Gran Turismo Sport – Patch 1.47 Update | PS4
Gran Turismo Sport – Patch 1.47 Update | PS4


100 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport – Patch 1.47 Update | PS4”

  1. 2019 Toyota AVANZA says:

    See people, it's not the Mercedes, it's the Demio

  2. Fernando Lerma says:

    Gran Turismo is in my opinion the best racing game since 1997.

  3. JHMBB2 says:

    Maybe Twin Ring Motegi next pleaseeee!

  4. TEGSAAN says:

    Finally I get to race on my favourite track in GTS

  5. UsielX says:

    All this is no free update. It should have come with the game

  6. 0FG Rager says:


  7. LESTR 707 says:

    toyota camry 2005
    toyota camry 2011
    honda acord 2011

  8. Memento Mori says:

    I’ll have the Porsche

  9. Alexsandro Barreto says:

    Que maravilha agora vou jogar novamente essa obra de arte . Meus parabéns pelo o grande trabalho que vocês vem fazendo em sempre adicionar novos conteúdos

  10. Kurdyjski Pasterz says:

    Very well!

  11. Trophy Support says:

    Im just missing my Level 50 to Platinum. But its nice to see this Legendary Track in the Game.

  12. Alessandro Fedele says:


  13. BBS_RS says:

    Tsukuba circuit pleaseeee….online drift mode !!

  14. Lyrai Celestine says:

    Oh hey! It's Spa. I guess that's one highly requested track off the list then. 😉

  15. 1988Carlsberg says:

    Man we need the DTM on Gran Turismo! Aston Martin, BMW and Audi!!


  16. Dut Atem says:

    This might be one of the best supported console games post launch and it's all free DLC. Imagine that still being a thing coming into 2020 well done to Sony and polyphony digital!

  17. Ketsune23 says:

    Mazda RX-8 please :p

  18. Adrián Peñate Suárez says:

    Gran Turismo Sport, a game focused in online FIA Certified competition events

    Introduces one gazillion road cars nobody purposefully uses

  19. MIAMI says:

    Porsche tycan ❤❤❤

  20. BooBoo-Racing gran turismo says:

    going to be a busy day 🙂

  21. Charles Rocha says:

    O Circuito de SPA deveria ter já no lançamento do game

  22. tanjt says:

    Oh my mazda 2!!!

  23. Damian says:

    Nice update really NICE

  24. Maxus Anurux says:

    Demio xD

  25. JORKING says:

    yesssss finaly spaa

  26. Carlos Valverde says:

    Can you put Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez and Watkins Glen next please?

  27. Roman Kuchkovsky says:


  28. Wanderson Rodrigues says:

    Like Like Like !!!

  29. Sirdiggar says:

    Description says 1.45 but title says 1.47 🤔

  30. GametechUK says:

    So great to have this track back in the game. Love it.

  31. JOVIC Production says:

    Nice upgrade, but I hate car sounds in GTS, it's really bad, too shame for game like that.

  32. Someone says:

    Just add saab 99 turbo and saab 9000 aero pls

  33. shnipsis says:

    FINALY 300 SEL AMG!!!!!!!

  34. fistofthenorthstar00 says:

    Where's the Honda Prelude?

  35. Aziiz Alenezy says:

    We want mustang shelby gt500 2014 and chevy silverado one cap 2017

  36. Johnny Neris says:

    suzuki cappuccino and more lancer evolutions would be great for the next free update!

  37. wezzns b says:

    I havent played for a while … is Spa francorchamps already included ?

  38. Andrea Bartolini says:

    Ok but Alfa Giulia???

  39. Andrea Bartolini says:

    What about Dodge charter 1969 magnum ? Lancer evo 8?

  40. Esra The darkelm says:

    Là terzo millennio vi fa schifo!anziche certe cagate come la seconda è quel altro rottame!almeno nei giochi mettiamo macchine spettacolari!

  41. Alex James says:

    Add the bmw m3 gtr with the wine sound

  42. 5tudent_Loans says:

    Still no c7 zl1

  43. Blue Bacon says:


    Laguna Seca next?

  44. Gen3HemiBuilder 1964 says:

    how about a few more american cars…

  45. harun koc says:

    I wanna scream i love this game

  46. Juan says:

    Yeah this is a motorsport game, but imagine a big circuit thats like a mountain drive in the Mediterranean

  47. KiiDa - says:

    I need a rx8 🙁

  48. MTG MaksymilTG says:

    Why they never listen fans?

  49. Mateusz Janczewski says:

    Add BMW : e36 , e46 , m3 gtr / Nissan : silvia s15 , 240sx / Mitsubishi : eclipse and add customization option

  50. Thomas M says:

    Why is there no LFA?

  51. gtone339 says:

    Circuit Spa yes! Still waiting for P.D to add the Toyota GT-One in thanks! 😁👍

  52. 98763 says:

    The number of cars each update is decreasing every time, appreciate the updates but at least 5 cars should be released per month

  53. Nick Williams says:

    For 2 years I've been waiting and asking for Spa…. now I can die in peace.

  54. Jimmy Guo says:

    I don't see how people called this a "simulator"

  55. Dawson Lo says:

    really ??? Can we get some better cars please. I’m not please with this at all worst gt game ever made

  56. olode adedotun says:

    Dinosaur hdd ps4 fans appreciating stupid updates every 5 minutes.If you’re like me that can’t even use hdd as storage drives anymore as i like to access my games instantly without moving from one drive to another,You won’t be too excited with GT Sleep eating up my precious ssd space and writing and rewriting updates every 5 minutes.Nonsense

  57. Icarus says:

    Spa!!!! Now we just need laguna seca, sebring, and silverstone.

  58. amien kombet says:

    Finally thank you!!! <3

  59. RoastTheToast says:

    Nice but,
    Stil waiting for a prelude

  60. sabrefury icon says:

    Cars are the stars, need more work on emviroments

  61. Raptor_BOSS says:

    They should add the 2019 Subaru Impreza WRX STI S209 (U.S version) so that way we can have that rarity feel!

  62. Zach Cooper says:

    Imagine if this were a real racing game..

  63. Cosme Moncho says:

    Thank you for Spa, next Megane RS trophy-R 2019 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  64. Marsl Banane says:

    Since the update my game won't start

  65. Jhongen Brz says:

    Toyota gt one

  66. Dopester Horris says:

    Best supported Game ever

  67. Bandit KSA says:

    We need sonata or bmw 750

  68. Coen Wessels says:

    Unfortunately GT online is completely broken because of unfair penalty system, still 2 years after release not fixed…..

  69. Johnny Kyr says:

    thank you

  70. Davy Grossi says:

    I just want a reliant regal supervan III

  71. Sk 21 says:

    Nice! Next track has to be Silverstone

  72. Barry Phillips says:

    Repetition awaits

  73. johan wendell - original music says:

    Porsche Taycan? I thought it was called Mission E…

  74. alopez4472 says:

    Love the update but why the Mazda demio? Lets do a entry level sports car like a i30N, the new type r or new mini Cooper. Because no one will drive these random city cars

  75. ahmad alsaadi says:

    The next update need c7 zo6 and new c63 Sedan and  – Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari 812 Superfast and mclaren 720s thes Collection is Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏽💀💀😈

  76. Eduardo Contri says:

    Just SPA saved this “update”

  77. zaqwe says:

    If I buy the greatest hits version I get this? Because apparently there's another game, gran turismo sports spec II?

  78. Thorsten Holasek says:

    I have the black screen error since updating to 1.47 on my PS4 Pro.
    Now I always have to switch off the network before starting. Likewise, my son on the Ps4 Pro. Before the update, the game was running and now only with a short-time disconnected network. Please release a patch quickly that is really annoying, some have the same problem.

  79. GaZ loves Games says:

    Its time to get back in the driving seat. Love Turismo. Yes mate 💚🎮

  80. sander 26 says:

    Please Put the suvs on the game😕

  81. Sob Phiri says:

    Porsche! Finally!

  82. Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας says:

    Please, consider making a playlist with all the songs that you used for all the trailers.

  83. Jon Italia says:

    This game is like a "thank you for the wait" to Gran Turismo fans!

  84. The DarK sTiG says:

    A quand la mise à jour pour éliminer les tricheur à la dernière chicane ??

  85. jamikomodo says:

    This is nice update! I want to see Neo Brothers saab 96 in gt sport

  86. Kenny Gordon says:

    We want the veloster n!!!

  87. abraham baluz says:


  88. Ahmet Hakan Güre says:

    Bmw M3 E36 coming pls !!!!!!!!

  89. Ahmet Hakan Güre says:

    So bad cars pls BMW E36 M3 coming !!!!!!

  90. Ahmet Hakan Güre says:

    E36 M3 pls

  91. Ahmet Hakan Güre says:

    Bmw M3 E36 plsss

  92. Never Forgotten. says:

    I hope they carry this game over to the PS5

  93. kid piroka says:

    bmw m5, m4 gts and i8

  94. Dani cc says:

    So why you didn’t insert Alfa Giulia quadrifoglio verde?

  95. Yura Smirnoff says:

    add to the game please Honda Civic EG

  96. pacyfut 19.13 says:

    I cannot drive on spa, it loads for ever

  97. Toctov says:

    Please add the audi rs2

  98. Juan Paulo Balais says:

    I wish they could add the latest FORD GT and its version used in the Le Mans.. 😊

  99. dedcell mmbr says:

    Just got this for 9 dollars black Friday deal… Talk about a bargain

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