Golf Tips : How to Buy Golf Clubs
Golf Tips : How to Buy Golf Clubs

If you’re looking to buy some new golf clubs,
you need to go to your local sports center, or local golf course, and try to see if they
have a set of golf clubs that fit you and that you like. Aesthetics are not all that
golf is about. The fact that a golf club looks good to you may not mean that it works good
for you. What you need to do to find out if it works for you is go to a club fitter, a
certified club fitter. This person will check the loft and lie of the club to make sure
that whenever you sit up to the golf ball, the club sits flat on the ground. If the club
sits with the toe in the air, then it doesn’t fit you. If it sits up with the heel in the
air, the golf club doesn’t fit you. It needs to fit flat on the ground. Length of golf
clubs are also a very important factor. You want to make sure that whenever you hold the
club, you’re not too hunched over, and you’re not having to stand up too tall to make the
golf club work for you. Whenever you sit up to it, it needs to fall just below your waist,
and this is a wedge, so your wedges will need to fall just below your waist. Your drivers,
and your irons, and longer clubs can sit a little higher up. But you definitely want
to make sure that your clubs fit before you go out playing. After finding a set of clubs
that you like the appearance of and that fit you, you’re ready to go play some golf. So
have fun and hit ’em well. And that’s how you buy a new set of golf clubs.

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  1. LastOfSixMusic says:

    Thanks for the post….!

  2. barronredneck says:

    I like your video and I've never had clubs fitted to me and I always seem to bent over and I don't play good. When I was a child I had a set of clubs and could totally controll the ball and now no controll. Now these clubs have been all hand me downs so clubs being fitted makes sense.

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