Golf Tips for Teenagers : Using a 9 Iron Golf Club
Golf Tips for Teenagers : Using a 9 Iron Golf Club

Hi I’m Chase Harrison and I’m with Expert
Village on the golf set. 9 iron it is pretty much just like a pitching wedge except the
face isn’t slanting as far I guess. You use this club when your close I’m mean you are
probably about 75-50 yards aways from the hole depending how good you play. Or you can
use it right around the green if your 5 feet away from the green you can use this club
probably use it as a pitching wedge. If your not if your this is a great club to start
out with around greens instead of a pitching wedge cause it is a lot easier club to use,
it is a good starter club. So my advice is not to buy a pitching wedge as soon as you
start golf just use your iron they give you with you set and just use a 9 iron for about
the first 6 months when you play and then you would be good with your clubs and then
you can learn how to use your pitching wedge a lot easier if you already know how to use
a 9 iron.

3 thoughts on “Golf Tips for Teenagers : Using a 9 Iron Golf Club”

  1. footube1997 says:

    u stink. 50-75 yards i can hit it 120 and i am only 11

  2. Tommy Vequist says:

    ya i hit my 9 about 125

  3. Brian Reilly says:

    good advice

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