– Hi Adam Bazalgette here
in sunny Naples, Florida. I’m two-time PGA Teacher Of
The Year award winner here. A long time David Leadbetter associate. Today’s subject, how to
stop hitting toe shots. Stay tuned. (rhythmic beat music) So how to stop hitting toe shots. They can really plague your game. They’ll rob you of not only accuracy, but certainly distance. We’ll have a look at what I think is the leading cause of those today. Kind of flush out how
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Internet lessons with me. Okay, let’s get started. So there’s a number of things that could cause you to
hit the ball on the toe. Certainly you could stand
too far from the ball. It’s possible as well to lose your balance and straighten up away
from it a little bit. That’ll make you hit it out on the toe. But I think the most common one and the one we really wanna tackle today, and that’s the one where the club’s coming from outside the target line
to inside the target line. And what happens is, the club’s
moving closer to you as hit and your arms are getting shorter, and it is very easy to catch
it out there in the toe. Let’s have a look from that angle. So you could also say
as we look from here, that the swing’s too wide
on that side of the ball and consequently we’ll start to get narrow on this side of the ball. You often see this chicken wing kind of pulled in look with the arms. Again, the fact of the matter is if the club’s moving too much towards you and if your arms are getting
a little shorter as you hit, there’s a good chance you’re
gonna catch it on the toe. Let’s look at a couple of
great players in action here. And I’ll show you here the
kinda look that you want. So there’s Lydia Ko,
number one ladies player. And if we look at her downswing, let’s say midway down she’s just at the outer edge
of that KIA sign up there, right at the right-front headlight. Now compare that position with out there. So look how much wider she is here than she was on the downswing. So, that’s what we’re shooting for. Narrow to wide. And that’ll get the bottom of your swing in front of the ball, but it prevents you pulling in and cutting it off the toe there. So here’s Dustin Johnson. Now what we’re not saying is, I’m not saying the club comes, if that’s the target line
right there, I estimate. I’m not saying, the top club comes from the inside to the outside. What I am saying is, it
comes from the inside and sustains down the
line a little longer. It doesn’t wipe in there too close. And you can see his hands are
up away from it a little bit at that point right after
contact, that contact. That’s part of that narrow toe-wide look, and you can get out there and
hit it solidly doing that. So as we start to look
at how to work on it, here’s one of the best
suggestions I could give you. Listen, there’s a lot of facets that can cause someone
to get a little wide, and get a little chicken wing. But we’re gonna focus on what you could feel right down here, that would make a difference for you. And I would set up a couple of golf balls so you’ve got affectively an
imaginary ball in the middle and just practice striking
the turf a little bit more over here in front of
that imaginary golf ball. And of course, we’re not allowing you to get steeped to do that. We’ll take that piece of
information for granted. But if you can strike the
turf further over here, it basically means the club
had to be closer to you there, and would have to be getting
wider in this position. This is just a fact of geometry, you can’t have the swing
super-wide on both sides, nor can you really have it
super-narrow on both sides. It’s gonna tend to be wider on one side and narrower on the other, and we want wide there and narrow here. So this is a great drill,
brushing the ground over there, then just bring a golf ball over and work on it a little bit. And you can see I could hit
the ground on that side. And again, we’re just dealing with this little component of the swing. But if you can get the right feel here, there’s a good chance other things are gonna start to sort
themselves out too. Let me show you a view from over here. And a little trick with your wrist as well that might help you accomplish this. So again, I’m gonna practice
my sense of hitting the ground as far out there as I can. And that fosters the
feeling of narrow to wide. Now let me just reiterate again, we’re not trying to swing in-to-out, we’re trying to swing from
the inside nice and wide up the target line, before it
start’s to come around a lot. Let me give you one little tip here. If you struggled a great deal
with coming across the ball, a lot of people have, hey there’s a lot of things
that can be causing it. But when you work on it on this scale, and this would be great for
people hitting it off the toe, try to feel that about
a foot after contact, the handle of the club
is higher a little bit. Not dramatically higher,
just a little bit. And we don’t wanna feel
that by raising the body, but by feeling that as the wrists unhinge, they arch a little bit. Believe me, if you can
arch them a little bit it really keeps the club head out there. So, fiddle with that on a small scale. And again, just practice it. See if you can get the proper feel. That’s nice and high with the handle. Hit myself a little draw. Felt like the club was nice and wide and stayed on the line
for a little bit there as I went through. Well I hope that’s helpful for you on how to stop hitting toe shots. If you like the video,
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