Guests : TWICE’s Tzuyu, Sana&Jeongyeon, Lee Jiae, Lee Minwoong [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.04.16]
Guests : TWICE’s Tzuyu, Sana&Jeongyeon, Lee Jiae, Lee Minwoong [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.04.16]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National Competition on Worries! They are part of a lovely girl group. TWICE’s Tzuyu, Sana and Jeong-yeon. (TWICE’s Tzuyu, Sana, Jeong-yeon) You’re so beautiful. Entertainer Lee Jiae. Welcome. (Entertainer Lee Jiae) EXO of the home shopping industry, Lee Minwoong. (EXO in the home shopping industry, Lee Minwoong) (High expectations) Lee Jiae, how do you feel to be back here? It feels like home so I feel at ease. And the way everything is set up today looks just like my home. This is what your place looks like? Maybe it’s because Lee Jiae was coming today, but the ambience of the set changed today. It happened to change just this week. Many things have changed here, right? Yes. There is a new snack bar here. That’s because of me. How could this be? A beautiful girl next to a beautiful girl. Then there is another beautiful girl. You three are in charge of beauty in your group? In charge of beauty? Yes, that’s right. (Oh, whatever, I’ll just say it) – She said yes. / – Maybe not you, Jeong-yeon. (You really are beautiful) What don’t you like about your looks? My hands are ugly. What’s wrong with them? They are so wrinkly. That’s not true. Dongyeob, your hands are too big, right? Yes, a bit. – He has big hands. / – They’re too big. – He can cover his face with them. / – Too big. I have a big face, but small hands. Such small heads. (Mismatch of face and hands) How could that be? Let’s switch hands. I’ve always had big hands. I… (Now that looks about right…) How amazing. Are we talking about mysteries of our bodies? Every time you release a song, it’s a hit. Let’s take a look. “What is Love?” (Here is their newly-released song) (“What is Love?” / TWICE) (Refreshing) (TWICE’s upbeat, heart-throbbing dance) (Attacking our hearts) (Getting the mood up) (Cheerful and bright as warm spring sunshine) (Cheerful and bright as warm spring sunshine) (Love will come to you tonight) (TWICE is the best) They are lovely as usual. Great job. You may not know this, but Minwoong helped our economy in a big way. You sold over tens of millions of dollars? I normally sell kitchen fixtures. Changing people’s sinks. When sales are high, I sell over $4 million in just one hour. In one hour? We sometimes have trouble pronouncing Korean. Members who are from overseas must’ve made mistakes pronouncing Korean at first. – At first. / – Yes. Do you remember any examples? I was supposed to say how I felt about one day on TV. Instead of saying, “It was wonderful.” I said, “It was awful.” (Oh my god) I accidentally said, “It was awful.” How was the shoot today? It was awful. How was it today? It was awful. It was awful? They laughed so hard. We’ll ask how it was today at the end. We have three concerns today as well. Please show us the keywords. “Miserable Life.” “Don’t Stop Me.” “Stop the Roller.” This is a girl who’s about to get sick. It’s titled, “Don’t stop me!” Hello. I’m a girl who’s scared of teenage moodiness. Why? I think I’m going be bitter next year. She’s worried in advance. This is all because of my mom. I was in 4th grade. “Mom! I have a dream.” “What is it?” – “A singer-songwriter.” / – That’s great. “Don’t be ridiculous! Forget it! You don’t have the talent! Becoming a comedian suits you better.” Does she think it’s easy to become a comedian? “There aren’t fat, untalented singers like you.” All fat people are comedians? So I really worked hard. “I passed the audition, Mom! I need your permission for the second round. You’ll sign for it, right? Right?” “If you got in, anyone could have.” She didn’t let me go and I cried for 3 days. Please help her change her mind. You’re idol singers. How do you feel? The fact that she has a dream… But her mom says no. What about your parents? My parents supported me 100%. When did you start your training? When I was in 7th grade. This is the same situation. But from the parents’ perspective, they’re afraid that their kids will miss out on other things. What if the child can’t do anything in the end? The child must experience failure herself. Right. It’s her decision. If the family keeps changing it for her, it’ll become a grudge. I changed my job later in life, too. What did you do before? I was a designer of men’s clothing. Oh, that’s why you’re dressed so well. I thought you were dressed too extravagantly. There’s a tiger on the jacket. Let’s bring her out. Please come on out. (Whose mother won’t let her be a singer?) She opened the door herself. (Heo Hyeyeong) Hello. I’m Heo Hyeyeong and I’m in 7th grade. – Nice to meet you. / – Hyeyeong. You’re about to get teenage angst because of your mom? I just hit puberty. If I get angsty too I really may get in trouble since she’s opposing my dream so much. Are you nervous being here? Would you like to drink a glass of water? Why can’t you figure out what she wants? – Tzuyu. / – Talk to her. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on TV so I’m very nervous, too. Everyone gets nervous here. So you want to become a singer-songwriter? When I was in fourth grade, I first saw AKMU on television. They write their own songs, lyrics, play the guitar and sing to comfort others. I thought that was amazing so that’s my dream. But your mom opposes? I’ve written letters, and called for over 2 years. To your mom? She said, “You won’t make it anyway.” Why does she say that? In audition programs, judges criticize the participants. She said that they all apply to me. She says that I should become a comedian instead. It’s not easy to become a comedian either. Has she seen you perform? A little bit. I don’t think I’m that terrible. You said you passed the first round? – Yes. “KPOP STAR.” / – “KPOP STAR.” You did? You passed the first round? Yes. Only those with talent can pass the first round. – She has the basic talent. / – Right. What about the second round? I needed my parents’ permission for that. She wouldn’t sign the consent form, so I couldn’t go to the second round. You could’ve won if she had just signed it. I cried for 3 days straight. Have you tried talking to her about it? Yes, but all she wants me to do is study. She says that’s the only way I can live life comfortably. Why does she insist on having her way? You’re not here because you hate studying, right? Right. I get good enough grades. You do? Maybe you should fail all your classes then. Then she will give up on you studying. (I see) I mostly got As and Bs. Then in high school… I mean middle school. You’re funny. You could become a comedian. Let’s talk to her mom now. Nice to meet you. Hello. – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. You’ve been smiling since she came out here. Do you understand your daughter’s concern? No, I don’t. – Why not? / – Why can’t you understand? Not anyone can become a singer. It’s not all about working hard. Look at how beautiful they are. You have to be beautiful. But look at her. (She’s not beautiful enough) Why are you saying that? Why are you saying that? She’s your own daughter. What I’m jealous of you is that your daughter already knows what she wants to do in life. But you’re stopping her from pursuing it. You have to be entertaining and play instruments well. She just can’t make it. (That’s so harsh) She just can’t make it. She always puts music on and dances in front of me. It just makes me laugh. That’s why I think she should become a comedian. You’ve already decided that she isn’t good enough to make it, right? Yes. She talked about “KPOP STAR” earlier. She just can’t make it. All the criticism that judges said apply to her. She never even got to try. You never signed the consent form. Let’s say she went to the second round. It’s not a short distance to travel. Like we said earlier, if she tried and failed the audition, she will give up herself. But you’re cutting it off before that. She tried to convince you by writing letters. I know she won’t make it. I know she’ll fail as soon as she goes for it. I’m afraid that if she fails an audition she’ll lose her self-esteem. She’ll be more hurt than she’s hurt now. No. She needs to face that herself. I can’t stand to watch her be hurt. – That’s not true. / – That’s just an excuse. You said no because it’s meaningless for her to travel all the way to Seoul. That’s why you said no. Here she is in Seoul again. In the end. Yes, I was against it yet here we are in Seoul again. Look at it this way. Did you ever think that she’s more hurt by you than she’d be by failing the second round of the audition? She needs to face the truth. We were hurt by you, too. “Don’t become a singer. Just become a comedian.” That’s very hurtful. Just in this short moment, everyone knows that you’re the one who’s hurting her the most. On the count of three, point at the person who’s hurting her the most. Can we not do this? It’s fun. It’s fun. My daughter is very young right now. She must know what’s hot so she doesn’t touch it. So I let her touch it lightly. She realizes that it’s hot and never touches it. I think it’s being more supportive to watch her and support her until she realizes what’s dangerous and what doesn’t suit her. I did the same thing to my son before. I stopped him from touching something hot. Then I wanted him to see how hot it was. “Hey!” And he splashed it on me. There’s no one I can trust. “Why didn’t you tell me that it’s hot?” As a child grows up and experiences failure, she doesn’t get hurt. She’s just realizing that she failed. It’s a process of learning. You’re abusing her with facts. Look. You use such harsh words. I think it’s better for me, her mom, to hurt her than for her to get hurt by others. No. You’re supposed to encourage her. Mother. You’re very mistaken. Which book told you that? “It’s better for me to hurt her than others.” Who says that? Do you want her to study only? She always locks her door, listens to music and dances every day. I’m afraid she’ll get too into it. She sounds like she’s getting good grades. It was easy when she was in elementary school. But it’s different in middle school. (Depressed) Does she support you in other things? She tends to support me in things that she wants me to pursue. I support her enough. In fourth grade she wanted to enter a speech contest. So I sent her to a speech school. She took classes for about a year and won awards in provincial competitions. I came in second and third place, but… And then? She yelled at you? She yelled at you for coming second? She must have a lot of pent-up anger against her mom. She has so much pent up. – You don’t believe in her. / – It’s upsetting. Why did you yell at her for coming in second? Must she always be in first place? If she did a bit better, she would’ve been no. 1. You’re just being greedy. Winning second place is good too! You should’ve praised her for winning. If you say, “Why couldn’t you be no. 1?” Then she won’t want to do it. You are thinking that your daughter doesn’t have the talent to become a singer, right? She must do her best to become a singer and experience failure herself and get hurt to move onto the next step. But you keep saying that she’s not talented. Then all she can feel is hatred towards you. That’ll leave a grudge in her heart forever. She does have a little talent in singing. But in my opinion, she can never become a singer-songwriter. She can’t dance. If you let her take some music classes it’ll help in her future. Even if she doesn’t become a singer. She is a horrible dancer. Even so… She just isn’t cut out for it. Why are you keep laughing? You’ll see how bad she is later. I mean, why are you keep laughing? I keep thinking of how she dances. Her voice when she sings. It’s funny just thinking about it? She dances funny? She just flounders around. It’s not dancing. Really? When she first came out, she spoke so well. But now that you’re talking, she’s not looking at you and has her head down now. She’s lost her self-esteem. Do you lose confidence in front of your mom? You get frustrated? What else are you upset about? I was the class vice president once and in 5th grade, I was the class vice-chairman. I am a vice president now, too. She tells me, “Why can’t you become the class chairman or class president?” (Hahaha) She never praised you when you were the vice president or vice chairman. How many students are in your class? – 25 students. / – 25? Then what about the other 23 students, ma’am? What do you think of them? I was never a class president. Saying that is just downright wrong. But there is something she meant to say. Something she never expressed. “You’re good enough to become a president.” If you say that, it wouldn’t be so hurtful. You just want her to do better, right? She’s always the vice president. I say it so she can do better. You’re laughing but that laughter is what upsets her the most. Right. She could think, “Am I a joke to her?” But I understand how Mom feels. She’s afraid that if Hyeyeong gets too into this, Hyeyeong will get hurt again. Right. That’s why she’s jokingly talking to make it seem like it’s not a big deal. I get that. But your method of not trying to hurt her is disadvantageous, in my opinion. I think you should try to talk to her seriously. I’m sure did it out of awkwardness. But it’s time to do that now. You were a teenager once. At this age, they think they’re all grown up. If you oppose her randomly based on your own judgment, she will start to rebel. Talk to her in a serious manner so that she can understand your point of view. Today, we’ll speak to her as… As… Human to human, Mom. For real. She’s not your youngest daughter now. She’s another human being. What else upset you? She keeps asking me to do business with her. – What? / – She wants me to do business together. – With you? / – Yes. What are you talking about? What business? Why are you talking about a business now? She does treat you as another human being. (Not just a human, a business partner this time!) What business? She’s asking you to be her business partner? She sells cosmetics as a side job. In 4th grade, she gave me some hand cream and asked me to sell them to my friends. So I got them and… – You sold them? / – I sold them all. – All of them? / – Yes. You’re smart. She says that I should become a businesswoman. She gave you hand cream and you sold them all? Why don’t you become a TV salesperson? She’s eloquent, too. She’s clear about what she wants to do. Were you joking when you talked about business? Right? I’ve been raising my 3 kids by myself since Hyeyeong was 4. So I couldn’t make ends meet with my job alone. You had your reasons. So I had to get a second job. One day, Hyeyeong asked me, “Should I sell hand cream to my friends?” – She cared for Mom. / – Yes. So I gave her 8 tubes. She really did sell them all. She has the skills to be a businesswoman. (Why does a compliment make me cry?) That’s when you suggested doing business together? So you asked her to do business with you? Later. – Later. / – Oh, not now. Her older siblings are Taekwondo athletes. Their paths for the future are set. But she doesn’t seem to have a specific… It’s just my greed. Since she’s not good at anything. She is saying that you have no talent for music. What do you think? If I keep learning and working at it, someday, maybe years down the road, I could be good at it. I could be good at it. She brought the lyrics she wrote. Let’s take a look. – This is it? / – Yes. Lyrics notebook. (She never formally learned how) (But she wrote down her dreams every day) (What’s inside this young girl’s lyric notebook?) It’s a rap titled “Shadow.” Incomplete. ♪ No matter how colorful my clothes are ♪ ♪ The shadow is black ♪ ♪ No matter how pretty I doll myself up, it’s black ♪ (Beware of hip hop swag) I like that one. “Failure is the mother of success. I haven’t met that mother yet ” ♪ Failure is the mother of success ♪ ♪ I haven’t met that mother yet ♪ – Not bad. / – Not bad! Let’s look at another one. – It’s rhythmical. / – Right. – Don’t stop. / – It sounds like a song. ♪ Don’t stop ♪ (I won’t give my song to that old guy) ♪ Don’t stop ♪ (Shin Dongyeob, host of “Immortal Songs”) I’m glad you became a comedian. (He’s a perfect TV host) I ended the song. ♪ There are so many ♪ Everything she wrote is about how she feels. “I’m struggling, but I’ll make it.” That’s what’s she’s saying. Everything is about encouraging people. “The world is dark and I’m tired. But I still want to struggle to get out.” Have you read her lyrics? This is my first time. I realize now I should’ve listened to her more. (Smile) I’m realizing that now. She’s desperate. That’s what I’ve realized today. Why didn’t you show these to your mom? I was scared. You thought she would just yell at you? You two never communicate with each other. That’s why she just assumed that you’d yell at her. I’m sure she’s proud of her. But she just wants something better for her girl. She’s crying after reading her daughter’s lyrics. That’s how desperate she was. It’s time that Mom accepts Hyeyeong’s dreams. But Hyeyeong’s talent is very important, too. – Do we get to see her perform? / – Yes. Great. She will perform BOL4’s song. Sing a cappella. A cappella? No accompaniment? You could sing something else, too. Hang in there! – Why are you trembling? / – Look at her. You can do it! You can do it! (It’s overwhelming for a 14-year-old girl) BOL4. “Some.” You can just sing a short excerpt. Just a single verse. Why don’t you sing along with me? ♪ Majestic Inwangsan ♪ Sing along with me. What are you doing? Why are you singing a school song? See? She can’t sing. How can she sing at an audition? Think about it. What experience could she have at this age? How could she have the experience? You’re asking too much from her. Let’s listen to her sing first. Let’s see it for ourselves. Hyeyeong, sing for us. Mom. Cheer her up. Show your confidence. Come on. Hyeyeong. I’m listening. Have courage and sing. It’s my mom’s favorite song. Lee Sunmi’s “Fate.” Lee “Sunhee.” “Fate.” It’s my favorite song. She is considerate of her mom even now. Sing along with her. ♪ They call it fate ♪ You can just sing that part. ♪ They call it fate ♪ ♪ You can’t deny it ♪ ♪ Such a beautiful day in my life ♪ ♪ Will it ever come again? ♪ Good job. (Her first performance after overcoming the pressure) Good job. Doesn’t she have a great voice? She practiced so many songs, but she chose her mom’s favorite song. That’s so touching. Mom! You’re crying, too. Aside from her talent, she was brave enough to come here today. Can’t you cheer for her? She was hesitant to sing. She knows that she isn’t talented enough to make it as a singer. Her lyrics were so nice, though. That’s right. I’m sorry for interrupting you. Just because you allow her to pursue her dream, it doesn’t mean she will become a singer. “You can’t make it. Haha. How can you become a singer?” We’re asking you not to say those things to her. But I don’t think I ever seriously listened to what she had to say. Why do you think you want to become a singer? I’ve always been lonely. Mom treated me and my older siblings differently. That’s why. She cared for your brother and sister first? Once we were fooling around and I hurt myself around my eye on a chair. What did she do? She never yelled at my brother and sister. Is this true? They were just fooling around. They’re athletes. But she hurt her eye. She bumped into a chair. She was hurt. What did you say? Did you yell at her brother and sister? Yes, I did, but… This is very important. My mom yelled at me. “If your brother throws something at you, you should dodge it better.” No, I didn’t say that. I was hurt by that. Let’s meet her brother now. Hello. Hello. I’m Heo Dong-yeong. Did you know about your sister’s pain? I heard that she struggled a lot and she even sought therapy. When her sister asked her to run errands, but she didn’t listen, her sister cussed and beat her, so I thought she would be having a hard time. She says that Mom treated you guys differently. Because we’re athletes, Mom took care of us more and supported us. Since Hyeyeong is the youngest, she wore hand-me-downs and that upset her. Athletes need their parents’ support more, so I understand that Hyeyeong felt that way. Do you encourage your sister to pursue her dream? (Will her brother support her dream?) I… I oppose it. You oppose it? Why? I’ve learned in 20 years that life isn’t easy. (“Life isn’t so easy” – A 20-year-old man) You’re saying that from experience? Competition is fierce in that field. As her brother, I don’t want her to experience hardship by going down that path. (Same reason as mom’s) It looks like Hyeyeong’s friend is here. – It’s your close friend? / – Yes. Let’s talk to her. – How cute. / – Hello. Close friend. Close friend. Close friend. Hello. – How cute. / – Mic is working? (Such a cutie pie) Please introduce yourself. I… I’m Hyeyeong’s friend, Yu Suyeon. Hi, Suyeon. Hello. Does she speak to you about her concerns? Yes, we’ve been friends for 3 years, so we share our valuable things with each other and tell each other our concerns, too. (Ahem!) She has so much joy and talent. She dances very well and sings well, too. I think she has a chance of becoming a singer-songwriter. This is why friends should listen to each other. When do you feel most bad for her? (Ahem!) She… She used to be energetic with high self-esteem, but now she gets aggravated often. She sometimes uses harsh words, too. Since her mom keeps opposing her dream, I’m afraid that Hyeyeong will have a major grudge. Do you have a dream? Yes. What is it? Becoming an idol singer. You too? An idol singer. Does your mom support your dream? When I dance she calls me a crazy brat and walks by me. But she doesn’t oppose. Does she let you take singing lessons? No. So she doesn’t oppose you, but doesn’t stop you from pursuing your dream, right? So you’re supposed to say she’s crazy instead. I understand how you feel, mom, but the way you express it is very wrong. When your daughter was singing nervously, did you know you were the only one laughing out of everyone in here? (Hyeyeong was singing nervously) (Everyone was listening quietly) (But mom alone burst out laughing) I wondered what Hyeyeong would think of that. It’s hard to sing well up on stage. Your friend sang a lot worse than usual, right? What do you think? A bit worse. You can say “a lot worse” in this case. She wants to become a singer-songwriter because she wants to write heartwarming stories. Why do you think that is? It’s because she doesn’t feel warm at heart. Now that I’ve listened to her talk I realize that I was too busy looking after my other kids and she must’ve felt lonely when she was left in the care of our neighbors. I think she was comforted by music. She writes that she will overcome it. She isn’t pessimistic. Isn’t it be better to let her decide on her own? I don’t think I ever listened to what she had to say. Thanks to being here today… Besides, I realize that she’s gotten much better! Please consider feelings more from now on. I will try to be more supportive from now on. Tell your mom what’s on your mind. Mom. You are sick often now. I will work hard, but please support me. I love you very much. Let’s start with Tzuyu. Is it a concern or not? I think it’s a concern. Even if she falls down or faces hardship, it will all become a precious experience. – Sana. / – I think it’s a concern, too. I think it’s a concern, too. I think it’s a concern, too. I studied for 2.5 years to be a TV show host. I didn’t have a job during that time. It was helpful to have supportive parents who told me that I could make it. – Especially your mom? / – Yes. I think it’s better to encourage her. I don’t think it’s a concern. I think you should be very happy. You know what you want to do in life. Whether mom allows it or not, it’s a process. If you relate to her, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Please stop. Please say a word to your daughter. Hyeyeong. I’m sorry. I never took you seriously. I thought you were too young to pursue your dream and kept telling you to hold back. I will try to be more supportive. I’ll help you out whenever you need help. Sorry. Tell her how much you love her. I really love her. So much that I don’t want her to get hurt. That’s right. Don’t cry after you’ve come this far. I’m glad to see that it is somewhat resolved. Let’s see how many votes they got. “Don’t Stop Me!” Please show us the result. “Don’t Stop Me.” They got over 100 votes? The winner has 109 votes as of now. They got 148 votes. (They got 148 votes) She has written to us to end the battle that has been going on for 20 years. “Stop the Roller!” Hello. I’m a woman in my 40s and I have been battling against my husband for 20 years. Click. Click, click, click, click, click. Click, click, click, click, click. My husband is obsessed with lint rollers. My two daughters and I are going crazy. “Who told you to brush your hair at home? Don’t!” “I told you not to untie your hair, girl! Tie your hair now!” “This isn’t working. Go get a haircut!” Get a haircut? It was to his daughter. My husband won’t allow a single loose hair strand at home and my daughters and I had to get haircuts. Short. He was like that when we were dating, too. – When we were at a motel… / – While dating… She’s revealing everything now? “Honey. I love… Wait!” “What is it?” Click, click, click, click. No way. He cleaned even when the mood was set. I didn’t know he’d be like this forever. Please stop my husband from roaming around the house with a lint roller. I have so many questions for him. Is he obsessed with keeping everything clean or is he only like that with hair? What if it’s only the hair? Then he’s a lint roller addict. We sell so many good vacuum cleaners on the home shopping channel. – You want to recommend one? / – A wireless one. Who cleans at your place, Jiae? Whoever has time tends to clean. From what I hear so far, I’m a bit jealous. You’re jealous? He’s cleaning instead of the wife. Since he’s cleaning the place for her. How would you feel, Jeong-yeon? I would like it. I guess women like this type of husband. But listen to what this wife has to say later. You may be disgusted. I really like lint rollers, too. Doesn’t everyone have one or two at home? That’s why you have short hair. (This is the real reason that she has short hair?) Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about her obsessed husband?) (Jang Misuk) (Nice to meet you) Your husband is obsessed with lint rollers? He may live without me, but not without that. He becomes agitated if we run out of lint rollers. – If he doesn’t see one? / – Yes. People usually have one or two lint rollers at home. We have a total of four at home. We have a long one that is adjustable in length. The one that looks like a paint roller? We have one in every room. How often does he clean with it? Once he starts, he cleans for 20-30 minutes. 20-30 minutes at a time. How many times a day? If he is home all day, about 6-7 times. Does he clean only at home? Or when he’s out, too? He takes one with him wherever he goes. He carries a lint roller with him? – Even when he goes to work? / – To work, too? Yes. So he goes to work with a lint roller? Yes, he does. (Oh my god!) Is he only obsessed with lint rollers? Or other cleaning products, too? The lint rollers, especially. Why is that? Since I don’t clean he feels like he has to do it. He can’t stand loose hair on the floor. You do have short hair. He doesn’t let you brush your hair? When my girls get up in the morning, they brush their hair in front of the mirror. He tells them not to brush their hair. So they go out with messy hair? They brush their hair when he isn’t looking like when he’s in the bathroom. When they get up in the morning and start to brush their hair in bed… He tells them, “Don’t brush your hair.” He doesn’t clean with a vacuum cleaner? He vacuums first and then uses the lint roller? No, he only vacuums twice a week. – He uses a lint roller every day? / – Yes. Day and night. You can buy refills for the lint rollers. How many does he use? As many as two a week. That’s not that many. Two refills per roller? Right. Two refills per roller. That’s 8 a week. He’s using 8 refills a week. (That is a lot) What happens if there are no refills at home? Then he makes me or our daughters do it. “I need them now. Why didn’t you buy more?” He becomes agitated. If he’s so obsessed with it, couldn’t he buy them in bulk on the internet? He could buy them himself. He doesn’t like that. They sell refills in bulk in supermarkets. He has to get the right one in the right size. He is very thorough about what he buys. What time does he get up at and start cleaning with the lint roller? We all have to wake up by 8:30 a.m. – to clean together. / – Everyone? Everybody must get up to clean? (That’s tiring just hearing it) What if the girls are sick? What if they are too sick to get up? They must get up to clean first even if they have to go back to bed afterwards. (It’s a concern, right?) What else is he obsessed about? My mother-in-law lives with us. Since she likes to eat fish, I try to grill some meat or fish at home. But it gets dirty and smelly. He tells me to go cook it on the roof or veranda. (Go cook it on the roof) Meat tastes better if you eat as you cook. Yes, but we can’t do that. Everything must be cooked outside? We can’t cook meat or fish inside our house. My husband likes to wash his car. He washes it himself. It takes more than 2 hours at a time. – He washes it himself? / – Yes. It takes him more than 2 hours? Yes. He does it by himself. How many times a week? Once every two days in the summer. Usually more than 15 days in a month. – 15 days in the month? / – Yes. Let’s talk to her husband now. Hello. Hello. Your daughters and your wife, especially your wife, are here with a concern. Did you know that they were concerned? Well, I… I don’t think it’s much of a concern. Most people who sit there think that way. Every person who sits there doesn’t understand. It’s nice to keep things clean. I like to keep my area clean. Why are you so obsessed with lint rollers? I have two daughters and my wife had very long hair, too. After the three of them brushed their hair our place was a big mess. They didn’t even clean up after themselves. Maybe you couldn’t wait until they did. That’s true. I understand why you clean so much. But when the two of you were dating did you have to clean while you were together? I guess I have a weird personality. Even so… You were getting in the mood. How should I put this? I just can’t stand anything dirty. Seeing hair around you? You don’t like to see dust either? Must you clean dust, too? I can’t stand hair, but my youngest daughter had atopic dermatitis. I think my obsession to keep things clean got worse because of that. That’s why. But why do you wake everyone up at 8:30? I used to wake them up much earlier. I’m being quite lenient now. What time did you wake up before? Around 7 or 7:30 a.m. You should let them sleep when they’re sick. They’re starting their day. They should get up. But they’re sick. But still they must get up. They could get better if they rest. If they’re not about to die, they can get up. (If they’re not about to die, they can get up) They must get up if they’re not about to die? It’s okay to sleep if they’re about to die? But you’re waking them up not to start their day, but to make them clean. That’s the main purpose. Yes. But if you force a sick person to get up she could lose more hair. Isn’t it better to let her rest? No, she needs to wake up first. This is what I think. He could be using the roller to clean, but he may enjoy the fact that he’s getting something off the floor with the lint roller. My friend loves to pop zits. There are people like that. If someone has a zit that’s about to pop, she asks, “May I please pop that? Please?” It’s not just about keeping things clean, right? Don’t you think there’s pleasure in cleaning the floor with a lint roller? When you get something off the floor… It feels great. Then when you rip it off and get a new sheet. Since I’ve been using it for over a decade I’ve found my own way to rip it off easily. How? Ordinary people can’t rip it off easily. It’s hard to rip just one sheet off. No. Then how do you do it? We’re ordinary people when it comes to lint rollers. I’m a professional on this subject. I’m curious because I get stressed when I rip it. Sure. It’s hard to rip it along the perforated line. Right. I don’t do it that way. Please show us. You brought one with you, right? Yes. It’s really hard to rip a sheet off. Right. That’s the long lint roller. – It lengthens. / – This is nice. I’ve never seen a long one. May I see it? As he was bringing it out I thought it was a golf club. Look at this. Wow. – It’s really long. / – It’s like a fishing pole. How do you feel without a lint roller? Is there a withdrawal symptom? – I feel uneasy. / – You do? I feel uneasy because I can’t clean. There are vacuum cleaners and brooms. I don’t like those. They aren’t very clean. Did you clean in the waiting room today? Yes, it was dirty. We’re very sorry. Our waiting room was dirty. We’re sorry. (No problem since I got to warm up) How do you usually use it? We just redid the stage. Show us how you rip the sheet off. Please show it to us. When you rip a sheet off people normally just rip it off randomly. – Off the edge. / – Yes. If you look at it closely, there’s a side that’s a bit wider. Really? Which side is wider? If you look here, this side is narrower. The width here… They’re different. This side is wider. It is wider. There’s a slight difference. I never knew that. And? Once you’re done with this sheet, you have to rip it off for the new sheet. Rip it towards the wider side. People normally don’t know that. We never thought of it that way. Grab it and pull. This is how you do it. Towards the wider side. – From narrow to wide? / – Yes. You want to try ripping it the other way? Try it. – Towards the narrow side. / – Try it. To the narrow side. (Wider side to narrow side) – It doesn’t work. / – You’re right. But if you rip it towards the wider side… Then it’ll tear perfectly. How amazing. I always ripped it wrong. (Smooth) – This is awesome! / – Wait! (A round of applause) (Unbelievable…) Since when were you amazed by it and became such close friends with a lint roller? It is almost like my wife. – An equal level? / – Yes. Why? I can’t live without it. Since you are here, why don’t you clean some dirty spots up here? – Should we all get up? / – Yes. (Unwillingly…) Is it 8:30 a.m.? (Is it time already?) (Morning call: 8:30 a.m.) Wouldn’t there be more hair around TWICE members? Yes, that’s true. (The girls rushed to get up) – I think it’s quite dirty here. / – It is. They must get a haircut to live with you, right? – Yes. / – He said yes. He said yes. Remove lint off my black shirt, please. Then I must use a small one. (Skillful) It’s so smooth. Oh my. I won’t do the front. (Well-mannered) Their two daughters are here, too. Hello. Hello. Did you two get haircuts because of your dad? Yes, we did. I had long hair 2 years ago, but dad kept nagging at me to get a haircut, so I changed my hairstyle to a shorter one. Your mom is up here because of her concern. Do you think it’s a concern, too? Dad never allowed us to eat snacks at home until I entered high school. – Until high school? / – Yes. He never allowed us to eat snacks. Even when you were in grade school? Yes. Until I was in high school. Because you would get crumbs on the floor? Yes. He hated crumbs on the floor. Not being able to eat snacks at home as a child must’ve been quite tough. So if we wanted to eat snacks we had to go outside or eat when dad wasn’t home. But in that case, you end up eating more like you’re storing food in your body. You end up eating more when you’re outside. Yes. So I ate a lot more back then. Do you understand your mom’s concern? How do you feel? Is it a concern? Yes, it is a concern for me, too. I thought dad would stop using lint rollers once we got into high school. But he still does. – So I was often late to school. / – Why? Because he had to clean your uniform? Since I’m younger I had to wait until he was done with my sister. So I was often late to school. Their uniforms would get dust on them anyway. Why would you clean them before they leave? It’s nice to go out looking clean. Even if they’re late to school? I never knew they were late to school. I never thought she’d be late to school. Kids eat lots of snacks at home. How can you forbid them from doing that? They could eat with newspapers on the floor. I don’t let them eat in the car either. Couldn’t they just clean up after they eat with a small vacuum cleaner? I don’t like using vacuum cleaners. Why not? – It creates more dust. / – He’s addicted. There are good ones that filter out dust now. With HEPA filters. I miss my dad now. My dad used to… – Let you eat snacks? / – Yes, as much as we wanted. My dad would buy puffed rice and scatter them on the floor and said, “Have fun!” Then I would have fun with it. Right. It was fun. He scattered puffed rice on the floor? Yes. We swam in them as we ate. Sure. It’s fun to play with them and eat. It gave me great memories. (Right…) Doesn’t he yell at you even after you clean because he’s so picky? Even if I clean, he isn’t satisfied. What does he say to you? Since he isn’t satisfied, he says, “You call this clean?” So I never want to clean. I worked hard to clean myself. When we first heard this concern, The TWICE members, Jiae, and Minwoong all thought it was a good thing. There are some advantages to this, right? At first, it was nice. Because he cleaned the house for me. But now I would prefer that he just ignores it instead of nagging at us. That’s what you would prefer? He nags as much as he cleans. How is he with things other than cleaning? Is he flexible or is he stubborn? He’s very stubborn. Whatever he tells us to do, we must do it right away. He’s like a king. Let’s say I’m cooking in the kitchen. He’s on the sofa and asks for water. “Get water for me.” He orders me. Then you say, “I’m cooking, so do it yourself.” That doesn’t work. I have to do it. What if you don’t? He gets mad. Then he asks our daughters to do it. “Dad, I’m busy.” Then he says, “What you’re doing isn’t important. You must do what I ask you to do first.” His words are the laws of the house. We have two televisions at home, but we can’t watch one of them. That’s his television. It’s an LED 50″ television. He watches it all the time. No one else can watch it when he’s home. What does he normally watch? Sports. – The girls must hate that. / – Current affairs. (It’s been tough for us) If your wife or your daughters are busy couldn’t you get your own water? I guess I am a bit conservative. In other words, I’m like the king of the family. They must obey the king. I don’t really like what you’re saying, sir. So you have to be no. 1 in the family? Yes. I’m at the top. I’m the breadwinner of the family. So I guess I speak harshly to them. – Do you order them around? / – I guess so. How do you ask them to get you a glass of water? Hey, get me a glass of water. That’s not pleasant. That’s not very pleasant, sir. “Could you get me some water?” That’d be better. Why do you have to ask others to do it? I told you. I’m conservative. That’s not being conservative. You’re just being an oppressive dictator. So your daughters must obey you? Yes. I think him being patriarchal is the problem. Not the lint roller. At your daughter’s age, they want to have long, straight hair. I think you’re being too selfish with your desires. I have complaints of my own to my wife. Like what? My wife collects empty boxes and bottles. Our place is like a recycling center. – She collects them? / – Yes. At home. Why did you collect all of them? Empty containers and bottles. There’s more. There’s more? – What are those? / – Boxes. She cuts those boxes up and uses them as memo pads. She collects so much that she can’t keep track of all of them. He is obsessed with lint rollers. I’m not obsessed, but I like to collect pretty boxes to use them as memo pads. I think you would throw them away. I did throw away empty bottles once. She found out somehow and yelled at me. “Where did you put them?” Then she brought them back home. We had a huge argument that day. You shouldn’t have thrown them away. This is her thing, just like lint rollers are yours. This is something that she cherishes. You threw them away without asking her. How would you feel if she threw away the lint rollers? I would go ballistic. Right? It’s the same for her. (Frustrated) They’re both frustrated with each other. She says that she can’t understand your dad. What do you think? I think they’re just about the same. The two of them? Your mom is just as stubborn? Yes. The girls should’ve sent their concern instead. They’re concerned about both of their parents. Why can’t you understand either of them? Dad is obsessed with lint rollers and mom is obsessed with recycled things. I just want them to throw all of them away. (Bingo) Correct. (We want both of them to stop) I don’t think they’re complaining about you cleaning the house with lint rollers. I think they are stressed out because of the way you talk or make them do things. Don’t you think you were a bit wrong? Like I said earlier, I’m very conservative. I think that’s why I am like this. You want your family to be more understanding? Because that’s the way you are? As years pass by I’m sure I’ll become more lenient. I guess. So you don’t plan on – changing your ways just yet? / – No. (This isn’t easy) What’s the one thing you ask of your husband? I wish he would care a little less about things around the house like other men. Let’s start with Minwoong. Is it a concern? I think it’s a concern. I wish you’d stop for your own sake. You have power now because you earn money. But later in life, once you retire and the girls get married off, they will seek revenge. I don’t think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern either. It’s not a concern? I really like to use lint rollers, too. As a fan of lint rollers? I would like to recommend a lint roller that you can wash off and reuse. You can wash it off and reuse it? There’s no need to buy refills. He knows about it, but he doesn’t use it. He knows about that lint roller. – He finds pleasure in ripping it. / – Right. He feels joy in ripping off the sheet. Then there’s no choice. It’s a concern? It’s a concern because he refuses to use it? It’s a concern if he doesn’t use that lint roller? – I think it’s a concern. / – It’s a concern. I hope you are more understanding when the girls want to sleep in or when they’re sick. I think it’s a concern, too. I can’t be understanding if the family members feel uncomfortable. I wish he would tone it down a little. You should know this. They are not grateful to you because You’re not cleaning with lint rollers out of love for them or to be considerate of them. They know that it’s for your own pleasure. Just clean your own room. Please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. There is something I didn’t get to say earlier. You want to say it now? She might think it’s not a big deal. – But I want her to keep it. / – Go ahead. This is your chance to say what’s on your mind. My wife works. As soon as she walks in the door she becomes a snake. – Her clothes. / – She gets undressed. – She takes her clothes off one by one. / – Sure. Men usually do that. She’s laughing. Men do that after they come home from drinking. We’re the one to clean up after her. She doesn’t take off more than 1-2 pieces of clothing though. Does she take off everything? – Correct. / – What? (So embarrassing) It’s our job to get her clothes to change into. I have to get them for her. – You’re a queen then. / – Yes. Why do you do that? I work at a movie theater. I work for 7-8 hours a day. I stand all day, so when I get home I just don’t want to do anything. So I want to rest when I’m home. Is it okay for her to take off her outer clothing? Sure. I’ll allow that much. Just keep your underwear, mom. You went too far, mom. He’ll allow you to take off outer clothing. If he’ll allow that, I’ll agree. As long as he uses the lint roller less and lets you sleep in? If he lets us sleep in and uses the lint roller less… If he speaks more gently to you… One more thing. If he lets us watch television. I don’t think he’s going to agree. Please say a word to her. Honey. It’s hard at first, but it’ll get better. Call her “Honeybunch.” Honeybunch. I’ll treat you better from now on. He’s so gentle now. During the past 24 years I wasn’t as good to you as I should have been. I will try not to do what you don’t want me to do. You’re the best, sir. (How nice) Please show us how many votes they got. (How many people could relate to this concern?) (What’s the result?) 121! (They got 121 votes!) “I can’t take it anymore!” He sent us his concern because he can’t take it anymore. “Miserable Life.” Hello. I’m a man in my 40s who has been married for 4 years now. I have been uncomfortable the entire time I have been married. “Honey, you’re home from work?” They’re from Gyeongsangdo again? (Sniff sniff) “What is this smell?” “I’m sorry. I farted.” “Ah! And you call yourself human? You are so disgusting!” Because he farted? My wife treats me like an animal whenever I fart. Fart. “I told you to fart in the bathroom! You are so disgusting!” Bam, bam, bam! She cusses, pinches me, and punches me for farting. “Can’t I fart? What’s wrong with you?” “Just don’t do it. If you wanted to live with me, hold it in!” Because of my wife I can’t fart or burp at home at my will. I am so miserable living like this at my age. Please help me out. After hearing this story, what do you think, Jeong-yeon? I wouldn’t mind. What about you, Sana? I wouldn’t mind either. Wouldn’t it be okay if you love each other? Even the smell would be lovely, right? (Hahaha) I don’t mind the sound or the smell, but my husband apologizes after he farts. He’s very considerate. After he farts, he apologizes. “I’m sorry.” I’m sorry. I thought he was Kim Yeongcheol. – Is he Kim Yeongcheol? / – It is. The man who wrote to us for one free-fart, please come on out. (Who’s concerned that he can’t fart freely?) (Kim Seungnam) (Welcome!) Yo! Yo! Welcome, yo! Yo! Strangely, you do look like you’d fart often. (Hahahaha) Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m Kim Seungnam, 40 years old, and from Daegu. Nice to meet you. You really can’t fart freely at home? Whenever I fart, my wife goes ballistic. Whenever I burp while I’m eating a meal I become the worst traitor in the world. What does she say when you fart? “Ah! Why are you farting?” Then she punches, pinches me, and kicks me in the butt. She kicks and punches you? She’s a woman. I’m sure she wouldn’t punch hard. Like this? I was bruised once. Then like this? She really gets angry. I’m curious. When you burp, you could turn aside and do it quietly. Or do you just belch it out? When you fart, do you just let it rip? Do you try to quiet it down as much as possible or do you just let it out? I’m always intimidated by my wife. So you try to sneak a quiet one? You could fart without making a noise. Well… I… He doesn’t try. (But I am still scared of my wife) I’m sure you’re not the only one who does it. She’s a human being, too. Doesn’t she fart or burp, too? I’ve never seen my wife fart or burp. (Is she really human?) Even if you don’t hear the sound, you could smell it when she walks by. Or the air purifier starts to work hard. When we were dating, when I farted in the car, she left because of the smell. – Even when you were dating? / – Since then? She left because you farted in the car? She got out of the car? Yes. While you were on a date? She got out of a moving car? She opened the door and… (She opened the door and… Ahh!) Didn’t you open the window and warn her in advance? I never did that. I think we should talk to the wife now. Hello. Hello. We don’t understand this concern. Do you understand it? It’s an unhygienic act. Don’t most women hate it? But no one would get out of the car and leave. Maybe you’re being overly sensitive. I don’t think so. Sometimes a person can’t control it. Since I hate it so much I can hold it in pretty well. It’s not very polite to others. Even between family members. Why do you hate it so much? I personally hate that smell and the unhygienic act itself. People are strange at times. When someone farts, you can hold your breath, but you end up taking a whiff for some reason. Right? Even as you yell at the person. I think so. Is he not careful when he’s at home? Or is he trying to be careful, but… He tried to be careful when we were newlyweds. But now, he just does it whenever, wherever. How many times do you do it? How many times do you fart a day? I fart about 10 times a day. That’s not much. I burp about 20 times a day. Why do you burp so often? At home… I guess they come up through his mouth instead. She tells me to go to the bathroom whenever I want to burp or fart. When I go no. 2, she tells me to turn the water on. I don’t understand that. I think it’s a waste of water. To have water running while doing business… I guess she hates these behaviors all together. I’m curious. Do you hate the smell or the sound? I know my husband’s smell. When I hear the sound, I can imagine that smell. I’m sure it smells when you go, too. Right. My… This is… Today’s topic is… This happens to be today’s topic. (He can’t laugh about it) Do you really punch him for farting? Until he’s bruised? I feel like he burps on purpose, so I sometimes hate him for that. I think he enjoys doing things I hate. – I think he enjoys my reaction. / – I see. One time, we were at a supermarket. He called me over so I went over to him. “Take this!” And he pointed his butt at me and farted. At a supermarket? At a supermarket? Yes. He doesn’t watch himself in public. I guess the supermarket was empty. When would a supermarket be empty? There were people around? I hated him so much. I was seeking revenge. She embarrassed me once at a supermarket. Tell us about it. I wasn’t feeling too well that day. I let out a quiet one and she was the only one who heard it. But she yelled, “You have to fart here, too?” So that everyone could hear? Yes. She yelled at me in public. I was so embarrassed. The incident that my wife mentioned was revenge on her. I called her over when I was about to fart. I feel bad for the people who were there. I’ve never talked so seriously about farts. Do you have bowel trouble? I think it got worse because I hold it in. She tries to prevent it. When we were dating, she would order hamburgers and juice instead of soda. – Because you’ll burp? / – Yes. She won’t let me drink beer when eating fried chicken. You drink water with it? It doesn’t taste as good, so I sneak off to the store to buy soda. He can just eat chicken. Or you can drink orange juice with fried chicken. Or milk. Or iced coffee. Fried chicken with milk? Beer is a must when eating fried chicken. How loud does he burp? Does he just let it out or go like this? He just does it out loud. Oh, like this? Yes. It’s loud and that smell… (This is what my life is like…) I heard from the production crew that you sent us your concern years ago? Yes. 6 years ago. When you two were dating? When did you have a hard time? My wife and I were having a meal. I was about to fart. I couldn’t hold it in. You were trying to? So I wanted to let out a soft one. (I’ll let out a soft one) But I ended up pooping in my pants. (Oh my goodness) (A big accident) I was in trouble. So I went to the bathroom and washed my underwear. While he was eating. As I returned, I thought to myself, “Must I live like this?” Because you held it in for so long. He looked so immature. If he couldn’t hold it in, he could’ve gone to the bathroom and eat afterwards. That’s right. That’s what I thought, too. If you couldn’t hold it in, why didn’t you go to the bathroom? She yells at me no matter what, so I tried to have it under control. I heard that she becomes very sensitive when you try to kiss her. Before we become intimate, I must brush my teeth 3 times and gargle twice. Like a ritual. I can’t kiss her if my breath stinks. I don’t smoke. But he does. Non-smokers would understand. Right. There’s that smell even after you brush. When we become intimate, I get myself clean, too. I think that’s being polite to each other. I quit smoking for my dental health. You quit smoking? Even then she tells me to go brush my teeth again. That just kills the mood. Even when you’ve quit smoking. Since the baby was created after that ritual, it feels even holier. (After a ritual of brushing teeth many times…) – After the ritual. / – Finally. I understand because you’re pregnant. Women get more sensitive when they’re pregnant. One time, my co-worker ate rice rolls for lunch, smoked and shot a program with me without brushing his teeth. They all get mixed and the smell is worse. (The worst) So once after the live program I went to the bathroom and threw up. Since she suffers from the smell of his breath, I will go ahead and measure the smell. Really? We have a machine for it. (I’m nervous) What is this? What do the numbers mean? (0: No smell, 3: Close to foul smell) Level 4 means he has awful breath. Level 5 means it could rot your nose. If he gets a 5, the wife would be right. We’ll measure our breaths, too. Are we starting with me? Don’t worry, TWICE. I won’t measure yours. Thank you. Here you go. (Measuring) I don’t think it worked. (Does he have bad breath?) It’s 0. (Level 0) (The wife is wrong?) He doesn’t have bad breath. (That couldn’t be right…) It is 0. Wait. Blow your breath on me. It’s okay. (Whoo) The machine is wrong! (Ah!) (Give me back my nose) Really? What is the smell level? I don’t know! What do you think the measurement would be? I think I breathed in too much thinking that his breath wouldn’t smell. If I carefully sniff it, it’s not too bad. People with bad breath stink even as we talk. That’s right. Her mother is here with us today. Did she stop her family from farting when she was young? Yes. It was terrible. We had to go to the bathroom to fart. She has an older sister and a younger brother. She asked me to tell them to go fart and burp in the bathroom. She’s really obsessed about it. You’ve never seen her fart? Not since she was a baby. Not since she was in fifth grade. I thought puberty came early. I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t know we’d end up here today. Does she nag a lot about other things besides bodily functions? Yes. – She nags about other things? / – Yes. She comes to my house once a week. If I don’t have the house cleaned she yells at me. She goes crazy. It looks like she nags out of habit. She nags at you about other things, too, right? Everything has to be in its place. Even the side dishes in the fridge… For example, anchovies have to be on the right? Cups must be washed and placed here. Plates must be washed and placed here. It’d be nice to keep the night lamp by the bed. She always puts it away into the cabinet. – What? / – Into the cabinet? The lamp? That must be a nuisance every day. It has to be put away before we go to bed. It must be placed inside every night. This isn’t just about a single problem. It sounds like an obsession. Everything has to be in place, right? She must clean the toilet every day, too. After we take a shower, the tiles are wet, right? I must wipe off the tiles dry, too. Every time? Every time. It’s like a hotel! Even in a hotel, they don’t clean that often. My wife is 8 months pregnant. It’s hard to keep cleaning like that. Aren’t you overdoing it? Why do you have to clean everything? Our bathroom isn’t well-ventilated. I heard that it’s much better to keep the tiles dry at all times. Why do you put away the night lamp every night? I want to keep the space clear for my phone or something else. The lamp just gets in the way. That spot is for the lamp. I think I understand. You don’t like to see the cables lying around. – That, too. / – It’s the same for me. There aren’t any cables visible at our place. I must keep everything clean. I’ve been mopping the floor since I was young. I must clean like that now to feel like everything is clean. She stopped her mom, brother and sister from farting and burping at home. That’s why it’s so hard for her to see her husband do that at home. What are you most concerned about now? Once the baby is born… It’ll get worse. I’m afraid that she’ll force that on the baby. That’s true. The baby might mimic his mom. He might scream at you and hit you? Once the baby understands what you’re saying, are you going to stop him from farting, too? I would warn him that doing such things could bother other people. It’s rude to others. Let’s say you warn him. But he keeps doing it. Then you’d scold him. But he keeps farting. Are you going to yell at him? I would try to persuade him not to do it. She’s going to do it. I can tell that she’s going to yell. My home is where I can feel most comfortable. I feel bad for your husband because I’m afraid he may get too intimidated by your demands. I understand that he works the hardest. I understand because I’m busy at home. That’s why I try to let him do other things. I often thank him for working hard. Couldn’t he just grant me this one wish? You think you’re being nice to him. You may be right. But you nag about it much more. You’re saying that you’re nice to him, but you’re forcing what you want on him. You don’t let him do anything he wants. You said you let him do whatever he wants, but think about it. Fried chicken with coke or… Fried chicken and milk! He can’t drink coke or beer freely. He’s not treated right at home. You’ll live with your baby forever. It would nice to live happily. If you have no intention of being lenient I don’t think the family will be happy either. I understand now at heart. (I’m not going to change!) But I don’t think I can change that easily. You have to give in halfway, too. That’s what marriage is about. It’s not easy to change the way of her life. Think hard about it. Jeong-yeon. Home should be where we’re most comfortable. So I think it’s a concern. I like to come home to a nice, clean house. Everything is well-organized. In that sense, she’s the perfect wife. I don’t think it’s a concern. From his perspective? You should be considerate of each other. If you could be considerate of each other I don’t think it’s a concern. That’s why you didn’t press the button. I don’t think it’s a concern either. She’s pregnant and the two of them get along well. – Tzuyu. / – It’s not a concern. You must speak from the husband’s point of view. I understand that she’s quite sensitive now. If you can relate to his concern, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. – Please stop. / – Please stop. What do you ask of her? I will try to be careful, so please don’t get too mad at me. I love you. Let’s live happily together. All right. Can you grant him his wish? He wants to be comfortable at home. I want you to be careful as much as possible. I will try to be more understanding, but… As long as you are careful I will try my best to be more understanding. Let’s see how many votes… Is this something to get permission for? (So absurd) Please show us the result. “Miserable Life.” (The last digit is a 9!) Did they get over 100 votes? Yes. 129? 109! (They got 109 votes) “Don’t Stop Me!” won this week. This is a reward to cheer you up. Congratulations. Tzuyu! How was the shoot today? Was it wonderful or awful? It was wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Until the day we are all worry-free Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. Thank you. (“Giddy up” by THE BOYS)

100 thoughts on “Guests : TWICE’s Tzuyu, Sana&Jeongyeon, Lee Jiae, Lee Minwoong [Hello Counselor/ENG,THA/2018.04.16]”

  1. 지민씨 says:

    Getting bullied by a person might hurt you, but no one can hurt you more than your parents can when they said that to you.

  2. kpop fan says:

    What kind of a mother that tells her daughter that she is ugly and then reasoning out that she could lose self-esteem??. Fyi telling someone let alone your child to give up her dream just because she isn't good looking enough can scar her for life. Geeeez I'm so mad.

  3. Sana's ohyo says:

    She is beautiful god🙄
    1:02:10 SANA SO CUTTEEEEE😍

  4. NAD X says:

    I'm annoyed by the last concern .. more annoying than the first one I couldn't even continue watching 🙂 I can't stand burping like excuse me ??! why would I get tortured by smelling fart/burps ?

  5. ZZZ says:

    34:39 let me tell you i almost drowned on my water abbxjxjsk😂

  6. Thremore says:

    I never know it was scripted or not but all of that concern are freakin nonsense..

  7. Yordany Paz says:

    That mother Nomuhe!

  8. 트와이스게이 says:

    Sana at 1:00:04 is so adorable 😩

  9. Helen D says:

    I'm crying right now..

  10. N Anand says:

    27:01 her reaction was so funny and the friend is so cute

  11. 뭔지 알지?미친놈 says:

    I like jeongyeon's confident. 👍

  12. 뭔지 알지?미친놈 says:

    Arghh… That mother sh*t i'm sorry that's too much she's your own daughter WTH.

  13. 수아. says:

    If I hear that shitty ass mom laugh again I swear Imma throw hands.
    If that mom gets like a disease when she’s older and doesn’t have money to afford treatment or something she better expect the
    “why would I pay for your treatment you’re not gonna make it anyways”
    from her daughter I swear

  14. Queen Dahyun says:

    34:21 Tzuyu is like cringing

  15. Handsome Chacha says:

    as a mom .. she shouldn't LAUGH at her own daughter dream no matter what she want to be .. it's reaaaaaaaaaaaally making me angry every time she laugh about her daughter dream of becoming a singer songwriter .. my mom doesn't even laugh when i said am going to marry my bias .. *coughcough

  16. song songsong says:

    솔직히 사연 주인공 상처도 많이 받았겠지만, 엄마가 현실적인 사람이라 냉정하게 말한듯. 딸의 편에서 응원해주고 예쁘다예쁘다 해줘야겠지만, 솔직히 패널들도 노래부르는것 보고 놀랐을듯. 기본적인 음이 안맞는데 저 나이때는 보통 가수되고싶어하고 하지 않음? 무한한 노력을 해야 할것같은데 이건 아이의 꿈을 밀어주고 말고의 문제가 아니라;;엄마가 딸을 대하는 태도의 문제.

  17. Rosemary Wati says:

    Her mom is so rude and mean like tf you on about? Saying she won't do good and shit, ugh

  18. Thom Yim says:

    This program represents a primitive Korea, esp. second dad.

  19. teudoongie jjang says:

    ohmygod! that first mom is terrible! i'm so annoyed with her laugh.

  20. Alexis Ramis says:

    Just send them all to the RANCH!!!

  21. Julius Reyes says:

    It supposed to be a serious talk, but why the heck are they laughing? So annoying.

  22. Julius Reyes says:

    Her mother is so upsetting wtf.

  23. Siti Hajar says:

    1st concern mother is so annoying😑😑how can she laugh to her daughter concern😩😩

  24. Mark Gazo says:

    Sarap ipatulfo nung nanay

  25. Beginner of ARMY says:

    왕과 하녀들의 집안

  26. Olivia says:

    I can fully relate to the wife in the last concern. I really hate it when people fart in front of me and I would feel so disgusted. I'm not saying they have to hold it, they can go to the bathroom or the other room or any place where I can't smell it and I don't think that would be uncomfortable as jiae and leongyeon said.

  27. sharifah wansani says:

    I LOVE it

  28. Emille Amaral says:

    I just wanted to punch that mom on first concern in the face. OMG How can you treat your daughter this way?

  29. •달라 says:

    The first girls mom says that her daughter will lose all her self-esteem when the judges say she isn't good enough/needs more practice etc. The mother doesn't realize that she is the one who is making her daughter lose all of her self-esteem because she is saying that her daughter is too fat/ugly and isn't talented enough and says that her daughter looks funny while she's trying her best to do what she loves. thats so upsetting. i have a feeling the actual reason her mother is saying that to her is because she will miss her too much. But missing someone isn't a valid excuse to hold someone back on what they really dream about doing.

  30. A P says:

    Twice is so terrible. They sound like second graders when they sing, their dancing is the definition of basic (not their fault though), and this sugary sweet persona is vomit inducing. To this day, I will never understand their appeal. Are they targeted to 8 year old girls? If so, then that makes sense. Other than that, I'm baffled.

  31. Nattasha Lopez says:

    I understand the mom in the first issue was laughing of nervousness and embarrassment, but honestly I wanted to put my arm through my screen and backhand her…'am she's your daughter, not some stranger living with you…even a stranger had feelings.

  32. graceblues ツ says:

    no joke i cried for that girl. i actually understand what's she's going through. and imagining your own mother saying that you're ugly and talentless hurts a lot. especially for teens.

  33. BaiToEY SSTBTTO says:

    จื่อวีน่ารักมาก ตอนน้องไห้จื่อก็ลูบหลังน้อง ตอนคุณแม่ดูถูกน้อง จื่อก็จับมือน้อง ตอนน้องพูดจื่อก็มองน้องเหมือนดูว่าน้องไหวมั้ย จื่อเป็นเด็กที่เข้าใจคนอื่น มีความเป็นผู้ใหญ่ และจิตในดีจริงๆนะคะ💕

  34. Jessica Thao says:

    12:45 ….. thats me.

  35. Andrew Taku says:

    SaNa is the most adorable and cute Girl on Earth 😘😘😘😘😘

  36. Random Stuff says:

    thats the most disgusting horrible maniac EWW any bad words could describe what kind of mother she is, what made her brain think like that?

  37. Random Stuff says:

    isnt twice a team? where are the others, though im super happy that tzuyu got picked. my lovely wifey.

  38. Random Stuff says:

    the last guy just wants a freedom of fart, just pathethic…. i mean how is this an issue

  39. uio oiu says:


  40. Robert G says:

    saying your kid is ugly must be the hardest thing to watch…I mean even Twice looked shocked despite her compliments on them…with that said even if she IS ugly: kpop is all about makeup, photoshop, surgery…it's just weird…

  41. Park Jungkook says:

    My Yoda Tzuyu is the sweetest person on earth. I stanned the right idol skskskk😭❤🙏

  42. the siblings says:

    15:47 look at sana. Btw if i have a mother like that i would be depress or comite suicide

  43. Angela Liu says:

    The first mom kept laughing at her own daughter and i just wanted to go to Korea and slap her in the face. Its rude to laugh at your own daughter and she says her daughter doesn't have the talent to become a Kpop singer and she isn't supporting her own daughters dream.

  44. mochieyah says:

    id file a divorce if my wife makes me drink milk, orange juice, and iced coffee when eating chicken.

  45. CloudyMolly Gaming says:

    Im gonna kill that WOMAN damn that woman im really pissed of i want to kidnapped that woman and torture her until she realise everything ……!!!!!!

  46. Spenat Soppa says:

    That woman is a complete psychopath and I'd love to wipe that smile off her face with my fist.

  47. Love Idols says:

    That mother should go eat poop at home and wash her face thru toilet bowl water and flush her face to sobber her senses up!

  48. ES N2 says:

    My mom always said to be yourself, try to get what you want to be. No matter what, you can do it.
    That's make me feel so thankful of my mom. Hey, be strong girl 🙂
    Show your passion, and never give up. Make your dream come true. Isn't easy to had someting what you want. Fighting 🙂

  49. Elbert Taguic says:

    The girl is very lucky to have one of the most beautiful faces in the world to comfort her also i share the same concern

  50. Dream Gal says:

    amputangina nakakapikon yung unang babae tangina anak niya ginaganon niya

  51. Dream Gal says:


  52. I Don't Give A Fuck says:

    Aw Our Sana Is Pissed

  53. I Don't Give A Fuck says:

    Tzuyu is Jelly Jelly

  54. I Don't Give A Fuck says:

    Potakteng Utot yan ehh Kami nga nagsasagutan ng Utot ehh

  55. Bri Khamp says:

    I wish the mother would understand (the first problem) that you actually can be trained to sing and dance. There are so many girls that get put into trainee positions because the family had money to put them there. With practice they trained their voice and dance. If we are being real she could also get plastic surgery later if she really felt that way but the Twice girls know the hard work and $ you can become and idol

  56. YoshTG says:

    52:58 judging from sanas reaction i think she doesn't like this kind of behaviour haha

  57. YoshTG says:

    1:09:59 i wonder if there are twice members who often fart aswell hahaha

  58. YoshTG says:

    1:12:58 jeongyeon so thankful haha

  59. YoshTG says:

    i love how the celebrate at the end the people with the biggest problems. like "congratulations!! u have the biggest problems from all the guests that were here today!!" haha

  60. MYLY says:

    31:59 a jeongyeon tava olhando pra mãe da menina com um olhar mortal kkkkkkkkkkkkk adorei se não for pra ser debochada eu ném quero pai kkkkkkkkkkk por isso eu amo a jeonyeog love you

  61. dankish rogue says:

    Love this show.

  62. Jasmine Velasco says:

    That mom from the first one keeps laughing at her daughter when she’s talking sincerely and it’s just awful- she’s a horrible mom

  63. Blink Moomoo says:

    1:10:12 No expression Tzuyu 😂

  64. gaywsn says:

    hyeyeongs talents are so good, she deserves the world

  65. Annie Im says:

    For the first story I agree she has no talent, but like mom let her audition, itz her life and choices

  66. AudreyG232 says:

    She’s so good🤭😍

  67. ahvic lopez says:

    @ 1:02:14 Sana is Effortless at being cute 😍

  68. dawa sherpa says:

    Why does the mom keeps laughing it's so annoying 😠😠

  69. dea permata says:

    I was crying so much at the first concern, she reminds me of my mom. I end up having depression because of her. If the mom keeps doing that, she'll have grudges and scars that cant be healed. Laughing and telling her that she cant make it is probably the worst thing a mother can do when her daughter tells her about her dream. I hope she will be successful and her mom finally see that her daughter is full of talents.

  70. Pesadilla despierto says:

    I just wanna slap that first mom on the mouth with her goddamn laughing oml

  71. sanake ismylifeu says:

    Why is she laughing?

  72. Suga Kookie says:

    For the first concern….. I have a lot to say. I’m devastated that a MOTHER kept laughing at her own DAUGHTER 24/7. Even sisters don’t treat each other like that! What kind of mother does that?! She’s so immature and rude. She can’t even keep a straight face or stop saying mean things when her daughter is crying. 1 like=1 slap in the face to her mom

  73. Dream Big says:


  74. Laxshamae Ardeza says:

    1:02:13 is my favorite part.

  75. krew crafters says:

    I love to watch hello counselors alot and twice in my life

  76. Amy Mabunjwa says:

    That mum is horrible like seriously why couldn't she get a better mother

  77. alayna rodriguez says:

    I would probably just cry so Tzuyu can comfort me😂

  78. Mr. Husain says:

    Im pressured to say that she strengthens the stigma of an Asian mom being an Asian mom // and also what is there to laugh at

  79. cinnarapmon says:

    i felt so bad for hyeyeong when she was singing, i saw her shaking a little and she was visibly still anxious and scared (you can tell by her voice)

  80. rochelle mendoza says:

    17:39 You're Welcome

  81. TWICE OT9 「it's NINE or NONE」 says:

    35:58 jeongyeon's ideal type of husband

  82. Dubu The Eagle says:

    I'm so pissed at the mother in the first case i want to smack him the face so bad!!

  83. elmz says:

    Its annoying how she treats her daughter. She didn’t realized she’s the one who’s really hurting her child. I hope this mother changed after they guested in this show

  84. BOBTHECRAZE Jr. says:

    The mother in the first concern just wanted to end it and say she will support her and stuff.

  85. yeol mae says:

    South Korea; Hello Counselor
    Philippines; Raffy Tulpo

  86. Angela Liu says:

    OMG in the first concern the woman just kept laughing the whole time I couldn't stand it, I want to go to Korean and slap her in the face -_-

  87. A y a n n a says:

    I started crying because my mom does the exact same thing. One of the many reasons I’m suicidal

  88. Fan Dew says:

    What so funny huh? I really want to punch that mother's face everytime she laugh at her daughter concern

  89. U Wot M8? says:

    I've never seen my mum or sister's fart/burp. Maybe they aren't humam?

  90. May Thet Khin says:

    Tzuyu is sooo kind and sooo beautiful girl like an angel 💖 she is really an angel 💖💖

  91. Nurdiyanih Nani says:

    Tzuyu prety and cute

  92. Luna Tree says:

    mom was right she is too ugly to be a k-pop star unless she is the korean adele , the audience was mad because they all had the same problem

  93. Ashley Klar says:

    The girl in the first concern is only clumsy and shaky because she's never had proper training. If she passed the first round of kpop star that means that she has serious potential. The mother is so blinded by her own greed and it truly sickens me.

  94. anthracite says:

    the mother of the first girl disgust me asf🤢🤢

  95. Shelly says:

    That first mother is emotionally abusive. It needs to said. It’s abuse.

  96. Kanthanruban Sinnathamby says:

    Omg I’m falling in love with chewy because of her soft heart

  97. Shadow Walker says:

    i just love how tzuyu is so caring 😍🤩

  98. 강지우 says:

    Twice‘s tall line (and Sana xD<3)

  99. Ewink Wink says:

    Tzuyu love

  100. jace jace jace 37 years ago says:

    17:40 can't help it. She's too cute.

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