Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko (I24News)
Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko (I24News)

In a world where people become stars
from filing their patent and uploading to the web hard work is not always appreciated.
Hanna has built her career from pure hard work and persistence. She started training at the age of 10,
completely certain that this is her goal in life. Competing for the ultimate recognition of any
athlete in London Olympic Games where she jumped only few inches away from an
Olympic Medal. I want to jump better and better all the
time. We always need to think about the next destination (goals). When based in the Ukraine, with many competitions around the globe, life brought
Hannah a surprise – Anatoly. We met in the Ukraine
I was there in training camp it was not love at first sight but after a
few months we started talking via skype and meeting more and more after two years we knew this is it! And… I asked her to marry me… Love, made Hannah take a brave decision to leave everything behind. Family, friends and a
promising career, and to move to Israel, where she immediately
became the big hope for a medal in 2016 Rio Olympic Games. In Ukraine they always talk about how
dangerous Israel is and that there’s no normal life, only
conflict. But I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. It’s all good here. Israel is not a
natural place for professional athlete. Its facilities are poor, it is poor in
developments, and tradition is minimal. Its success are almost always associated with other immigrants such as Alex Aberboch and Matusevich. It was different in Ukraine.There’s are training camps there with a lot of athletes. Here (in Israel) I’m training by
myself. It was difficult but I got used to it. There were a lot of problems, mainly the
language, but now it’s fine. I love Israel, I love Israelis and I love the sun, I feel good here. A casual meeting at the gym with David Chissick, a High-Tech Media businessman, enabled Hanna to pursue her dreams and
keep on jumping for an Israeli medal. Hanna’s self-disciplined is
expressed not only in her daily sports routine but also in her efforts to learn Hebrew. In order
to be a part of the local community she insists on speaking Hebrew all the
time. While dreaming of having an Israeli family, an
Israeli medal and… … just being Israeli

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