Haiku Stairs: The ILLEGAL Stairway to Heaven
Haiku Stairs: The ILLEGAL Stairway to Heaven

Dan: Don’t do it Zack! Dont do it! Zack: I’m doin it!! Dan: Dont jump the fence! Its Illegal! Dan: Thats a beautiful shot right here… There’s your stairs! [Classical Piano Music Playing] Zack: In 1942 on the Hawaiian island of Oahu,
The United states Navy constructed a set of 4000 stairs to access a secret radio station
on top of the mountains. This stairway is called the the Haiku Stairs,
and accurately nicknamed ‘The Stairway to Heaven’, You’ll see why in just a second. [Classical Piano Music Playing] The radio station at the top of the Haiku
stairs was used to communicate with the United States navy all across the pacific during
the 2nd World War. Initially the Stairs leading to the top of
the mountain were made out of wood, but were replaced in the 1950s by a more structurally
secure, metal staircase. After the war, the radio tower was eventually
converted into an Omega navigation system, which transmitted low frequency radio signals
as a kind of old school GPS for ships and aircraft. This was also subsequently shutdown when GPS
Satellites became more mainstream. But the beautiful stairway was left in place,
and in tact. Even though the stairs themselves have been
closed to the public since 1987, that doesn’t keep people from ignoring no trespassing signs
and climbing the stairs themselves to enjoy this world wonder. Often, as I personally found out a few years
ago, trespassers get cited by the local police on the way down. In 2003, the city spent $875,000 repairing
the stairs. But even after that, the constant flow of
trespassers, the precarious location, and the aggressive foliage has left the stairs
again in major need of repair.. Unfortunately though, Just last year in 2016, the
land owners, the Hawaii Board of Water Supply, commissioned a team to study the environmental
impact of dismantling and removing the Stairway to Heaven. That means this hike, and this view,
would be inaccessible for future generations. Taking down the stairs would be removing a
one of the most unique and beautiful pieces of history we have from World War Two. Personally I think Hawaii could make a huge
profit by turning the hike into a lottery system like California does with The Yosemite
Half Dome Hike. Hawaii would get money for stairway maintenance, and
people could participate in one of the most beautiful hikes in the world… legally. Do you think the stairs should be removed
from the mountain? Let me know in the comments. All of this aerial footage you saw was filmed with
a DJI Mavic. Hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this
video, and subscribe for more videos like this in the future. Thanks for watching. Ill see you around.

100 thoughts on “Haiku Stairs: The ILLEGAL Stairway to Heaven”

  1. 1turrialba says:

    Incredible video! Reminds me of my home Costa Rica! Beautiful!!

  2. Viktor Razavi says:

    hell no

  3. Infinite Energy says:

    heck no those look so nice

  4. Brogan Hanna says:


  5. SUV Tropics says:

    Noooo. I want to go there.

  6. SUV Tropics says:

    I love your channel dude. We need more of this. A spec of positivity in this dark pit called youtube.

  7. ThePeoplesChamp says:

    I'm from Australia and I think Hawaii should keep it! It's beautiful and provides the means for adventure!

  8. charles aipia says:

    Just leave it as is it’s nice

  9. aarsh shah says:

    Never . Instead they should build a proper stairs.
    Such a beauty is that.
    Brilliant engineering

  10. Kingshuk Sarkar says:

    The view! 😰😰😱

  11. Marcus Nagy says:


  12. CoolKid 591 says:

    They should keep the haiku stairs

  13. Henry Crotty says:


  14. MohamadTheBoss 302 says:

    No! I'm so sad that they will take the stairs off😩😩:-( 🙁

  15. Jack Dowell says:

    no don't take it down

  16. Alfred Meza says:

    Thanks for the Video!

  17. MohamadTheBoss 302 says:


  18. Rylee Shoaf says:


  19. planespotting italy says:

    The radio is ex nuber station?

  20. Slash3r3000 Gaming says:

    nooo hope they don't remove them

  21. MADJRAD says:


  22. Sinexityy says:

    No we need less fat Fortnite players

  23. TAPP Channel says:

    I was there last month 🙂 Beautiful experience and its worth that 1000$ fine risk… Just made a video of it… Whenever I'll be back at Oahu I'll definitely will do that again!!!

  24. MoReOrLeSs44 says:

    If they did $10 a person to keep the stairs maintained?

  25. RØB says:

    Removing these stairs will be a big shit!!

  26. Richard Grega says:

    They should repair the stairs and open the the public under supervision

  27. Thunderbolt says:

    Wow! That drone goes so very high

  28. Erron_Gaming says:


  29. J024 says:

    Removing it will help to preserve nature. The problem with tourism is littering by said tourists.

  30. chanithu Rithmal says:

    ofcourse not

  31. its_a_trab says:

    Thats straight outta tomb raider

  32. Ankur Apu says:

    Wow wow wow. It's so beautiful so beautiful that i am feeling i am flying There

  33. loyodea221 says:


  34. X nightSCP says:

    2:46 I think they should keep it but the only thing they have to put a system and also work the stairs if you say fix it and also for nobody is like fat and that experience to people I am trying to say they should keep it

  35. chaoscapricorn13 says:

    I used to live In mililani, and did haiku stairs many times, it should honestly stay.

  36. Freddie Manaton says:

    Song name please?

  37. thedoorider says:

    Great video!! I think a lottery system to hike would be good for the state & public!

  38. সজীব কোষ says:


  39. Levian & Z Nachtschatten says:

    Would love to ride down the stairs on downhill bike!

  40. Hetzerogeneous says:

    Do we want it removed? No, I would love to climb these stairs.
    But is removing it good for the surrounding environment? Most probably yes.

  41. umar mughal says:

    Jerry! This is so beautiful, didn't find it in recommended videos before. Masterfully done.

  42. Joseph mALKOM says:

    Hell no – stairs should be turned into a sky tram

  43. Kyoko Chez says:


  44. Abdul Zaini says:

    Oh no in case i visit Hawaii id love to try

  45. Abdul Zaini says:

    Oh no in case i visit Hawaii id love to try

  46. captain_11o4 says:

    Mount Chilliad

  47. gamer boy says:

    No don't remove the stairs

  48. I Cant Walk says:

    I live in hawaii. Ive done this hike a couple times. Its really fun to do. But closed now. Its dangerous

  49. deva raven says:


  50. Steven42 productions says:

    I just came from Oahu and thair is too meny hikes and people do the stairway to heven ALOT o thow its illegle

  51. Steven42 productions says:

    No they should not thats a pise of amarican history its the 3rd most known pice of history from the war it would de like destroying pearl harbor and ford Island or like takeing the. USS Arizona out of the water wich would destroyed it and it is agenst the law to even set a finger on the USS Arizona same with USS Missouri or USS Virginia THEY AR A piece of History that ever one will remember

  52. Leo Sanchez says:


  53. L i Pradhan says:

    No this is terrible for history I am against left them alone for future generation

  54. Quinn Greenlee says:

    Honestly them closing it off is like a petty arguement

  55. Sean Jayson says:

    Jerryrigeverything is now my favorite channel. Didn’t know that you have contents like this 😊

  56. Land Locked says:

    I'd put in a cable car, that way even the elderly and disabled can enjoy it.

  57. Luke Wantink says:

    No no no

  58. Christopher Barger says:

    Its bullshit.

    I fucking hate Hawaii and the democrat leaders here. Being stationed here is a pain. There’s lots of cool shit. But lots of it is illegal or closed.

    Can’t wait to get off this island.

  59. hansdegebruiker says:

    Nice vid and a great story. Thanks. And your idea about the lottery system is great. The stairs should be preserved.

  60. Larieb Ahmed says:

    Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  61. isabel DeArresemartin says:

    Aposlutly not they shouldnt take the stairs away

  62. kay fusion says:

    No it should not be removed it is a piece of history

  63. AG Geek says:

    They should not be removed

  64. Susan Redmond says:

    Awesome hike. This was a weekend favorite for our family and friends for many years! Great idea to limit participation to a lottery system and keep this treasure available for future hikers!

  65. Broadcast Gaming says:

    No they should not remove the stairs, I have walked up to them before in Hawaii it was the most beautiful thing of ever seen.

  66. runningwithshemp says:

    One issue with keeping it open is seed contamination from invasive species from dirty boots and shoes. The Koo'lau summit ridge has one highest concentration of endemic plants, land snails, insects, and birds in the world. Well not speculator as New Caledonia or Madagascar the Hawai'ian archipelago give scientist a chance to study adoptive radiation like no other ecosystem. Since the majority of fauna at the summit are critically endangered, DLN&R, DAR generally have to adhere to guidelines put forth by USFW&S/Endangered Species Act of 1973. True you access the summit trail from Hawai'i Kai, Manana, Poamomho, etc, but since they are is quite technical and someone remote it keeps most people out. Even with lottery with minimal access (like visiting the Trinity test site), and a requirement new boots (like required research trip for the North West Hawai'ian islands) the liability, disruption of neighborhood, ecological stuff the chance of ever being open to public is pretty minimal.

  67. C.G.Esq. says:

    You should more videos like this

  68. Aemon MEAS says:

    It should a world heritage site or something

  69. Nelson Phillips says:

    Google Haiku Police Guard and you will see encounters with the Police & Guard at 18 minute mark of the video, hilarious interaction with the Guard & at the end of the climb down. Click on video with Stop Sign. Muffins helped too.

  70. patricia russell says:

    no removal

  71. Vitor Madeira says:


  72. Cristie Johnson says:


  73. G S says:

    It looked more like a documentary. Zach must now officially voice documentaries and replace Morgan Freeman.

  74. Nikolay Sedletskiy says:

    Amazingly beautiful mountains and view! Thanks for the video, and I wish we can contribute somehow to keep the stairs maintenance running for the next generations!

  75. phcnh says:

    Hawaii sucks!

  76. lol Dragonfru says:

    Stairs stairs stairs… why not a elevator and roll down the short trip on the mountain of there were a emergency?

  77. Jackson Mohr says:

    i dont think they should get rid of the stairs

  78. zainuddin shahrizal says:


  79. YFN_L3GEND_GAM1NG 45 says:

    No it should not be removed because it like a landmark to our country. I don’t know if this makes sense but it proves to we four threw WWII

  80. Jarod Hoekstra says:

    How much is the citation?

  81. Jack Apple says:

    Do not romove the stairs or I kill you stair romover

  82. Dylan Kash says:

    I live on the island of Oahu and see those stairs all the time

  83. USoSilly Tome says:

    Keep the Stairs…!!!

  84. Jonathan Ramirez says:

    It's on the Kaneohe side of the island. Beautiful side of the island. They still haven't gotten rid of the stairs, but recently a famous person named Beth Chapman died there from the series "Dog the Bounty Hunter". So now they're taking considerations of removing it, but a date hasn't been officially confirmed yet.
    Mahalo Nui Na kane and Wahine from Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

  85. mango the wolf 2 says:

    These stairs shouldn't be removed cuz of the history it has and as you said if they take the stairs away they would be removing history maybe the stairs are still thare In 2019

  86. lez paul says:

    Love this type of vids! Hope you get to make more like this!

  87. THE CABBIE IN THE #YYJ says:

    Make it public

  88. Nyxlich says:

    There are actually 8 wonders of the world, one of them is illegal tho. 🙁

  89. martin swift says:

    No way it's too beautiful to remove!!!

  90. Ezequiel R. Gutierrez says:

    I think the government should preserve that site. For being a historical place.

  91. TNT In Puerto Rico says:

    should leave it so the public. Could visit it it is beautiful.

  92. braddahjerry says:

    One thing people should know about hiking the stairs is that one of the reasons why it's in hot debate is that the residents that live there are tired of the constant trash, noise, and sometime trespassing that goes on when people attempt to illegally hike. Respect the people that live near these trails and the trails themselves. I have hiked alternative routes to the top of the trails before without going on the stairs. I see the rubbish that people leave there so I understand the residents frustrations and their support in dismantling it. You respect the land and it's people.

  93. Cherry Berry48 says:

    i think the stairs should stay, i mean why take ever enjoyment away from humans?

  94. Vas Biliychuk says:

    I live on Oahu and I’ve been to the top a few times but from the legal backside hike, people are fighting tooth and nail to keep the stairs and I hope we get to keep this cool part of history

  95. CleanDinosaur 28 says:


  96. Kaeto Nwosisi says:

    No they shouldn’t remove it

  97. Pritam Dugar says:

    Please give your voice to a documentary.

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