[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 027: POWER IMPACT

hi guys it’s Amy today I’m going to help you guys pick up some distance and I’m going to talk about the impact position when you’re swinging the grip the set up weight distribution swing plane and etc etc all those are preparing you for that perfect impact if you don’t have those fundamentals correct but if you manage to go in square at impact you will somehow hit it straight but you will be lacking power and consistency when it comes to direction so we do want the fundamentals down but I see a lot of amateurs Easy’s work very hard you guys get a lot of lessons and practice a lot and a lot of you have the fundamentals down it looks great but it’s really rare to see someone who can use all those good fundamentals and connect it into the club head and be able to compress the golf ball like the pros do so when a student comes in and he or she has no idea how to create an impact I have to show them two things the first would be the impact position so I have to show them what it what the weight distribution is what your body angles are and what your club is doing cetera et cetera I have to find you the feeling and find you a drill you can do to help you fix it and the second thing I have to show you is the position right after the impact the post impact so if you know exactly what your post impact is supposed to be like then you can go into your impact with a lot more power and a lot more speed so I do want to talk a lot about those two things so I’m going to split them up and give you separate lessons so today I’m going to talk about the impact position so I have a 7-iron in my hands and the correct impact position would be like this boom so there’s about 80 to 90 percent weight in my left leg and the shaft compared to the setup is leaning about 10 to 20 degrees forward and my shoulders their square that set up but at impact there are about 10 to 20 degrees open to the target like this this is correct position for impact and except for the driver this impact position works for all the other clubs okay so the most important point an impact is that you transfer your weight into the left leg 80 to 90 percent and then you’re going to make contact with the golf ball right after so the weight shift is the most important part in the impact position because a lot of amateurs actually don’t quite get your weight shifted all the way in to the left and kind of pull the arms through while you’re shifting your weight and that causes side spin and lack of power right so when I ask the amateurs to shift their weight they usually go like this they end up tilting the head backwards I guess if you do this your hips are left of your head position so it makes you feel like you’ve shifted but as you can see there’s a the the weight is actually more in the right foot I guess on TV if you watched our pros a lot of them looks like someone’s holding their head and they shift their body only like this and some of the younger players actually do tilt back ever so slightly in their impact so I guess a lot of people try and copy it but they actually just tilting their head backwards like this so the pros they actually started playing off when there are a lot younger and when they’re a lot more flexible and plus when it comes to fitness and flexibility the pros stay on top of it because they are professionals so if you’re an amateur who start a golf later or if you lack flexibility you don’t really want to copy this movement because this may kind of hurt your neck and your back and your protein juries plus if you’re tilting back and you lack flexibility you may not be able to get a hundred percent of your weight into the golf ball therefore power is going to be weaker so you will hit it shorter and lastly when you tilt back sometimes the weight goes into the right foot so that kind of messes with your direction and distance as well okay so we have to work on that head position when it comes to impact so if you look at my 7-iron stance you know the ball position is kind of in the middle of your stance with the 7-iron and it’s kind of in line with the head right here so I’m going to go off of that and talk about the head position so if you stand right here and you call center you know your head still moves slightly right of the golf ball maybe a ball right of it that’s normal and then from here when you go into the impact you can tell that my head had moved a ball to left of the golf ball where it started so this is where I want you guys this way so that way even if you lack flexibility you’re able to put all your body weight into the golf ball and create more power so I didn’t lift the head up I didn’t go up I just went laterally left with the body shift you see that so in order for us to get used to the impact angles position and the head position there’s a fun drill it’s called a pump drill I’m sure some of you have seen this so what you’re going to do is you’re going to pump twice like this and then hit it on the third downswing so when you’re pumping you want to kind of concentrate on two things you want to make sure you get into that left and get into that correct impact position and you want to make sure your left your head is shifting left with the body so kind of like this let’s go left you’re going to pump and hit so if you keep doing these pump drills over and over you will get more comfortable loading into the left so you’re going to use all of your body weight into the golf ball and you will get more familiar with the correct positions with the club and your shoulder and all that so when you’re doing these pump drills once in a while you feel like you kind of hit the ball automatically and it felt really light and you’re like wow when did I hit the golf ball that is the correct feeling you don’t want any vibration in your arms any pain in your neck or shoulders you want to use the body for maximum power and have no injuries anywhere in your shoulders or your back okay so I hope that was clear I hope you were able to follow along and if you have any questions you’re always welcome to come visit me on my Instagram Facebook and website and leave any questions you have and I will see you guys in the next lesson you

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