Golf Tips & Etiquette : Golf: Impact Position With an Iron
Golf Tips & Etiquette : Golf: Impact Position With an Iron

Hello my name is Chris Ardolina and I’m a
golf instructor here at at the Jim Mclean golf school located at the Doral resort and
spa in Miami Florida. In this clip we are going to talk about the good impact position
with an iron. Ok. What we are going to do is a lot of people think that your setup position
and your impact position are relatively the same. However they’re completely different.
Ok and what we are going to show you today, when we setup we are going to pretend that
the butt end of this golf club is the ball and we are going to setup to this butt end
of the golf club. When we setup you are going to notice my face is square and my body has
certain setup features where my weight is distributed fifty fifty, my shoulders are
kind of level ok. The hands are slightly in front of the ball alright. So what we are
going to show you now is the proper impact position. As we are coming down to the golf
ball, you notice, and coming down into that impact position, you’ll notice that first
off, my hands are a little bit further in front of the golf ball. Ok. You’ll also notice
that there’s a little bit more weight on my left side or my front leg. Ok. What you are
doing on the down swing is you are shifting weight. So you can’t come back to fifty fifty
you are going to have more weight I would say about sixty five to seventy five percent
on your left side or your front leg. Ok the next thing you’ll notice is that my hips are
slightly open to your target, ok and also my shoulders are a little bit open to my target.
Ok so those are just some of the differences. Also you’ll notice that my head is pretty
much right over the golf ball, and that my right heel is slightly off the ground. Ok
so those would be good components of a good impact position. Now as you can see they are
completely different then my original setup position. Ok. So today we taught you the differences
between setup and impact.

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  1. QNH1013 says:

    Good job ! you've managed to squeeze in 10"ok ! " in 1:41sec, I don't think anyone else can top that !

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