot stop laughing 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  76. Raymond Amosa says:

    That ending though. "Beeeep You!!!!" 😂😂😂😂

  77. BlotRorschach says:

    Julie Bowen is unreasonably attractive in this movie.

  78. Brendan Hunter says:

    Crazy she's the mom in modern family

  79. FREADYXD1995 XD1XL says:

    EEEEEE RRRRRRR MUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. John Fortnite Kennedy says:

    Happy was golfing in the yuttaz

  81. Brian Cerna says:

    1:48 Scared beyond Straight

  82. Thomas Clements says:

    This is the funniest movie ever.

  83. Chris Mequet says:

    When he throws the guy i always lose it

  84. MrRopes55 says:

    “You play it where it lies!!!”

  85. Clayton says:


    That’s how I felt at Survivor Series 2014 when Team Authority lost.

  86. rusty shakelferg says:

    One of the movies that made golf funny

  87. Hunter Smith says:

    I feel bad for Kevin Nealon's character here.

  88. Artez The Mage says:

    I died when I saw this scene

  89. CIDES says:

    Maybe the ball is homeless?

  90. Wade Diedrich says:


  91. Pickman says:

    The only movie Adam Sandler was good in

  92. HBSThugLife says:

    This will never not be funny 😂😂😂

  93. Armando Sanchez says:

    Mike tyson

  94. Dante Del Valle says:

    Idk who’s worse Happy or Tiger Woods??

  95. LethalPOMSKY says:

    I mean honestly I'd fire him too if he said 5 iron. Like wtf…

  96. Preston Kulper says:

    IM so fancy YOu already now

  97. sheepboy255 says:

    My science teacher is named mr lundquist…

  98. Ayano says:

    Is that Claire from Modern family?

  99. Koolavinine X says:

    LOL @ that ground roll at the end.

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