Great Drills To Stop Coming Over The Top In The Golf Swing
Great Drills To Stop Coming Over The Top In The Golf Swing

Do you suffer from an over the top golf
Swing? Hit lots of slices and pulls to
the left? You’ve tried everything to fix
it but nothing seems to work. Well, in this next video I’m going to show
you two great drills to stop coming over the top in the golf swing so you
can hit the ball a lot straighter, a lot further and enjoy the game of golf much
better. I’ll see you soon
Hey, it’s Troy from here. At my channel you’ll learn how to
play the game of golf easy, through at home golf drills that make lasting
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to the channel. The more subscribers I get
helps me grow the channel and keep on producing videos like this so we can
keep on improving and playing better golf together. I’ll see you soon. The over
top golf swing. If you’ve played golf for any
length of time you’ve probably suffered from an over-the-top golf swing. So I’m
going to show you two great drills towards the end of this video. So make
sure you stick around for that, and that that will really help you get rid of the
over the top and come down on a much better plane and hit the ball a lot more
consistent. So firstly I want to talk
about what is an over the top golf swing. You may have been told you swing
over the top and you’re still not really 100% sure what it is. If I was to set up
to a ball here and someone says you’re swinging over the top. It basically means
as you should come to the top of your backswing, your hands
and arms will move away from your, I guess your body here and they come out
more and they cut they come across the golf ball and come from an outside-in and
they cut across the golf ball like that. Rather than what we’d like to see and
that’s coming down on a much better path like that
and hitting the golf ball more from the inside. And over the top is just the
opposite with that really steep movement coming across the golf ball. And the best
way to figure out if you’re doing this is to look at yourself in a mirror or
tape your swing on camera just so you can see exactly what you’re doing. So
before I get stuck into the drills I’m going to give you a bonus tip on why
this might be happening. This is not
something that’s normally associated with over the top. But I’ll just kind of
walk you through this first of all. So
with a lot of golfers what they don’t realize is the grip actually has a really
profound effect on whether they may come over the top or steep in the downswing. So for example, if you have a very weak
grip and this is very common in over the toppers or those that slice the ball. As I hold the club up there if
I can’t see any knuckles on that left hand for a right-hander that would be
considered a really weak grip, and I have this right hand too far over the top
where I can see knuckles that’s considered a really weak grip. And what
happens is, I’ll show you from down the line. If I’m set up with a really weak
grip when I make my takeaway you’ll see the face naturally opens and as I get at
the top you’ll see that face of mine is really, really open. Now what happens when
you have an open face at the top of your golf swing our brain and body are very
smart and they know if you swing down on a proper plane on a good plane with an
open face that ball is just going to go way out right. And what I mean by that is
I’ve got my weak grip I go back I’m very open as you can see they’re very open if
I swing down on a good plane like that look where the face is pointing out to
the right. I’m going to hit big push slices
and I’m going to be in all sorts of trouble all day. All because I had a really weak
grip and it caused the face to be wide open. Now that’s not typically associated
with an over the top but your grip has a really big impact on it. So a good way to
do it when you get your left hand on the grip
which you should be doing it in your fingers. First make sure before you do
anything else you have at least a couple of knuckles showing in that
left grip and with your right hand get it more sitting underneath rather than
too much on top so you can’t see the knuckles there and what that will do
that will naturally allow the club to start off
there in a much better position at the top there rather than having that weak
grip and an open-face which will naturally cause you to open come over
the top in the downswing. If you’ve got
a very open face and a weak grip our bodies and brains are telling us as we
go to the top we don’t want to do this it’s going to go straight out to the
right we’re going to do this and swing through to the left and allow for that
ball to fade around. Our brains are
telling us that’s the only way we’re going to hit it straight, to swing left
and curve it around. So if you can fix up
that grip that will really help you out. So in this next bit I’m going to get stuck
into the drills. Okay here’s the first
drill and this is not something that I’ve created myself or just through
experience I’ve made up myself. I got
this from Zach Allen on youtube, so I’ll have a link down below make sure you
check him out. This is a really simple
drill you can practice at home without hitting golf balls to help get rid of
your over the top. So what I’m going to
do and I will set up to a ball here. Now all
I’m going to do a lot of time with the over the top as I mentioned in the
beginning the first thing golfers do as they start their downswing is they move
their hands and arms out away from their body and that gets the club going out,
outside to inside swing path on the downswing and getting that over-the-top move. So
how the drill works is what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to the top. Now all we’re going to do is we start
our transition is having our hand start out we’re simply going to let go
of the club and that will take all the pressure off. So we’re going to go top
here, then we’re going to go. I’m just going to let go of it. What that
does is allows your body to let your hands and arms do nothing at the start
of the downswing. That’s really a big key
to getting that club to start on a much better plane coming down on the inside. I’ll
put a link up above to another video I’ve done on that to get your golf swing
plane in a really good position. And by
letting go of the club it teaches you to the top teaches you just to let the
hands and arms drop naturally and move through to that transition. This is a
really simple drill you can just practice getting that feeling just, just
letting go of the hands and arms. At the
start of the downswing you shouldn’t be doing any sort of forceful movements, they
should be doing very little. It’s the
lower body as we come down, the lower body that should be doing the work, the
lower body moving into transition and the hands and arms they’re just coming
along for the ride. This is
a really simple drill you can practice to get
that feeling letting the hands and arms do nothing and your club will come down
on a better plane and you won’t come over the top. I’ll see you in the next
drill. Drop a comment down below if
you’ve tried this first drill to stop coming over the top or you’ve tried
another drill that’s worked really well for you. Drop a comment down below and I’ll
reply to every comment. Okay here’s drill number two so for this
drill you can use a number of different objects around the home or even in your
golf bag. For this example I’m just going
to grab a wood cover. What I’m going to
do, there’s our reference point beside our ball. What I’m going to do is put this wood
Cover, put it roughly about, now this depends on how bad you’re over the top
is, if it’s not a very bad one you can put a lot closer the golf ball but in
this example here I’m going to put it, I don’t know roughly about probably about
four to five inches almost about the club head width away from the golf ball. And I’m going to put it about another few
inches behind the golf ball so closer on this side down towards the camera line. So you can see it there just an angle
how far away it is. And the object of
this drill is if you’re someone that is coming over the top regularly and you’re
coming like this across the ball you will hit that object every time. And I’ve
seen instructors doing this drill with pieces of timber all sorts of bottles of
water anything that acts as a reference point to stop you coming across the ball
like that and getting that over the top move. So once again if we put that cover
there, because absolutely there’s just no way
you can hit the golf ball with that reference point. Then if you go to a
driving range just pop something there on that high side of your ball and you
continually hit balls and hit balls you will stop coming over the top very
quickly and sooner or later you’re just going to train yourself to come up here,
come down and come down on a much better path and that will stop your over the
top golf swing really quickly. There you
have it now you know two great drills to stop coming over the top in the golf
swing. So give those a try. I hope you
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again thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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