Golf Tips & Lessons : How to Swing a Golf Club
Golf Tips & Lessons : How to Swing a Golf Club

Hello, welcome! My name is Julio Nutt, I’m
a master instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami, Florida. In this clip we’re
going to talk about how to swing the golf club. It’s a very, very complex concept that
I’m going to try to make it as simple as possible. We need to get into an athletic position meaning
there are not straight angles. We can not move and turn our body if we either have straight
legs, straight arms, or a straight body. If I have a good knee flex, I have a good body
tilt and I have a good angle between my arms and the club now its’ going to be a lot easier
for me to move. Why do I need to move? Because I need to move my weight. I need to, I need
to go back, transfer my weight, and then I need to make sure I’m going to be able to
transfer most of my weight into my left leg before I hit the ball. Why is that? Because
the lowest point of my swing has to be after the ball, the divot is going to be taken after
the ball. If I keep my weight in my right leg, I’m always going to be hitting up on
the ball and I’m always going to be catching the ball in with the leading edge of the club
and I’m going to be adding loft and it’s not going to be a solid shot. So basically what
we need to do is get into a good athletic position so that we can turn around our spine.
I’m just going to make one swing here to demonstrate how I get into a very athletic position and
then I turn back, turn forward and finish all out with my left side. And this is how,
you hit up, you swing the golf club. This is Julio Nutt at the Jim McLean Golf School.

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  1. briky7126 says:

    @thewelsho i tried this and got it on my 1st go. some ppl got and some dont. dont hate me

  2. thewelsho says:

    @Brilky. I don't you, I envy you!!!

  3. Larry Smith says:

    very useful, thanks.

  4. Paul Caza says:

    Thank you for keeping it short and sweet. Many of us don't have time to watch 10 minute videos..

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