Golf Swing Tempo Tips : Golf Swing Tempo Tips

Okay, tempo is something that most people
when they see golfers or any athletes, they just see them swinging a racket or a club
or a bat and hitting a ball. But they don’t see that there is a rhythm to what the players
are doing. And that rhythm, the better that you get at stuff, the better you appreciate
rhythm or tempo. So this club is called the Meditciss(phonetic) and what it helps you
to do is to learn to swing the club at a proper speed for you. So every one is different.
So if you have a real fast take away, you want to have a relatively fast swing. If you
have a real slow take away, you are going to have a slower down stroke. There is nothing
good or bad about fast or slow or medium. But you have to have a rhythm or a tempo.
So you can’t have a slow one or a quick one combined. There has to be a nice rhythm. What
this club helps you to do is to develop that rhythm. Because if you can see if I take it
back so fast, the club will hinge and of course, I can’t hit it when it hinges. So if I take
it back at a good speed, a consistent speed, then I can swing it. So you can do this drill
at home. You just use this club. You don’t even hit a ball. If you can’t swing it without
it, it hinging, your swing is out of tempo. And so this is a great thing to start out
working on is get a club like this and work the swing without a ball.

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