Growling Frog Golf Course – Episode 16 of Coxy’s Big Break
Growling Frog Golf Course – Episode 16 of Coxy’s Big Break

Title: Growling Frog Golf Course segment on
Coxy’s Big Break.>>Reese: Ok Reese, concentrate. Come on, you
can do it. Address the ball, head up high, bend the knees, that little waggle, and then
(Reese takes a swing and hits the ball). FOUR! Aw, seems like the water holds more hazards
than just water. Ok Wayne, show us how it’s done. (Wayne
takes a shot and it lands in the bunker. Wayno, you said you hadn’t shanked it for years.>>Wayne: I haven’t shanked it, it’s landed
in the bunker.>>Reese: Good day for the beach though. Wayne Rogers is the Pro at the Growling Frog
Golf Course. Designed by golfing legend Graham Marsh.>>Wayne: I think he’s designed this course
where it’s an easy course to play, obviously still keeping it fairly tough.>>Reese: Yep.>>Wayne: But it is a very very friendly golf
course.>>Reese: The design highlights the lush Australian
countryside and the magnificent river red gum trees. Some of these are more than 300
years old.>>Wayne: Alright Tim, hang on hang on, you’ve
lost a few balls today. Let’s let’s work on this grip a little bit. Try and keep your
hands very very close together. Stand up. (Tim takes a swing.) Look at that.>>Reese: Hey Wayno. Don’t give him too many
tips alright mate. Good shot Tim. And playing with us today is Whittlesea Shire’s
Environment Coordinator Tim Cinnell. The Growling Frog ey, is that how the course
got its name?>>Tim: Yes, it did. It was found here early
on in the piece and we’re finding more and more different species of frog, and the design
of the golf course here really helps improve the habitat of a lot of different species
of frog and birds and all of our local native wildlife.>>Reese: Tell you what Wayne, the fairways
are in cracking nick aren’t they?>>Wayne: Yeah they are wonderful.>>Reese: Tim, your ball’s back there mate. Tim, looking for your golf ball or frogs mate?>>Tim: I’m looking for fro.. awwww (Tim
stumbles in the wetlands)>>Reese: Timmy! You’re looking for a new
pair of shoes now. Ok, this shot for the game.>>Wayne: Sit down.>>Reese: (Misses shot). Owwww. First one I
missed all day boys, first one I missed all day.>>Wayne: Well done.>>Reese: Thanks for the round guys.>>Wayne: Thank you.>>Reese: Tim>>Tim: Thanks Wayne.>>Reese: It’s been an honour.>>Tim: Thanks Reese.>>Reese: Go to the clubhouse and do my best
work up there I think boys. Cheers. And of course, at the end of any good walk,
you’re always a bit hungry. The growling Frog boasts a modern restaurant and spike
bar, with views across the course and the wetlands. Check out this breakfast. I was half expecting
a French influence, say frogs legs, but this is the next best thing. The Frog’s big brekkie.
Aw, tell you what, I think I could squeeze in another nine.

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