– Welcome, Adam Bazalgette
back here in Naples, Florida, two-time PGA Teacher of
the Year award winner. Today’s subject: the role of
the legs in the golf swing. Pretty important, stay tuned. (upbeat string music) (upbeat string music) (upbeat string music) What role do the legs play? Well, there’s at least three things that I’m gonna show you today and you’ll see a carryover
to other sports as well. If you like this video, please
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is my home website. Let’s check it out. So let’s say the first
thing that they do is that they provide a platform
for your core to work. Now, if you know anything
about boxing- and I’ll confess I don’t know a lot about
boxing- but any of those martial arts type sports, it’s your core that generates the energy
out to the punch or if it’s baseball, out to the bat. It comes from the core. So your legs have to provide a platform which is stable enough for
you to be able to do that. Let’s have a look at one
of the best in action here, Adam Scott. So there’s Adam hitting a short iron. Now you’ll see his legs
are moving, it’s not that they’re rigid, but round numbers. They’re not doing much more than reacting to the pivot of the
body if you watch that. And you’ll see his hips
stay nice and level, just a little gentle
weight transfer there. He’s more on his front leg now. Again, legs have moved but it’s really the energies coming from the core and the hips stay nice and
level, good platform for the core there. Let’s have a look at
him from this view here. And again, if you look at
his knees, they’re certainly not rigid, but under control. The legs are providing stability and you can see his core really
delivering the hit there as he goes into impact. So in addition to providing
a platform, the legs have to help you use the ground. I was lucky enough to
work with Swing Catalyst that makes the top of
the line force plates for a while when they
were in their development, got to see the numbers of a
lot of really elite golfers, how they use ground, etc. One of the things Swing Catalyst measures is how much pressure you
put against the ground and I promise you some of
these elite young players that maybe weighed 155 lbs, at key moments in the down swing, have as
much as 250 to 300 pounds of pressure against the ground. In short, not only have you
got to provide a platform, but you’ve got to squeeze into it and use the ground a little bit. Let’s have a look at Tiger
Woods, the ultimate squat there of Tiger and how he
did that to perfection. Here’s Tiger about to
bomb a driver of the tee. Now watch as he gets to
the top of he back swing. Watch his face and his upper
body squat a little bit there. Really where that’s coming
from is his lower body is squeezing into the ground. Just watch that angle
there, watch that squeeze, and you can tell the pressure’s
going down into the ground, pressure into the glutes
and, as he does that, once you’ve squeezed into
the ground like that, you’re really in a position to be able to really fire the middle
and fire at it that way. He’s drawn so much criticism
over the years for that, that squat, but I think
it’s a great move and it’s where he develops a
lot of power from there as he goes to hit the ball. Pretty impressive stuff there. So now you’ve got a platform
for your core to work on, you’ve used the ground to
create potential energy. Now of course the third thing
that we need to talk about, and this is a critical
thing the legs help with, is now you’ve got to transfer that energy from the ground and your
core out to the golf club. If you’re gonna hit it a
long way, the golf club has to snap down there. Now this is really where
you see similarities and I’m gonna show you a
professional field goal kicker from the NFL and then a
golfer and you will be amazed how similar this works and the principle in field goal kicking really
makes this easy to understand. So there goes the ball
been placed, now watch the role the legs play here. That lead leg will come
in, use the ground, but watch how it stabilizes
and as that lead leg, the left leg, stabilizes,
whip around comes the foot. And against that stabilization,
speed can be transferred. Now in the case of golf,
of course, you’re trying to transfer energy not to the right foot, but to the golf club. So watch Rory McIlroy here
in shorts, he drives it longer than this guy. There’s the activity, the
driving into the ground of the lower body, but
as he gets near impact, watch that left leg
stabilize and, against that, the core can also stabilize and whip. Out goes the energy to the golf club like the field goal kicker’s right foot. And, pow, the energy goes out there. So the legs have to
stabilize around impact, at least momentarily, in
order to transfer energy. Then a little later,
in the follow through, they’ll go again and
you’ll have normal finish. Well I hope you found that helpful. I think you can see that great athletes, whether they’re golfers,
field goal kickers, or whatnot, all know how to use their legs not only to provide support,
but to help them create and transfer energy as well. It’s not that difficult to
do if you just practice it. I would love to have you
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  1. Gary Guerrero says:

    Great video about the legs in the golf swing!

  2. Happy Golfer says:

    brilliant explanation

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    adam excellent videos, keep them coming please so easy to understand!

  4. Keil Cronauer says:

    Great stuff… Do you have anything on the hips coming up? I feel like my hips aren't "getting out of the way" of my body resulting in a double cross and a snap hook! Any thoughts?

  5. John A Corr says:

    Just subscribed, great content, well explained and easy to understand. Thank you!

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  7. BPgaming says:

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    Another great video. I have a real problem with this. Do you have any tips or drills to help get stability in my lower body and stop swaying on my back swing?

  9. James Adcock says:

    I find trying to max lag on the down swing u naturally squat into the shot. funny tiger said he tried not to squat so much as it was something he felt he did too much

  10. Lars Ekman says:

    very bad video, no learning only showing what the best do, that will not help new golfers

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    Excellent instruction for golfers of all abilities!

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  13. Todd Shapiro says:

    Pretty good but the critical part I think you are missing in the end is the legs push off the ground as part of the release. They don't just stabilize – that pre-squat puts you in a position to push up. The bigger the hitter the more their feet actually come off the ground thru impact. With this it's your glutes and legs that are working very hard to create a lever effect to whip the club and also provide stability to control the tremendous centripital force that's created.

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