Golf Tips : How to Repair a Golf Ball Divot on the Putting Green
Golf Tips : How to Repair a Golf Ball Divot on the Putting Green

Golf divots are something you find in your
everyday round at a golf course. They’re found on the green, and they’re made by the ball
striking the green. My name is Jared Garbett, and today, I’m going to teach you how to properly
repair your golf divot. You’re going to begin by taking your divot tool, which you can get
at just about any golf course, or golf equipment store. You’re going to take it, and insert
it around the edges of the divot, and gently pull toward the center of the divot. Never
pull upwards, in fear of tearing the roots, but you’re going to work your way around the
divot, and gently pull toward the center. After closing the divot up, you’re going to
gently take your putter, and tap down on the surface of the green, to flatten out the surface.
That is how you properly repair your divot, and you should always do so, to keep the golf
course, nice for everyone else.

15 thoughts on “Golf Tips : How to Repair a Golf Ball Divot on the Putting Green”

  1. gobears19 says:

    The only thing that annoys me more than people not repairing their "divots" is when someone calls a ball mark, or pitch mark, a "divot." Divots are in the fairway, and are not repaired with a tool, but rather by pouring sand or replacing the clump of grass.

  2. richig761 says:

    @gobears19 I usually just pour my beer in it. Works good enough.

  3. RIVER ACE says:

    Just stick your tool straight into the center divot and give it a healthy twist, then tap it down a couple times with the putter or step on it with the ball of your shoe.

  4. Jacob Franklin says:

    Well done video. Short and to the point, without trying to making it more complicated than it is. Hopefully more people like us fix divots.

  5. richig761 says:

    @hawker800FO EXACTLY!

  6. richig761 says:

    @hawker800FO EXXXACTLY!

  7. jason Gabriel says:

    You are joking right?

  8. RIVER ACE says:

    negative, that's how freddy taught me how to repair a divot

  9. fiddleleaf says:

    It's strange that I happen to have a divot repair tool. I guess you'd better let Callaway, PING, Nike, Cobra, etc. know about their incorrect word usage. Until then though, shush, you're making yourself look like a fool.

  10. Leroy Jenkins says:

    I never hit the green so no need for a divot tool

  11. sean doran says:

    Thanks Man.

  12. Bryton J says:


  13. Ed Flood says:

    Don't twist it like this guy just insert and push both tines together toward center.  The USGA has the best instructional with explanation on youtube.

  14. gale212 says:

    Divots are in the fairway, not on the green.

  15. Manuel H. says:

    never explained the twisting

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