[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 011: How to hit a Three Wood
[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 011: How to hit a Three Wood

hi guys it’s Amy I know a lot of you guys don’t like hitting the 3-wood so today I’m going to show you what the difference is between an iron swing and a 3-wood Smee if you look at the club’s obviously the iron shorter and 3-wood is longer and heavier so you do have to make slight minor adjustments but the basic string concept is the same so let me go ahead and show you the iron string first and compare so I’m going to swing the iron watch what the speed is like and my motion is like alright so if I swing it’s very fast and the circle is very small motion is very small and compact if you take the same swing same motion and swing the 3-wood it’s going to look like this the the 3-wood is a lot longer and heavier so it’s going to be more out of sync if you go too small of a motion and too fast so what you’re going to do is you’re going to get stuck and then you’re going to be like well I have to hit the ball somehow and use your hands to chop down you cannot use your hands with the longer clubs you won’t be consistent hitting the ball at all so what you want to do you want to remember two things you want to go slower and you want to go bigger so it’s going to look like this slow and big compared to the iron so you see how the motion is a lot bigger this is what we want to do with the three with slow and big so I have two drills to try and accomplish this look so let me show you the first drill because this is the one without a club what you’re going to do is you’re going to spread your arms like this it’s like the hell helicopter propeller the propellers don’t over fold right so they’re always in a straight line you’re going to go ahead and take your set up and you’re going to make your golf swing turn and turn through when you do this you have to use your thighs and your ass so your helicopter propeller is turning nicely with big motion through and you can see that right shoulder is pointing all the way to the target whereas if you put pressure in your upper body and your shoulders and track and try and do this it’s really going to hurt you and not turn as nicely right so once you get used to using your thighs and abs and relax your shoulders let’s go ahead and hit alright so when you take your setup with the 3-wood there are two things you have to be careful first of all position with the irons the golf ball is somewhere in the middle of your stance but with the 3-wood you want it to be more up in your stance so it’s going to be maybe half football or ball inside your left heel like so and since the 3-wood is longer in length the circle is going to be a lot bigger so you need a little better balance right so you want to widen your stance maybe two to three inches wider than your iron stance so two things remember those and when you’re hitting you want to go slow and big motion right the backswing is going to be easier to adjust but downswing happens so much faster than the backswing so it’s going to be harder to control so even though you’re really trying to go big motion you may not be able to do it so another quick drill to fix that is make sure you grab a tee and you’re going to stick it in front a golf ball I’ll say maybe you’re about five inches or so so five inches or so in front of the golf ball like so what we’re going to do is we’re going to hit the golf ball and the tee together so let’s try I know the tee stayed in the ground but I hit it you see how it got kind of knocked over and just like the helicopter propeller drill your right shoulder is pointed all the way to the target but whereas if you kind of go fast and tense up you’re going to miss the tee and you’re going to have this pinched look so I want you to practice a lot with the tee in front of the golf ball so you’re able to relax and get your motion going through a lot bigger so for the 3-wood remember the two things in your setup the ball position is just inside the left heel and you have to widen your stance by two or three inches or so compared to the iron setup and you’re going to go back slow and bigger motion through the ball I hope you’re able to follow along and I’ll see you guys in the next lesson you

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  1. thecragus says:

    Another great lesson!

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    thank you for the lesson….very helpful

  4. PL Lim says:

    Thanks Aimee!

  5. Cudjoe Wms says:

    Hi Aimee, thanks for the fairway wood lesson. I can't wait to get to the range and give "slow – big," a try.

    Do you have an instructional DVD for all the lessons you have done on youtube?

    Something to think about?

  6. cheolmin kim says:

    Thank you for your precise and easy lesson

  7. col walker says:

    Hi Aimee, i used this tip today, (slow and big motion)and hit my best shot of 2015, a 5 wood 200 yds to 8 feet! Thanks, look fwd to next video as all your tips are very good, well presented & explained.Good luck to you

  8. Stephen Collins says:

    I now can hit my 3 wood 200 yards instead of 50 yards.. Thanks for the lesson.

  9. Eric Reynoso says:

    Good stuff ..beautiful as well 😍😍

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    I guess I came to watch these videos for slightly male reasons but I have to say you are an excellent teacher and your tips and drills are brilliant and very helpful. thanks

  11. firstsergeantallen says:

    Great video Aimee! I've struggled with my 3 wood for years which made me afraid to hit it off the deck. This drill helped me tremendously. Thank you.

  12. sam valia says:

    Hi Aimee-Enjoy your lessons tremendously,would you make a video about how to swing hybrid clubs.Thank you.Sam V

  13. John G says:

    Great tip Aimee! I've been really struggling with the 3 wood. This tip works. Thank you!

  14. Ken Lee says:

    Finally, i am not afraid to use the big wood. TQ Aimee

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    good lessons

  16. pomeroydl says:

    Great stuff, can you teach how to do the 30-60-90 yd. pitch shot?

  17. Andrei Lorilla says:

    it really make sense. would it be the same with hybrid ?

  18. Romband1919 says:

    She's the best

  19. Bayar Nyam says:

    You have a way of explaining golf swings better than any teacher I know

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    very well explained. you have a easy to follow instruction.

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  24. fishingairman1 says:

    some great instruction you have in all the videos I've watch. Very easy to understand. You continue to make the game simple

  25. pickin4you says:

    I agree with others that you have very well explained, and easy to follow instructions. n Do you have a video on staying DOWN through the down swing? I have been away from golf for about 10 years, and now have a habit of straightening up, and thinning the ball with my fairway woods and irons.

  26. Ruamlarp Anantasanta says:

    Thank you very much. Very well explained, instructed, and demonstrated. Very logical. I like the comparison much. Your lesson really helps me improving. Will support you my best. ^^

  27. Mango says:

    Hi Aimee – what is the correct distance to stand from the ball? I take my stance, let my arms dangle down softly and that's the spot I hold all clubs from (distance wise from my body – usually under chin/nose)

    But is this correct? With the driver/fairway/hybrid should my hands be further out from my body? Thank you.

  28. peter walton says:

    Aimee thanks for the tips since watching you talk about hip turn and moving weight on to front foot I have gone from scoring 28 points to 42 points. No other coach explains it as well as you. Again thanks.

  29. BRUCE2W says:

    wow what a great video,now I see why the girls hit it so far,its technique

  30. Abby Vogl says:

    Thanks Aimee! You have helped me so much with my clubs

  31. Juan Fermin says:

    Thank you Aimee, you explained it in such simple terms that I could follow and understand. I'm struggling with my fairway metals and I think you just made me aware that the speed and arch of the swing is different than irons. I have no trouble with my driver and the swing seems similar except for the ball on the tee of course. Thanks again

  32. Ali Khalil says:

    Dear Aimee I would like to thank you for very informative instructions. You have an easy style and very practical. thank you

  33. orkayen says:

    Very well explained lesson, Aimee. As far as hands are considered, do you keep at the ball (inside of the left thigh)-tilted shaft or in front of the ball towards the target and in front of the left thigh or away from the ball -straight club

  34. Maurice Jones says:

    Some of the best instruction I have ever seen since I started playing in 1977. You instruction is better and more understanding than many of the best known, televised and published instructors. Keep up the great work, I will be recommending you to everyone I know and meet.

  35. Mike Ferraro says:

    great lesson – liked how you pulled the tee from your hair too 🙂

  36. sobojetty says:

    Aimee, love your videos. You didn't mention it here, but you do need upper and lower body separation for the 3-wood, is that correct? Thank you.

  37. FSAUDIOGUY says:

    Thanks Aimee! Subbed 🙂

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    great class Aimee…your examples create easy to understand objectives.

  39. Andrew Kim says:

    Your ability to explain and teach is extremely impressive! Thanks and keep it up!

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    She wears a short skirt for slightly female (or male) reasons (as opposed to long trousers), but Aimee's teaching is meticulous, comprehensive, clear and excellent. Also with the skirt you can see exactly how the legs should be moving (in a golf swing!). Great 3-wood shots.

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    Maybe I fail to understand, but it looks a lot like how you swing the 3 wood is much like the driver. can you explain, the difference to me

  42. Jonny Jeon says:

    I like your wonderful lesson‥

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    Aimee nails it. Using the arms has been my biggest problem with the 3 wood. This has helped a lot.

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