[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 013: Bunker Shot -Part 1
[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 013: Bunker Shot -Part 1

hi guys it’s Amy today I have prepared a bunker shot lesson for beginners okay so when you step into the bunker you have to be careful not to touch the sand because according to the SJ rule 13 – 4 you get penalized for testing the sand so what that means is if you come in here and before you hit if you take practice rings making divots or if you touch the same with your club like this or when you set up if you ground your club then you get a two-stroke penalty for that so just be careful when you come in make sure you hover the cone face off the sand or don’t touch the sand either all right so let’s start with the setup first I drew a couple lines here on the first line next to the golf ball indicates the direction from the golf ball to the target so it’s called the target line and the second line near my toes indicates how open my body should be you have to about 20 to 30 degrees or so open to the target so this is the toe line here and then the third line that’s perpendicular to the target line just indicates the ball position all right so when you take your setup you have to make sure the ball position is left to the middle it could be it depends on the lie but it could be anywhere from in inside the left heel to a ball or to inside of it as long as it’s on the left hand side it’s fine okay so when you take your setup your stance should be a little bit Y maybe two or three inches wider than your maybe I say eight or 7-iron and your posture should be quite low and the weight should be on the left hand side 60% on the left foot 40% on the right and the clubface coffee should be opened if you look at this face right here imagine this is a clock and the toe is pointing at the 12 o’clock and the heel is pointing at 6 o’clock when you open the face I do not want you to open the face by pressing forward your hands like this this is not correct what I want you to do is I want you to twist the club head open so it points anywhere between one and two o’clock and then grip it from there so when you set up to the wall the face is open and your hands are not pressed forward it’s somewhere in the middle like this okay so if you understand the setup let’s go ahead and draw different lines and show you how to hit the ball properly out of the greenside bunker you do not want to the golf ball first you want to hit the sand first maybe one or two inches behind the golf ball a lot of beginners don’t quite know exactly where they enter the sand so I drew two lines here so you can self-test so basically these two lines are parallel to each other it’s about like a dollar bill with kind of thing and I put the golf balls right in the middle of it and let me just hit a few and then show you okay so the first one I hit it quite thin my David actually started right at the golf ball and the second is started right at the line which is what we want maybe two inches behind the golf ball the third one I hit it way fat and I was like way behind the line so if you don’t hit a couple shots with the lines down you will know exactly where you’re entering the sand and if yours divot looks like this and it’s very inconsistent on everything goes shot you probably need to practice a little bit but usually when I hit I would probably be right on the line were consistent because more advanced players wouldn’t have much trouble with the consistency all right so there’s a couple different reasons why you be inconsistent going into the bunker going into the sand I mean but there’s one common mistake I see in a lot of beginners what they do is when they swing back they can’t maintain the 60% of the weight little left foot they transfer their weight and therefore they’ve moved off the ball and then you can hit it fat or thin and so on and so forth so to fix that I have a very simple drill I prepare a tennis ball right here and what you’re going to do is when you set up you’re going to stick this ball under your right heel and you’re going to do your best not to step on it so hard so you’re going to feel like you’re tippy toeing on your right foot so the weight is going to be maybe a little more than 60% let’s go ahead and hit just like this you see how very steady my lower body was on that one and the weight maintained on the left foot for sure in the top of the backswing so this kind of exaggerated the feeling because the right heel is off the ground you will for sure feel that tension in the left leg so if you practice like this a couple of times and then it without the tennis ball under your right heel and if you happen to shift your weight into the right you’ll be able to notice a lot more because now you’ll know what the correct feeling feels like to stay on the left leg so I showed you quite a few things in the setup make sure you practice it over and over to get familiar with it and draw two lines to practice and notice what your divot pattern is like and if you happen to have inconsistent pattern stickleton fall under your right heel and do that practice a lot as well I hope you’re able to follow along if you have any questions come visit me on my Facebook or Instagram golf with Amy and come visit me on my website as well golf with Amy calm thank you and see you in the next lesson you you

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  1. Pepe 29 says:

    Thank Aimee, this is a very good lesson.
    Love your format of lessons.

  2. Roy Gilley says:

    I guess the wide stance helps to get you lower? Maybe added stability?

  3. antony cosgrove says:

    Aimee, this is the best golf instruction on youtube. Thanks!

  4. Kerry Flitter says:

    I always hit the ball when playing bunker shots! The club hits the sand as far as you like behind the ball but glances off and blades the ball. The only way I can get out is to deliberately miss the ball on the inside, between me and the ball, then it comes out.
    Do you know why this is? Thanks!

  5. Edwin Betancourt says:

    Hi Aimee, I can't find any of your videos showing how to hit out of fairway bunkers. Is one available or will you be creating one soon? Thanks!

  6. San Min says:

    aimee, swing path according to toe line or target line?

  7. Avelino Madlansacay says:

    When you open the club face on a sand shot, is it aimed at the target? Thanks

  8. Barry smith says:

    Great drill,,,,,,,👍🏻😀

  9. gary turner says:

    What if we have a very narrow stance Aimee so our weight is always over the sternum?

  10. Bill Watson says:

    Great videos!!!  In the sand trap is the swing plane along the target line or the toe line?

  11. King phillips says:

    this was really good

  12. Mike Jeansonne says:

    The best video lesson in sand traps

  13. Roy Rogers says:

    Great video Aimee. Your instructions are so simple and useful. Thank you! so

  14. 고용태 says:

    Your idea is all the way simple and easy to follow!!! No complications!!! The best in the world!!!

  15. John Giacomino says:

    I really like your videos….simple and easy to understand…..great job ( I enjoy your personality) ☺️

  16. Jayson Sim says:

    Hi Aimee, great lesson. Again. Just wonder where u learn ur coaching.

  17. App Man says:

    Aimee was a hottie 3 years ago…

  18. Bob Gibson says:

    She's the best instructor online, and, well, she's cute too!

  19. Simplisio Shamba says:

    I like you golf lessons

  20. J L says:

    That, I think, is my problem. Swaying on the backswing. Thank you.

  21. Somchai Choenbamrung says:

    Very good explanation, shot and clear. Thank you.

  22. lovetogolf says:

    Very nice!! Thx!!

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